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Where cookies are stored?

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At the risk of being obvious, a cookie jar.

2011-04-24 09:07:28
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How do you say cookies in Spanish?

The "cookies" you eat: <galletas> en español The "cookies" stored in your computer: <cookies>

Why should crisp cookies and soft cookies be stored separately?

Because the crisp cookies will absorb moisture from the soft ones - and lose their crispness. Cookies should be stored in an air-tight container.

Why do cookies turn soft?

Crisp cookies will turn soft if they are stored with any baked product with high moisture, such as cake or sandwich bread. An apple slice stored with cookies will also make them soft, which is desirable for some types of cookies.

How should cookies be stored?

in a room temperature!

What is a piece of information stored on your computer?

maybe cookies

How do you keep sugar cookies soft?

Sugar cookies must be stored in an airtight container to maintain softness.

How do you find a password in cookies in windows?

Most passwords arnt stored in cookies. So most likely the password your trying to find wont be in the cookies.

What is the procedure to clean up cookies on Macintosh computer?

Cookies are stored in /Username/Library/Cookies. You can also clear cookies for other browsers, like for Firefox you would click "Tools", "Clear private data...", and choose Cookies.

How do you make tin cookies?

The term "tin cookies" can refer to any cookie that can be successfully stored in a tin (box) for an extended time. Many different sorts of shortbread or butter cookies can be used as "tin cookies."

What are the main functions of Browser cookies?

Browser cookies are small files that are stored as data files. They can be used again when the page is reloaded.

Will frozen cookies get mushy when thawed?

Not in my experience - if they have been properly packaged and stored.

How long can cookies be stored?

it really dependes on on how you made your cookies but usually they will stay good for 3-4 days. hope i could help

Where are Google Chrome cookies kept?

Google Chrome's cookies are kept the same place as the cache and history. It is stored in the program Data in the disk.

How long do home-baked Christmas cookies last?

Cookies will last at least three months if stored properly. Unless I find them first.

What are internet cookies?

Information about web pages stored in your web browser (apex)

Why shouldn't cookies of differing textures be stored together?

Cookies of different textures should not be stored together, because the different levels of moisture in each cookie will spoil the other. For example, a crisp crunchy cookie would get soggy if stored with a moist chewy brownie, and the moist brownie would dry out.

How do you log onto HTML if it says something about cookies?

Cookies are predefined pages stored as history. They help retrieving old HTML pages that are recently used.

Why is orange88 stored in cookies?

Well its stored in cookies because its a little known fact that oranges like to eat cookies. When a orange eats a cookie it mulitplys 88 times. Also the oranges go into a rage frenzy destroying all other orages in its path. After that the surviving oranges turn into the well known ANNOYING ORANGE!

How long can Christmas cookies stay fresh?

For 3 months if stored in a airtight container in the freezer.

Small text files that can be automatically stored on your computer when you visit an internet site are called?


When baking cookies how long are they good for before they go bad?

The time that cookies can be stored safely depends on the type of cookie. Many dry, crisp cookies can be kept safely in a tin for many months. Most moist, chewy cookies can be frozen indefinitely without spoiling.

Where is temporary information stored on a computer?

If you have Windows, they are in C:\Windows\Temp , and cookies in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Cookies If you have Ubuntu, I think they're in /tmp and home/username

What is a cookies?

A cookie is a warm, delicios, baked treat that sometimes has chocolate chips in it and is stored in a cookie jar.

How is a cookie used in the computer?

Cookies that are stored in your computer can aid faster uploads of certain visited websites.

Small text files that can be automatically stored on your computer when you visit an internet site are called what?

These files are called cookies