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Try Ebay

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Q: Where could I sell 50 year old Jet Magazines By Jonhson Publishing company?
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What is the name of a company that can help publish magazines?

Magazine Launch, a website, can help publish magazines. Mcneill, Vogel Publishing CZ, PennWell Publishing Company, and Taunton Press could be helpful in publishing a magazine.

Where can one find out more about publishing poetry?

There are many places where one could find out more about publishing poetry. The best places to learn more about publishing would be contacting a publishing company like Penguin.

Where can one learn more on publishing books?

In order to find out more about publishing books one could visit the local library to find a book about the subject, or speak to the staff at a publishing company to get their advice. Alternatively there are online options such as Createspace.

What are some ideas for a fake publishing company for a school project?

Publishing companies are often named for the person who started them, such as Harper Collins and Simon & Schuster. You could easily make up a name or a combination of names and have a good fake company that way.

Where could one find an online book publishing company?

Online book publishing companies offer low cost shopping to nearly anywhere on the world. Chapters, Kobo, and Amazon are all great companies that are online book publishing companies.

What breeds of dogs have Johnson bloodlines?

Jonhson could be the first think when you are talking about the American bulldog. Scot also is another name. Jonhson brought the classic style and scot the performance type. After generations of diluting this class of bulldogs, they became the all American bulldog as it is now.

Where can you buy brides magazines?

There are many places where one could purchase bridal magazines. Popular bookstores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders stock bridal magazines. One could also visit mass retailers such as Target, Walmart, and ShopKo to locate these magazines.

How is empire established?

An empire is established by acquisition. There are many kinds of empires--political, publishing, business, etc and they all have one thing in common, they are large and multifaceted. For example, a person had a publishing firm which specialized in children's books, but then expands into textbooks, and from there into magazines. This could be the beginning of a publishing empire provided it was owned and controlled by one person. The same principles apply to political empires, industrial empires, bankjng empires, etc.

What is prolifiration?

I think it could mean spreading, publishing, etc

Is there a scan code in tiger beat magazines?

No,there is not.I have a magazine. Although,in some magazines there could be a scan code

Where can you find a publishing company that will publish your book for free in the UK?

i dont think u can have a book puplished for free..mayb u could check some publisher's websites??

Where could i get a howres code at?

From Magazines both is the US and UK

Where can I get great discounts on magazines?

In order to get magazines at discounts, you could perhaps order them from a school magazine sale or maybe you could cut out a coupon or take advantage of a special offer.

Where to sell old journal magazines?

Could you tell me how to sell old journal magazines,from1800. Also other old books, & old magazines Need phone #,the lady that has the books & magazines doesn't have internet

Does Future Publishing require any commitments?

Yes. Future Publishing will make you sign a contract. Publishing companies like that, are pretty much a fraud and you could make a lot more by paying to publish yourself.

Where are the best discounts for magazines?

You could try looking for second-hand magazines, although admittedly those might not be quite what your after. There are a few places online that sell magazines for cheap prices, such as:

Where did he gets his ideas?

There are a great many places where he could get his ideas. He could get his ideas from magazines and stories for example.

Where can I find information about makeup idea?

There are tons of resources to get ideas for makeup styles. You could start by looking for articles in your favorite magazines, or by checking the website of the company that makes your favorite brand of makeup.

Where could one go to see pictures of Sophia Lauren?

In order to see pictures of Sophia Loren one could check many magazines. These magazines include People, Stars, an US Weekly. Alternatively one could look on her website.

What are some examples of UK car magazines?

While researching Google for some examples of UK car magazines, I could only find two results. Classic Cars Magazine and Practical Performance Car Magazine, were the only know examples of UK car magazines that I could find.

Does Stella parton have kids?

Stella Parton has one son. This is why she named her publishing company "My Mama's Music" so when anyone asked her son how he got his education he could honestly say My Mama's Music paid for it.

How can you ask Demi Lovato questions?

In some pop star magazines they have addresses and there phone numbers in those magazines so you could ask demi questions

What good could the email do to the company?

what good could email do to the company

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Any job for an international company that does business in France could involve speaking French. Lawyer, telesales, publishing - all kinds of things. Lots of employers need people with language skills.

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