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Colonial Penn is always the best company to turn to when you have someone who is ill.

I'm an independent life insurance broker specializing in final expense policies issued without a medical exam, but using the Medical Information Bureau, prescription drug check and telephone interview. Once you are 90 days post treatment for the stroke (other than allowed maintenance drug treatment), you qualify for $5,000 full immediate benefit life coverage. Once you are 12 months post treatment, up to $25,000 of a 2 year graded benefit life plan is available. And 5 years post treatment, immediate full benefits are available up to at least $50,000 all without an exam or very time consuming insurer writing for the medical records from your physicians . For a quote, cal Robert Gersten, CLU at 617-795-1932.
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Q: Where could a surviving stroke patient get life insurance?
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How do you promote self esteem and motivation to a stroke patient?

In order to promote self esteem to a stroke patient, you are going to have to try and help them come to realize that they have a medical condition that may or may not at any fault of their own. Another way to help promote self esteem could be to introduce other stroke patient's with similar stories.

Can you massage a stroke patient?

It is dangerous without a doctor's clearance. Strokes are caused by blood clots traveling through the veins to the brain. If there are clots elsewhere in the body they could be broken loose before they are dissolved, and travel to the brain to cause another stroke.

What cpt code should be used for marcaine injection?

If you are billing for a workers compensation patient and no fault patient then it is S0020 and if its medicare it is J7799 and for private insurance you could either use S0020 or J3590. Namrata Narula

If a doctor give a patient a 20 percent discount do you have to file the discounted amount to insurance?

Is it the patient or the dentist that is filing for insurance payment? A dentist that is in a network, is contractually required to file the discounted charge given to the patient. Any payment made from the insurer is governed by the terms of the insurance policy. If the policy indicates that the patient files a claim based on the charge and requires a copy of the billing to support the claim, then the patient is bound to report the fee charged, i.e. the discounted fee. If the patient (and/or the doctor) files a charge other than the actual charge, they could be engaged in fraud. Shorter answer not based on law but what is ethical--yes.

Why does the Emt takes a patients history?

EMT's need to be prepared for the unexpected. Small clues in a patient's history can make a huge difference in their care. A patient with a headache could be having a migraine, a stroke, an impending seizure, or a thousand other ailments. Knowing what problems the patient has encountered in the past helps the EMT to narrow down the possibilities of what is wrong. A patient regularly taking Excedrine (R) Migraine might be having another migraine. A patient who historically has high blood pressure but is out of their medication could be at a high risk for a fatal stroke. A typically healthy patient with extremely low blood pressure could be at risk of shock or cardiac arrest, whereas an elderly patient whose blood pressure is normally high but is currently "textbook normal" could be suffering from a multitude of issues. What is normal for one patient is deadly for another; the patient's history helps to figure this out.

Do most insurance companies cover the cost of a diabetic meter?

yes they should as long as patient has adequate insurance and is up to date on bills. still some lesser insurance may reject this machine. Insulin can be quite expensive, so i could see some pulling out.

How could a stroke be a cause of death?

a stroke can cause death, but it will not always kill a person

I do not have bell's palsy what else could I have?

It could be a stroke if your face is drooping. You should seek medical attention immediately to rule out a stroke.

What word could be about the same as patient?

When used as a noun, a patient could also be a sufferer or a victim.When used as an adjective, patient could mean persevering, tolerant, enduring, or diligent.

What is meaning of telemedicine and telehealth?

Telemedicine is a subset of telehealth, so first we'll go over telehealth and then explain telemedicine. In brief, telehealth is the remote delivery of health-related services and information using telecommunications and related technologies. These services include patient care, administrative activities, and health education. The main focus of telehealth is to enable patients or providers to get remote access to clinicians who have the expertise they need, but who are not in the same geographic location. For example, this could mean a patient at home sending data from their blood pressure monitor to their cardiologist, who can read the information remotely and make note of any critical changes. Another example is when a patient who has just had a stroke goes into a rural hosiptal where the clinicians are not familiar with how to treat the stroke. The rural hospital could use telehealth technology to connect with a stroke neurologist in another hospital, enabling that neurologist to see the patient via video-conference, look at the patient's CT scans remotely, and make treatment recommendations (including whether the patient shoud receive tPA - a clot-busting drug which can be very effective in treating 80% of stroke victims, if given within the first 4.5 hours of a stroke.) Telemedicine is the portion of telehealth focused on patient care in terms of diagnosis and treatment. In the 2 examples above, the remote monitoring of the cardiology patient is not telemedicine; but the evaluation of the stroke patient is telemedicine. Although the clinical benefits of telehealth and telemedicine can be great, there is a lot more to getting telehealth and telemedicine to be successful.

Do physical therapists need malpractice insurance?

If it involves manipulations (chiropractic) or anything that could cause an accident in a patient, then be safe. Many don't have insurance at all. It is best to do a little survey of the physical therapists in your area to determine what you should do.

Are doctors covered by insurance for misdiagnosis of a patient?

Doctors are required to carry professional liability insurance - or as commonly referred to 'malpractice insurance'. However, in order for this insurance to pay out one would have to establish that the doctor was somehow negligent in the course of this misdiagnosis which could be a rather lengthy and expensive process. I hope this ansered your question, and I wish you the best of luck!

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Could you deposit a life insurance check made out to your grandmother while she is at the bank with you and the teller gives you permission?

If the teller accepts it, you can deposit it. After my father had a stroke, he signed his checks with x's and they cashed them just the same.

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What means the opposite of survive?

Surviving is the opposite of Living on the scale of life. You could easily describe your life as mearly surviving or alternatively really living.

What are the dangers of heart attack and stroke?

you could die from them.

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It could be depending on the context it is used in.Ex. My grandmother is her mother's only survivingdaughter.Surviving is an adjective here because it is describing my grandmother.However, typically, it's a verb.Ex. Surviving during the Great Depression was difficult for most because supplies were not abundant.Surviving is a verb here because it is something that can be done.

Could you Make a sentence with the phrase 'a stroke of work?

The workmen they employed didn't do a stroke of work all day.

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How does Leukemia effect the body system and disrupt the health of the patient?

it stops the job of the blood cells carring oxygen and nourishment through the body the patient could have effects to this and it could kill the patient