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You can find the resale value of a 2000 Honda Civic on websites like MotorTrend, KBB, and also AutoMobileMag. You could also get the resale value at local car dealerships.

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Q: Where could one find the resale value of a 2000 Honda Civic?
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Do Hondas have good resale value?

A Honda's resale value depends on the type of Honda you are interested in. A 2001 Honda Prelude has a higher resale value than the 2002 Honda Passport.

What is the value of a 1985 Honda Civic?

1983 Honda civic value

Best car value for 15000.00?

2008 Honda Civic. Great automobile. Dependable, great mileage, roomy, great resale value, and in a car at around $15,000 there is no better.

Which one is a better first car a 2008 Honda Civic LX or 2007 Nissan Altima 2.5 S?

No question, Honda Civic. Better mileage, better resale value for the price paid, lower insurance costs, and a more dependable car.

Does a used honda integra hold its resale value?

Like most Japanese made cars and trucks a used honda integra has just as much resale value as the comparable nissan or mitsubishi makes. It has been listed as one of the better used cars for its resale value.

What is a Honda Civic vp?

A Honda Civic VP is a Honda Civic automobile which includes the value pack. The value pack includes an MP3 player input jack, cd player, and an on screen prompter.

What used SUV models have the best resale value now?

The resale value of an SUV is based on a lot of conditions. The basic are year, make and mode. The value is different for each individual vehicle also depending on maintenance. You will find the best resale value with a Honda or Acura SUV. The Honda brand retains its value better than any other vehicle.

Does a Weslo treadmill have a good resale value?

It would depend on condition of the treadmill, if it is in good condition it could have a great resale value, if it is not in like new condition it will not have a good resale value.

Is a Mazda Protege preferable to a cheap Honda Civic?

Deciding between these two cars really depends on what your looking for and what amenities are important to you. The mazda generally has beter mileage but the Honda Civic is consistently seen as reliable and having a good resale value. I would personally prefer a Mazda Protege because unless you have the funds to purchase a Honda with model upgrades.

Which car has a better resale value Toyota Nissan or Honda?

Toyota has the best resale value overall as a brand. However within the brands certain models have higher resale values than others. The best resale value within each of these popular categories are. Best Subcompact is the Nissan Versa Best Compact is the Subuaru Impreza Best Midsized is the Honda Accord Best Full Sized is the Toyota Avalon Best Sporty Compact is the Honda Civic Si Best Sports Car is the Chevrolet Camaro Best High Performance is the Chevrolet Corvette Best Entry Level Luxury is the Lexus ES350 Best Luxury is the Audi A5

What is the value of a 1993 Honda civic dx?

Check or

What prize did the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle Face Value win on January 22 2009?

He could have won a Honda Civic, but could not solve the puzzle

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