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One can find cheap motor bike insurance at your local insurance office. A qualified agent will help you with your insurance queries and issues, and you will be able to purchase insurance.


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The companies that offer cheap motor bike insurance depend on a few details. If you have a poor driving experience record, chances are even the cheapest companies will charge you a fortune. On the other hand, the better record you have, the cheaper your insurance will cost. On that note, the actual names of some companies are RBC Insurance, Allstate, and CAA.

Your health insurance would pay for your injuries. You would have no coverage for your liability (damage you caused to other people's property or persons) or for the damage to your motor bike.

Many insurance companies offer cheap bike insurance. Motorcycle insurance is traditionally much cheaper than auto insurance, but the prices still range. Insurance quotes for bikes depend on driver history, the make and model of the bike, and intended use. Additionally, prices vary by location and the age of the main driver.

hi. yes i need insurance to drive a motor bike in the Philippines,

"In many ways, motorcycle, dirt bike, and motocross insurance is very similar to regular automobile insurance. The different insurance options that vary from region by region and market by market can offer coverage for injuries to the rider and others, damage to property, and damage to the bike and its parts."

buy a cheap bike then buy a good chain saw then take the chain saw apart then stay with the motor and get the chain of the bike and conect it to the motor then put gas in the motor then have fun.JUST BE CAREful

Bike Insurance essentially comes under the motor 2 wheeler insurance category. When people refer to bike insurance, they are talking about a comprehensive cover. A comprehensive bike insurance covers partial and total damage to the bike and theft upto the sum assured, and damage done to a third party's life or property by the insured bike and driver. Also a Third Party Liability cover is compulsary. It is illegal to drive a bike without it. If you would like to know more about two wheeler insurance or purchase one, you can try one of the comparison websites online like

Their are so many factors when it comes to rating insurance on any type of motor vehicle. Teens are going to cost you a high premium. Especially if you need Comp and Collision. Its based on the the type of bike, zip code, credit, accident and ticket history, the type of bike itself and a lot more factors come into play. Also high performance bikes are not cheap to insure neither.

The application process is less cumbersome and can be quickly turned around using the Geico main site. They specialize in quoting insurance costs for a motor bike and are no hassle.

Yes there are a few major insurance that cover bike. GEICO, Allstate, and Nationwide all offer bike insurance.

Probably the easiest way to buy a cheap bike is to look for one at local garage sales or flea markets. There is also several websites where cheap bikes can be found, for example eBay.

No it's illegal under the road traffic act , being in charge of a motor vichicle without insurance They can impound ur bike

Allstate does offer fairly cheap motorcycle insurance starting as low as $100 and even goes so far to offer discounts when getting it as a multiple policy or getting multiple motorcycles covered.

Yes, this would be a good bike for you if you are 14 years of age. This motorcycle is a dirt bike.

If you want a cheap bike mine as well go for a mongoose

There are a range of motorbike insurance companies available. The best policy is to get a quote from several of these to find out who has the best deal at the best price.

Bob the builder is the first person to make a motor bike

Bennett's claim that their motor bike insurance is the United Kingdom's number 1 service because they have been providing the service for over 80 years. They also insure over 200,000 riders.

you could buy a cheap second hand bike, or a Chinese mini dirt bike for no more than £600. but if you go for quality Japanese bikes you will pay a little over £1000.

Bennetts Bike Insurance advertises themselves as the UK's favourite bike insurance company. Their insurance includes 90 days EU cover, theft, loss or damage to the bike, accident recovery, riding other bikes, multi bike policy.

you can us the frame of an electric dirt bike or a real dirt bike. you can get them cheap on craigslist with no motor an just put a lawn mower or go cart engine in it. just need a welder and some pipe.

No, bike insurance is not mandatory for people to buy. The law does not require you to have insurance for your bicycle or motorcycle.

Depending where you live, the motor bike, time and if you are liscenced.

"Motorcycle insurance covers motorcycles, scooters, and minibikes that are licensed for use on public roads, as well as attached side cars. Motorcycle insurance covers bodily injury, accident damage, theft, fire, vandalism, and custom work."

"*Lower rate (usually) than regular bike insurance

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