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You should be able to get your Samsonite suitcase repaired in Metro-Manila at any store that sells Samsonite. There are not a lot of stores that will repair a suitcase anymore, most want you to buy a new one.

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Q: Where could you bring your samsonite suitcase for repair in metro manila?
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Where could you bring your samsonite bag for repair in Metro Manila?

bring it to any samsonite retail outlet/store. Present the warranty card together with the samsonite product you needed to repair.

Where can one purchase a Samsonite suitcase set?

Go to Samsonite's official website, select your location, then click on "STORE & DEALER LOCATOR" at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to a page where you can find Samsonite company stores and authorized Samsonite Retailers.

How do you get samsonite luggage repaired?

If you still have its warranty then you must take it to the shop where you bought it and they will know where to bring such but if not, you must call Samsonite customer service for the nearest Samsonite service center in your area.

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