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Where could you find a map or information on the diffusion of soccer throughout the world?


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2008-10-08 01:35:56
2008-10-08 01:35:56

it is also known as football in some other in france.


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Cells could not survive without any form of diffusion. If there is no diffusion, cells will become either hypertonic or hypotonic.

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Without additional information, one cannot tell. Could it be facilitated diffusion? Active transport? Carrier mediated transport?

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you could talk about the rules and the players( the fameous ones) you also could talk about the world cup and or youth soccer and how soccer has spread throught the world

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Bro anyone can be a soccer player!

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Well actually soccer is the nickname for Football. I am not sure why they changed the name but i could be something to do with the other football that is completely different to soccer. I hope i could help

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