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Q: Where could you find an image of George Rohmer's painting called 'Card Players'?
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Who came up with the painting or drawing style called pointillism?

George Seurat did.

Sheridan Knowles 'Visiting Grandma's Garden' paintings?

Hello Is there a painting called " After the Painting " about 1902 by George Sheridam Knowles that possible was painted after the one called " There they go " Thank you Tom Lattimore

What size is the painting of 'Lake George' by Georgia O'Keeffe?

41x56 cm This is true for the painting formerly called 'Reflection - Seascape', but now simply 'Lake George'. It is in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. There are other paintings of hers with 'Lake George' included in a longer title.

What was Henri Matisse's first painting called?

His first painting was called 'Me, Matisse'.

When did Dolley Madison save the painting of George Washington?

Dolley Madison (3rd and 4th first lady of the USA) saved the famous painting of George Washington when redcoats burned the White House (then called the President's Mansion) in 1814 (during the War of 1812).

What is a support in painting painting?

it is called a babady boopy. jeez

What is an oil painting on canvas called?

Exactly that: an oil painting on canvas.

What is claude Monets last painting called?

Claude's last painting is called Water Lily Pool

Painting in wet plaster is called?

Fresco painting. (al fresco)

What is the main filled- in space within a painting called?

general painting

What is the style of painting also called 'Action Painting'?

Abstract Expressionism.

What are the players called in badminton?

badmintion players

What are the players of rugby called?

Rugby Players

What are the music players called in a gudwara?

the music players in a gurdwara are called; RAGIEE

Who is a famous colombian painter?

george lopez is one of the many famous painters from comobia. He did many painitngs. His most famous painting was in the 1800's called the peniz it was one of the most errectic painting known to colombia "peniz"

Type of painting when artist pants over another painting?

This is called modification.

What is that painting called that has a colorful dripping face on a white backdrop?

Action painting.

Which Millais painting was used to advertise Pears soap?

The painting is called Bubbles.

In which sports are the players called paddlers?

The sport where players are called paddlers is table tennis.

What is the name of a painting on a wall?

A painting on a wall is called a Fresco. Actually, that's a specific technique involving wet plaster. Any random painting on a wall is called a mural.

What is henna hand painting called in Hindi?

It is called "mahendi."

Why did Matisse stop painting?

Because he had an illness and could then no longer do painting. Instead, he then did 'paper cutouts' which he called 'painting with scissors'.

Where can you find oil painting called A Primitive Laundry by Herman Hartwich?

I have this painting and love it

Painting of springer spaniel by ruane manning?

The painting you are asking about is called "English Pointer."

Which artist invented action painting or what was also called drip painting?

Jackson pollock