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Q: Where could you find the opening or closing theme music from the 70s show Wild Wild World of Animals?
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What ceremonies take place during the Olympics?

The opening ceremony starts the Games and the closing ceremony ends the Games. The medal presentations could also be considered a ceremony albeit to a much small extent as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Why does the temperature jump up and down in your 1996 grand pix?

Could be thermostat opening and closing adjusting to coolant temperature Could be a bad temperature sensor

Could a fish survive if it could not open its mouth?

depends on the fish but the majority of bony fish pump water over their gills by opening and closing their mouth when at rest

Is an opening or closing statement considered evidence?

That depends on the issue. If an attorney was being sued for not representing a client properly those could become evidence.

Why would the temperature gauge fluctuate?

Possibly the thermostat is opening and closing with the water pressure changes. Could be low on coolant also.

What is the meaning of high low open close in Philippine stock exchange?

OPEN = is the first transacted price (buyer's & seller's price matched) for a particular issue during the trading day [at or after the opening of trading] HIGH = is the highest transacted price during the trading day. [It is possible this could be the same as the Opening or Closing price] LOW = is the lowest transacted price during the trading day. [It is possible this could be the same as the Opening or Closing price] CLOSE = is the last transacted price during the trading day [at the close of trading]. /NVSJR

Could a fish survive without opening and closing there mouths?

No. If they didn't open and close their mouths, water couldn't flow through their body, and then out their gills. Thus, they wouldn't survive.

Why does the temperature gauge fluctuate in cold weather and heat comes on and off?

Check coolant level Could be thermostat opening and closing due to engine coolant temperature flutuation

What is the difference between oil and an air circuit breaker. please could you answer with detail as i am confused?

Arc developed during closing/opening operation is extinguished by air in ACB and by oil in OCB

How could you watch a DVD in a VAIO laptop?

By opening the tray>putting in the disc> closing the tray>clicking on my computer> click on the dvd drive icon

How do you fix rear wiper on your espace it doesn't work when you switch it on?

You could try looking at the wiring from the car body to the tailgate - more often than not the wire has broken with the opening and closing of the tailgate.

What are targets hours?

Drive up to the store and check the opening and closing hours on their doors etc. Or go on their website they might have it there. It could also depend on the store and city as well! Hope that helps! ;)

What is Number of shopping websites on internet?

The only up-to-date recorded number is 500. With new stores opening and closing daily, an exact number is not known. An estimate could be above 100,000 worldwide.

Ac doesn't put out cold air on my Saturn but the compressor is working fine?

Check the PSI level on your A/C first. If it is low add refrigerant. If not it could be the blender door is not opening or closing correctly.

What will global warming do animals?

melts the polar icecaps and could cause climate change which could make many animals extinct around the world

Have happened to civilizations in parts of the world that had no sheep or other animals that could be domesticated?

In parts of the world that had no sheep or domesticated animals, societies did not advance well. They had no animals to do hard work, so there could be no farming. Ultimately, the societies settled in a hunter-gatherer mode of living.

Where could one get advice on obtaining a closing figure for a mortgage?

If someone is looking for advice on obtaining a closing cost figure for a mortgage, they could use a closing cost calculator which can be found on Yahoo to estimate the closing costs. The calculator takes into account all of the finer details of getting a mortgage and figuring out the closing costs.

Your kia sportage overheats at stop and go but when you drive it a few blocks it cools back down?

You might want to check and see if the electric coolin fan is working. Also it could be your thermostat not opening and closing when it should.

Sample Closing Remarks for class reunion?

A sample of something that one could say at the closing of a class reunion would be something about how nice it was to see everyone and how it would be nice to do it again more often. You could also speak about how the world has changed since graduation, discuss how things are better now, and how they are worse.

What are some ideas for an animal-themed engagement party?

Some ideas for your friend's engagement party that involves animals are choose her FAVORITE animal (unless she likes animals in general) then you could make the door a lion with a mouth opening (and you walk in its mouth) you could also embroider the tables with animals, or alligator teeth around it. Etc..

How does a fouled PCV valve effect the engine?

pcv rerouts exhaust air to the air filter,it functions by opening and closing relative to rpm, as rereouted exhaust could lean the mixture. so the engine could develop cold starting problems and backfire while decelarating

What is the most colorful animal in the world?

There are several animals that could be considered the most colorful animal in the world. Some of the colorful animals include the Panther Chameleon. Most of the colorful animals are fish and birds.

How do you remove the window from the screen without closing it?

You could minimise it, which technically isn't closing it, or you could switch to another window if there was one open. Alt-Tab will do that.

How do you calculate closing number in stock market?

"Closing number?" Closing price is the last price that the stock traded before the closing bell. Closing number could be the amount of shares that traded that day? Not quite clear on the question.

What is so bad about litter?

litter is bad because it can kill a lot of animals and the world because if the whole world is full of litter then we could all die not just the animals