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Where did 2008 china earthquake happened?

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the china earthquake obviously happened in china but it happend in a place called Sichuan. Can anyboy else tell me why did the earthquake happen?

2008-09-14 16:47:24
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What is the name of the 2008 China earthquake?

It was called the Sichuan earthquake.

How did the earthquake in China happened?

it very sad

China earthquake in 2008 what happened and who was affected?

the Chinese they make nice food and theyl ove long time i am Asian to

What important event recently happened in China?

there was an earthquake

When did the earthquake in china happen?

The earthquake in China happened on April 21, 3. It was a magnitude 7.0. It killed at least 192 people.

In China what did the 2008 earthquake measure on the Richter scale?


What happened in China in 1177 BC?

The very first Earthquake occured

Where did the Sichuan earthquake in China happen?

It happened in the eastern part of sichuan, china. it happened at 30 degrees north, 105 degrees east.

How did the people respond to the 2008 china earthquake?

they got in there houses and ran

How did the Sichuan earthquake happen?

it happenedmay 12 2008 in Sichuan China

Where did the 2008 earthquake in China happen?

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In which country did a deadly earthquake strike on May 12 2008?


How did the 2008 China earthquake affect the land?

cause they had bad land

What category was the earthquake in china 2008?

The Sichuan Earthquake was a 7.9 on the Richter scale. It killed app. 68,712 people.

Did China have an earthquake?

Yes. China had one earthquake at 2008. Nearly 400 people died and injured.AdditionallyThe May 2008 earthquake in Eastern Sichuan, China was magnitude 7.9 and the recorded deaths and injuries were far more than 400.There was also a magnitude 6.9 quake in Southern Qinghai, China on April 13, 2010.

What significant thing happened in 2008?

May 12 - An earthquake measuring 7.9 on the moment magnitude scale strikes Sichuan, China, killing an estimated 87,000 people.

When did MLB China Series happen?

MLB China Series happened in 2008.

Was there an earthquake in China?

The most recent earthquake to strike in China was a 6.9 magnitude quake on April 13, 2010 in the Qinghai Province near Tibet. The Sichuan earthquake occurred in May 2008 and killed 68,000 people.

What caused the 2008 China Earthquake?

One of the tectonic plates had moved under the crust.

When and where the last olymbics happened?

It was held in Beijing, China in 2008

What happened in 1556?

There was a major earthquake in Shaanxi, China in 1556 that was responsible for a great amount of damage. This earthquake killed an estimated 830 thousand people.

How strong was the recent Nevada earthquake?

The biggest major earthquake in Nevada was a 6.8 magnitude. It happened in 2008 and cause $10 million in damages.

What is the size of a earthquake called?

The size of an earthquake is measured on the Ricter scale it can also be measured on the Mercalli scale.For an example the 2008 earthquake in China was 7.8 on the Rictor scale and in was XI on the Mercalli scale

When and where was the latest earthquake which measured above seven on the Richter Scale?

may 2008, China (magnitude 7,9)

Why did the 2008 china earthquake occur?

Because two plates rubbed together which caused the land to shake!!