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According The Bible, Judaism began with Abraham in Genesis ch. 12. Abraham was born in the Hebrew year 1948 (1812 BCE). Abraham was called the Hebrew in Genesis 14:13, since he was a descendant of Eber, father of the Hebrews.

Abram was a citizen of Ur of the Chaldees, a region in what is now in Iraq. Genesis chapter 12 relates that God blessed Abram and told him to pack up his family and move to an undisclosed location.

Based on Abram's faith, he packed up his family and traveled west, eventually crossing the Jordan river and arriving in the land of Canaan, which is in modern-day Israel. In the land of Canaan, God promised the land to Abram and there changed his name to Abraham, meaning Father of many nations (Genesis ch.17).

Because Abraham trusted God (Genesis 15:6) and obeyed His commands (Genesis 26:5), it is said that Abraham is the father of Judaism. The complete story of Abraham, his journeys and his life is recorded in Genesis (11:27 through 25:9).

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Judaism was founded by Abraham in the Fertile Crescent.
Abraham (18th century BCE) was born in Ur (Mesopotamia; now Iraq), where he first repudiated idolatry. He then sojourned in Harran (Syria) for several years, and then lived most of his life in Canaan (Israel).
It was in Canaan that Abraham lived most of his life, made a covenant with God (Genesis ch.15), and raised a family to be the center of carrying on his traditions (Genesis 18:19).

Abraham's family carried on his teachings voluntarily. Judaism as a binding, permanent entity, was set forth between God and the Israelite nation descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob at Mount Sinai in the time of Moses (Exodus ch.19, ch.24, and 34:27).All of the above places are in the ancient Fertile Crescent.

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Q: Where did Abraham start Judaism?
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When and where judaism was start?

Abraham was the founder of Judaism, in the Holy Land.

How did Judaism and Christianity start?

Judaism & Christianity started with God's Covenant with Abraham.

You are a Hebrew descent your religion is judaism you start with a A what is it?


What is the start of the Judaism timeline?

The birth of Abraham (1812 BCE), who founded what is now called Judaism. See also:More about AbrahamA more detailed timeline of Judaism

How many churches did Abraham start?

None. According to Jewish tradition, Abraham founded what is now called Judaism; and Judaism doesn't have churches.

Did Solomon start Judaism?

No. Abraham started what we call Judaism, one thousand years before King Solomon.

How did Judaism Christianity and Islam start?

For Judaism, this link has the details:

Did Abraham have followers to spread Judaism?

Sort of. The Followers of Judaism were the descendants of Abraham.

Where did Judaism start according to Christianity?

Christianity acknowledges that Judaism began with Abraham as the first person after Noah to have a personal relationship with God.

When was Abraham the judaism founder born?

Abraham, the founder of Judaism, was born in 1812 BCE.

Where did Judaism come?

Abraham was the founder of Judaism.

Who is the father of Judaism and why?

Abraham is the father of judaism

What is the origiation of Judaism?

Judaism originated with Abraham.

What did Abraham do to start judaism?

Abraham is considered the first Jew because he recognized the existence of one G-d above all others.

How did Abraham Lincoln start Judaism?

He didn't. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President, and Abraham, the Biblical personage, are two different people. President Abraham Lincoln lived less than 200 years ago. Judaism was begun (according to its tradition) by the Biblical Abraham, who lived 3800 years ago.

How did hudism start?

Judaism started about 4000 years ago in the Middle East region. A Hebrew named Abraham is credited with promoting and spreading Judaism.

Who was the creator of Judaism?

There was no creator, but Abraham discovered Judaism.

Who is called the father of Judaism?

The father of Judaism is Abraham.

Who is the Fatherof Judaism?

Abraham From the song "Father Abraham"

What do Islam Judaism and Christianity believe about Abraham?

For Judaism:

What role did Abraham Lincoln play in the history of Judaism?

Abraham Lincoln played NO role in the history of Judaism. You might be confusing him with Abraham the prophet.

What date did Jewish faith start?

Our tradition is that what we call Judaism began with Abraham, around 1800 BCE.

Did Judaism start in 1800 BCE?

Abraham is believed to have lived (if he lived) at about this time. If you consider Abraham to be the beginner of Judaism, then yes, Judaism begins in 1800 B.C.E. Most scholars place the latest date of Judaism's formation at around 550 B.C.E., which is 1,250 years later.

Did Judaism start around 1800 BC?

1800 BCE is usually given as the date when Abraham lived. If you believe that Judaism started with Abraham, as is the typical Jewish belief, then, yes, Judaism began in 1800 BCE. However, there are a variety of different opinions which posit the beginning of Judaism anywhere from 2000 BCE to 550 BCE.

Who was the founding father of Judaism?

Abraham was the founding father of Judaism.