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Where did Abraham the Jew live?


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Tradition holds that Abraham lived in the land of Israel.

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No. Abraham is considered the first jew.

A Jew can live anywhere.

Abraham was the first Jew. Judah's only contribution was that the word "Jew" comes from "Judah".

No. When Abraham was born, there was no concept of monotheism, as far as we know.

Abraham was the first Jew.

Abraham was the first Jew.

Jesus was a Jew, because at that time, a "Jew" was someone who was of Israelite ancestry. Jesus' parents were both descendants of Abraham; therefore, Jesus was a Jew.

AnswerGenesis says that Abraham was born in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia.

The father of Judaism, and the first Jew.

Abraham was the first Jew.

Because as a Jew, he was a descendant of Abraham who is the father of us all, (Romans 4.16,17)

Well Abraham is the father of the Jewish people, and as job was a Jew they are related.

According to Jewish tradition, yes.

Yes. According to the Biblical Narrative, Abraham died 3400 years ago.

technocally avraham wasnt even a Jew the term Jew was hundreds of years later when the tribe of Judah became the predomenent tribe of Israel

All Jews (and Jesus was a Jew) are descendants of Abraham through Isaac.The Arabs are descendants of Abraham through Ishmael.

The prophet Abraham was the first Jew.

Judaism was founded by Abraham, the first Jew.

I think it was Jew... I don't think there were Christians then.

cos he was like the first ever jew. ;)

There is no such place as "Jew Victoria".

Abraham was the first Jew, 3700 years ago.

It all started with Abraham, the first Jew.

It was with Abraham (Genesis ch.15 and 17).

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