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From what I have read they were married at her family's home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

don't really know where she got married but they went on a honeymoon near The Bahama's.

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Who is married to Amy Lee?

Amy Lee is married to Josh Hartzler.

Amy lee married?

Amy Lee is married. Lee is married to Josh Hartzler, a New-York based therapist.

Amy lee divoced?

Amy lee was never married

Was Amy Lee of Evanescence ever married?

Yes. Amy Lee is currently married to Josh Hartzler.

Who is Amy lee curently dating?

Amy Lee is married to Josh Hartzler.

What is Amy lee real name?

Amy Lynn Hartzler is her married name. Amy Lynn Lee was her full name before she was married. It isn't fake.

What ever happened to Amy Lee from Evanescence?

Amy Lee is still in Evanescence, but she is now married.

Is Amy lee still married?

Yes, she is.

Who is Amy lee married to?

Josh Hartzler

Does Amy lee have a boyfriend?

she's married..

Is Amy lee gay?

No, Amy Lee is not gay. She is married to Josh Hartzler who was a long-time-friend . They both got married May 6, 2007.

Is Amy lee married?

Yes. She is married to a therapist named Josh Hartzler.

What is the full name of Amy Lee's?

If you're talking about Amy Lee of Evanescence , her full name is Amy Lynn Lee , but since she got married it is now Amy Lynn Hartzler .

Is it true that M. Shadows is dating Amy Lee?

No. Both M.Shadows and Amy Lee are legally married to other people.

Where does the name Amy-lee come from?

As for the origins of the name, I can't help you there. However, if you're wondering why Amy uses Amy Lee as her stage name, here's why: Amy Lee is her real name - she was born Amy Lynn Lee, but decided to keep her middle name out of her stage name. She is now married and is called Amy Lee Hartzler, but she decided to keep her stage name as Amy Lee.

What is amy lees full name?

Maiden name: Amy Lynn Lee Married name: Amy Lynn Hartzler

How long has Amy lee been married for?

Since May 6th 2007

Did Amy Lee break up with Shaun Morgan?

Oh yes. Amy Lee and Shaun Morgan had a very public break up. She is now Married to Josh Hartzler.

Does Amy Lee have a baby?

No, Amy Lee did not have a baby.

What is religion of Amy lee?

Amy Lee is a Christian.

Does Amy lee have a child?

No she does not. She's not married and almost 30 so I don't think she will.

Who did Amy Lee marry?

Amy Lee married her childhood crush and boyfriend Josh Hartzler a New-York based therapist.The songs Bring Me To Life and Good Enough was written about him.

Is Amy lee satanic?

Amy lee is a christian she is not satanic

Amy lee had braces?

yes Amy lee had braces

Is Amy lee a cutter?

No, Amy Lee does not cut herself.