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She made a lot of friends because of her bubbly personality and excelled in academics as well.

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How old was Anne Frank when she started school?

Anne Frank attended kindergarten at the Montessori School in 1934. Anne was five years old when she started kindergarten at Montessori.

Why Anne Frank started writing?


When did Anne Frank learn to read?

yes she to read she went to school before they started hiding

When did Anne Frank start school?

She started school at age five at a Montessori school in Amsterdam.

What school did Anne Frank go to before World War 2?

Anne went to school to a school that is now called Anne Frank's School.

What school did Anne Frank attend?

Anne Frank and Margot Frank attended Montessori School for Jews.

What elementary school did Anne Frank go to?

Anne Frank went to "The Montessori School".

Do anne Frank go at school?

Of course she went to school before she had to move at the attic in Amsterdam.

Where did Anne Frank attend school before the anti-Jewish laws?

Jewish Secondary School

What was Anne Franks school?

the school Anne frank went to was the Montessori school

What grade level was Anne Frank last in?

The last grade Anne Frank was in before she had to go in to hiding was 9th grade (just entering high school).

Where did Anne Frank write her famous diary?

Anne Frank started writing her diary before she went into hiding. However, most of it was written in the attic of her father's business building.

What year was it when Anne Frank started hiding?

Anne Frank, her family, and four others started hiding on July 5, 1942 when Anne was 13 years old.

Did Anne Frank go to school?

Before hiding, Anne Frank went to school with other German and Jewish children, but later, she was only allowed to go to school with German Jews wearing a coat with the Star of David sewn on.

What did Anne Frank do when her dad died?

anne frank died before her father

What middle school did Anne Frank go to?

I don't believe it was actually a middle school, but before her family went into hiding, Anne attended the Jewish Lyceum. :))

Did Anne Frank go to a Jewish school?

yes anne frank went to a Jewish school called Jewish lyceum

Did Anne Frank do ballet at school?

no she did not

Which school did Anne Frank go to?

Anne Frank went to Montessori Primary school and went to Jewish Lyceum (Jewish Secondary)

What year did Anne Frank have to go to a Jewish school?

In 1939, Anne Frank had to start going to a Jewish school because of the Nazis.

How long was Anne Frank in school?

All together, Anne was in school about eight years.

Why did Anne Frank think about school?

Anne loved school with the exception of math, which she detested.

How was Anne Frank life before hiding?

her father, otto frank, had a good job. anne and her sister, margot, were good at school. anne frank had a lot of friends. she was popular at school.this dont tell where she lived as a child this tells wat her father did this is stupid

Where did Anne Frank go to school?

Anne Frank went to Montessori SchoolJewish SecondaryThe Montessori school down the road form the merwediplien where she lived.

Who lost there life first Anne Frank or margot Frank?

Margot Frank: she died 2 or 3 days before Anne Frank.

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