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Lt Governor Hobson named the new settlement in honour of George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland.

In reference to the above - William Eden (hence mount Eden) who was from Bishop Auckland in the UK .

The actual word Auckland has 3 possible origins, all dating back a millennium.

(1) old Celtic river name with the last four letters denoting a cliff = Alclit = a river in the region (in UK) which later was named Gaunless which is a Norse word meaning 'useless' reflecting it's inability to power a mill, sustain fish or floodplains

(2) derives from old Norse Aukland meaning 'additional land' granted to the local Bishop by King Canute in 1020 (in UK)

(3) A derivative of 'Oakland' relating to surrounding forests in the area at the time (in UK)

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What do the Maori name Auckland?

The maori name for the Auckland region is Tamaki Makaurau. 'Akarana' is the Maori transliteration of the English 'Auckland'.

How did Auckland in new zealand get its name from?

From Lord Auckland.

Name the Auckland gulf that has a maritime park?

Name the Auckland gulf that has a maritime park?

What is the nick name for Auckland?

The nickname of Auckland is the "City of Sails".

What is the name of modernistic spire in central Auckland?

spire in auckland

What is the name of Auckland airport?

It is known locally as "Mangere Airport" which is the name of the Auckland suburb surrounding it.

What is the maori name for the city name of Auckland?

Tamaki Makaurau.'Akarana' is the Maori transliteration of the English 'Auckland'.

Is Auckland a common noun?

No, Auckland is a place name, so it is a proper noun and capitalized.

Name 4 cities that make up Auckland?

Auckland, North Shore, Waitakere and Manukau.

What is the name of the main harbor in Auckland?

Auckland has two harbours: the Waitemata harbour and the Manukau Harbour.

Why is Auckland named Auckland?

New Zealand's first governor, Captain William Hobson, chose Auckland as the capital. Hobson decided upon the name Auckland, in honour of his patron and former commander, Lord Auckland (at that time, the viceroy of India). Many of the other place names in Auckland bear the influence of Hobson's patron. Lord Auckland's family name was Eden, and a great many parts of the city bear this name.

Name of the netball Auckland team?


Name of the biggest place in NewZealand?


What are the different names for Auckland?

Auckland is the common and official name. The city also has a Maori name (the local indigenous community's language), which is Tāmaki Makaurau.

What is the English name for Tamaki Makau Rua in maori?

Tamaki Makaurau is Auckland, New Zealand. The Maori transliteration of the English name Auckland is 'Akarana'.

Did Auckland or New Zealand have another name?

It HAS another name which is the Maori name Aotearoa.

What is the name of a bay in Parnell Auckland?

Justice Bay

What is the Maori name for Auckland?


Kumara is a name of a what?

CITYIt Is A City Near Auckland!

What is the name of the Auckland cricket team?

black caps or

What is the name of Auckland's largest airport?

Auckland Airport.

What is the name of the isthmus that Auckland is built on?

ur dad

The name of a NZ bird near Auckland starting with h?

Huia is the name of an extinct New Zealand bird and also the name of a township on the Manukau Harbour near to Auckland.

A town name with a bird name in it?

Huia, on the Manukau Harbour near Auckland.

What is the name of the Cricket ground Auckland?

AnswerThe Ground in Auckland is named "EDEN PARK". International matches are played at Eden Park. There are many other cricket grounds used by Auckland players. Cornwall Park and Auckland Domain are two of the larger ones.

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