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She was adopted from Bangladesh at age 10 weeks.

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How old is Bridget McCain daughter of John McCain?

Bridget McCain is 9 years old.

What is John McCain's family history?

John McCain was married twice. His first wife is named Coral Shepp, and his second wife is named Cindy Hensley. He has 7 children: Sydney McCain (daughter), Doug Shepp (son), Andy Shepp (son), Meghan Mccain (daughter), John Sydney McCain (son), James McCain (son), and Bridget McCain (daughter).

What are John McCain's daughters names?

John McCain's oldest daughter is Meghan McCain. His second daughter is Bridget.

How many kids do Cindy McCain and John McCain have?

John and Cindy McCain have 3 children together and one adopted child from Bangladesh: Meghan: 1984 John Sidney IV ( Jack): 1986 James (Jimmy): 1988 Their adopted child, Bridget: 1992

Some personal facts about John McCain?

John Sidney McCain III's wife was Carol Shepp, but now is Cindy Lou Hensley. They have 7 children. Douglas, Andrew, and Bridget was adopted. Sidney, Meghan, John and James are their real children.

Where did John McCain come from?

John McCain was born in 1936 at Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone, Panama

How many kids does John McCain have?

John McCain has a wife, seven children, and four grandchildren. * He adopted Carol's (his first wife's) sons, Doug and Andy * He and Carol had a daughter Sidney * He and Cindy (his current wife) had a daughter, Meghan, and two sons, John Sidney IV and James * He and Cindy adopted a daughter, Bridget, from Mother Teresa's orphanage in BangladeshHE HAS 7 KIDS DOUGLAS,ANDREW,SIDNEY,MEGHAN,JHON,JAMES,AND BRIDGET.

What year did the song I'll be by Edwin McCain come out?

September 8th 1998

What actors and actresses appeared in Equal - 2012?

The cast of Equal - 2012 includes: Joe Estevez as Walter Lang Annie McCain Engman as Bridget Jason Rosell as Jonze Riley

Where does the Sidney in John S McCain come from?

From the name of the Capital city of Australia, where he was born.

What actors and actresses appeared in Come as You Are - 1997?

The cast of Come as You Are - 1997 includes: John Bal Bridget Haire

What actors and actresses appeared in Raising McCain - 2013?

The cast of Raising McCain - 2013 includes: McCain as himself Meghan McCain as herself Jimmy McCain as himself

Who is cooler Obama or McCain?


How will John McCain deal with the economy?

what will john mccain do for the economy what will john mccain do for the economy

Does John McCain like to swim?

does mccain like to swim does mccain like to swim

John Mccain is Republican or democratic?

John McCain is republican!! John McCain is republican!!

Is there a Saint Bridget?

Yes, there is Saint Brigid (Bridget) of Ireland and Saint Bridget of Sweden.

What is the birth name of Bridget Dobson?

Bridget Dobson's birth name is Bridget Hursley.

What is the birth name of Bridget Green?

Bridget Green's birth name is Bridget Green.

What is the birth name of Bridget Hedison?

Bridget Hedison's birth name is Bridget Mori.

Is Mccain a republican?

Yes, Mccain is a republican.

Who is behind in the polls mccain or Obama?


Did Alaska vote for mccain or Obama?


What denomination is John McCain?

McCain is Episcopal.

Was Montana won by mccain or Obama?


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