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Chelsea Clinton attended Stanford University for Undergrads. I believe she got a Masters from Oxford University as well.

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Chelsea Clinton is she married?

Chelsea Clinton is single & is in college.

Did Chelsea Clinton ever Attend Brown University?


Is Chelsea Clinton gay?

Chelsea Clinton is married.

Did the william clinton attend college if so what college did he attend?

Bill Clinton went to Yale Law School, Georgetown University, and Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

Does Chelsea Clinton live with Bill and Hillary?

Chelsea Clinton does live with Hillary and Bill Clinton because Chelsea is their daughter.

Is Chelsea Clinton adopted?

No, Chelsea Clinton Is the biological child of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

What is the birth name of Chelsea Clinton?

Chelsea Clinton's birth name is Clinton, Chelsea Victoria.

Was Chelsea Clinton adopted by Bill and Hillary Clinton?

Children: Chelsea Victoria Clinton (1980- )

What college did Stan lee attend?

No he went to DeWitt Clinton High

When was Chelsea Clinton born?

Chelsea Clinton was born on February 27, 1980.

What nicknames does Chelsea Clinton go by?

Chelsea Clinton goes by Chel, Chels, and CC.

When did Chelsea Clinton get married?

Chelsea Clinton got married on July 31, 2010.

What college did Clara Barton attend?

Clinton Liberal Institute in New York

Is Chelsea Clinton married?

Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky on 31 July 2010.

How long was Chelsea Clinton married to her husband?

Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Chelsea Clinton married investment banker Marc Mezvinsky on July 21, 2010. As of December 2016, they are still married.

Who is the daughter of Hillary Clinton?

Her daughter was Chelsea Clinton. :)

How tall is Chelsea Clinton?

Chelsea Clinton is 5 ft 9½ inches tall, or about 177 cm

How old is Chelsea Clinton?

Chelsea Clinton is 37 years old (birthdate: February 27, 1980).

Where did Bill Clinton attend college?

Georgetown University, Oxford and Yale Law School.

When was Chelsea Clinton adopted by bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton?

She was never adopted

Is Chelsea Clinton pregnant?

Yes, Chelsea Clinton is pregnant. Clinton announced on April 17, 2014 that she and her husband, Marc, are expecting their first child.

Is Chelsea Clinton a lesbian?


Was Chelsea Clinton adopted?

No! :)

Did Chelsea Clinton get divorced?


Did Chelsea clinton divorce?

No she did not.