Where did Chocolate Mousse come from?

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From france

Where does chocolate come from?

The chocolate that we eat or use in desserts is the product of along and delicate process that starts with the cacao tree. Thismarvelous tree grows in humid, tropical regions, between 10° northand 10° south of the equator. This zone, which can be enlarged inplaces to 20°, is called "the cac ( Full Answer )

Where does the chocolate plant come from?

I think from somewhere in Africa I think from somewhere in Africa No, it was native to the amazon region of south America before people brought it to Africa. seriously, use wikipedia more

Where did chocolate come from?

Chocolate is natural. It comes from the cocoa bean. The first people to make chocolate were the ancient meso Americantribes of Mexico and Central America, including the Incas, Aztecand Mayans. They mixed ground cacao, or kah-kow seeds withseasonings to make a spicy, drink called chocolate. It was ra ( Full Answer )

Where did Chocolate Mousse originate?

Chocolate Mousse was one of the original flavors of Mousse, which originated in France. The actual creator of Mousse and where he or she was at the time of creation is unconfirmed.

What is the history of chocolate mousse?

It is origin from France, I believed. Mousse, a French word meaning foam, is a form of dessert typically made from egg and cream, usually in combination with other flavors, most commonly chocolate or fruit. Once only a specialty of French restaurants, chocolate mousse entered into American and Engl ( Full Answer )

Where is chocolate come from?

Chocolate was found in around 900 B.C. by ancient Aztecs, who put it into a bitter drink. Over many years it's come to America. Now over half is produced in South Africa by slave labor.

What is mousse?

In Food . Mousse is a dessert dish that is made with egg, gelatin, and (sometimes whipped) cream. It is often mixed in with other flavorings, such as chocolate or lemon (fruits are commonly used).. In Hairstyling . Mousse is a hair product that usually comes in the form of spray or cream. Whe ( Full Answer )

What is Chocolate Mousse?

A sweet or savoury dish made as a smooth, light mass in which themain ingredient is whipped with cream and egg white.

How do you make Chocolate Mousse?

Serves 6 . Ingredients . 7 oz (200 g) dark chocolate (75 per cent cocoa solids), broken into pieces 3 large eggs, separated 1½ oz (40 g) golden caster sugar . To serve: . a little whipped cream (optional) . You will also need 6 ramekins, each with a capacity of 5 fl oz (150 ml), or 6 i ( Full Answer )

Where does unsweetened chocolate come from?

Chocolate comes from cacao beans which grow in Latin America. In their natural state the beans have a very bitter taste; therefore, during processing varying amounts of sugar are added depending on whether you want bittersweet chocolate or very sweet milk chocolate.

What is chocolate mousse made of?

Chocolate Mousse can be made out of a lot of things; However, the very core of a Chocolate Mousse would include gelatin, eggs, whipped cream, and (of course) chocolate.

What was the first chocolate to come out?

Hershey's chocolate is considered the first milk chocolate, introduced in 1894.\n. \nMars was the first American company to introduce Nougat into chocolate, leading Hershey to come out with the Hershey bar with almonds and kisses in order maintain competition.

How do you make chocolate mousse and the ingredients?

Here is the recipe: Ingredients 8 ounces of Chocolate You can use bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, depending on how sweet you want your mousse to be. If you want to use bittersweet chocolate, you can always add sugar. 4 eggs, separated . Use pasteurized eggs to avoid salmonella 2 ( Full Answer )

Is there a chocolate mousse recipe that you can use cocoa powder and no gelatin?

yes, tried it tonight. 2 eggs, separated good quality cocoa powder icing sugar, amount to be determined by the level of sweetness you want whipped cream, you can make extra for decorating the mousse. freeze a metal bowl and whisk with whipping cream for up to half an hour. whip the cream ( Full Answer )

How do you say chocolate mousse in french?

"Le mousse de chocolate" yum. just made some. . Actually, I'm pretty sure it's "de la mousse au chocolat" for when you're saying "some chocolate mousse." This could be used in the sentence "J'adore manger de la mousse au chocolat." Otherwise, it's just "la mousse au chocolat."

Does milk chocolate come from white chocolate?

No. Milk chocolate comes from blending cocoa, milk, cream, milk fats, cocoa nibs, sugar, and other ingredients. White chocolate is all cocoa butter and no cocoa powder.

Does chocolate come from cote d'ivoire?

YES UNFORTUNATELY, more than a third of the world's chocolate or cocoa comes from Cote d'ivoire where child trafficking and forced labour is known to thrive as confirmed by the International Cocoa Initiative. That is quite shocking actually, hope you tell as many people you know about it so we ca ( Full Answer )

How much does it cost for a chocolate mousse pie?

It depends where you get it from, the size, and the quality. Pies from the local supermarket can be $5 to $10, while specialty pies from bakeries can be up to $30 or $40.

What is the mousse?

One of the meanings of mousse is an airy pudding-like desert. The other kind of mousse is a foam product that has a similar use to hairspray.

Where do chocolate covered ants come from?

Chocolate covered ants are severed in locations throughout theworld. The ants are not harmful ones and are covered in a varietyof chocolates.

How long can you keep chocolate mousse out of the fridge?

You should stick to the basic time temperature safety zone. At 4 hours of sitting out, all foods are in the temperature danger zone, where bacterial growth is in its prime. If you need to have it out longer than that, try placing the bowl in an "ice bath" which means in to a separate bowl of ice and ( Full Answer )

How much are chocolate mousses in France?

An average chocolate mousse from a cafe in france would cost somewhere from 1-1,000,000,000,000,000 euros. LOL i hope that helps.... ;)

Where chocolate diamonds come from?

Brown diamonds are the most common of coloured diamonds.'Chocolate' is simply one of the words used to describe a specificshade of brown diamond. All diamonds are formed deep within the earth's mantle.

Can whipping cream be used to make chocolate mousse?

Yes, but you need much more. . 2 cups heavy cream, chilled . 4 large egg yolks . 3 Tbsp sugar . salt . 1 tsp vanilla . 7 oz good bittersweet chocolate, in pieces . Lightly whipped cream . Mint sprigs Read more at the site listed in the Related Links..

What is function of egg yolk and sugar in chocolate mousse?

The egg yolk helps set the mousse, and adds richness. The sugar is necessary for sweetness and texture. If your recipe involves beating egg yolk and sugar together until pale and fluffy, this results in tiny airbubbles being trapped in the mixture. These air bubbles are what makes your chocolate mou ( Full Answer )

How does chocolate come from plants?

Cocoa and Cocoa butter come from the beans of the cacao tree. They are dried, roasted, ground up and mixed with sugar to make eating chocolate.

Did KFC sell chocolate mousse?

Yes and it was the BEST version of chocolate mousse EVER (and I should know I am a major chocolate fiend!!) I haven't seen it there for about about 10 years in Australia and am really pissed about it :/

What city in France does chocolate mousse come from?

For such a simple and elegant dessert, the history of chocolate mousse is actually very sparse. Any information that I found indicated only that chocolate mousse (Mousse; French, lit. "Foam, lather") originated in France sometime during the 1850's. A particular city was not specified.

How do you thicken chocolate mousse?

Chocolate mousse made properly has quite a few chemical properties which make it thick. The first is that there's a lot of air, beaten into the egg yolks, the whites and the cream. Generally, you also add sugar to the yolks and whites as you beat them, and the chemical reaction between the sugar ( Full Answer )

What city did chocolate come from?

Chocolate - dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate chock full of nuts, raisins or honey crisps,chocolate cream pies, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate drops,chocolate dipped ice-cream cones, chocolate swirls and peppermint stick twirls - chocolate! The world's favorite treat comes in many shapes, ( Full Answer )

Can you use chocolate chips in chocolate mousse?

Chocolate chips or shavings can be melted to be used for chocolate mousse, and can also be added to the chocolate mousse when it's done to add structure to it. Do not add the chocolate chips or shavings in when the mousse is still very hot, or it will melt and then you will lose that extra texture ( Full Answer )

Where can one find a tasty chocolate mousse recipe?

There are many places to find delicious chocolate mousse recipes. Some examples of places with mousse recipes are the Chow website, Jamie Oliver's webpage, and also sites devoted to recipes like All Recipes.

Where is a good place to find the best chocolate mousse recipe?

There are many well known magazines such as "Bon Appetit " that can be researched. Celebrity chefs on Food Network like Tyler Florence and Alton Brown have interesting and unique ingredients in their recipes. Julia Childs, Chef Dennis Littley as well as Martha Stewart have simple yet decadent mous ( Full Answer )

How can someone sell their homemade chocolate mousse?

If someone would like to sell their homemade chocolate mousse, they would need to have some form of selling platform. This could come in the form of a store, an online website, or even a spot at a local market. These options give someone a starting point to try and sell their own chocolate mousse.