Where did Choctaw ponies come from?

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All horses in the Americas descended from the Iberian-type equines brought to the New World by the Spanish Conquistadors in the 1500s or other horses imported from Europe during the colonization of America.

Choctaw ponies are a breed developed by the Choctaw Native American Tribe, for which they were named. The Choctaw tribe originally inhabited Southeastern United States, in an area covering much of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.

So it could be said that the Choctaw ponies came from Eurpope and were developed in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama.
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Where do Welsh ponies come from?

Welsh ponies originated in Wales. Welsh people come from the same place, but this may be a coincidence.

Where are the choctaw from?

The Choctaw people live in Mississippi-Southeastern U.S.A and also in Oklahoma. There are smaller groups located through out the U.S.. Historically the Choctaws believe they may have been created at Nanih Waiya near the center of the state of Mississippi or that they came from the West hundreds per ( Full Answer )

What is ponying?

When a unridden horse is led alongside a rider who is mounted on another horse. Using this method, two horses can be exercised at once.

What is a pony?

A pony is not a baby horse as a lot of people believe. They are a different category of Equus caballus . There are 3 categories of horses: light horses, heavy horses, and ponies. Ponies are 14.2 hh or less. Compared to horses, ponies often exhibit thicker manes, tails and overall coat, as well as ( Full Answer )

Where do Shetland Ponies come from?

Shetland Ponies come from The Shetland Isles in the North Sea, just above and to the east of Scotland, in the UK.

What country did ponies come from?

The term pony is defined by the animal's height so a pony can comefrom anywhere. Pony breeds have been developed in many differentcountries. Examples are the Shetland Pony which is named afterShetland Island in Scotland, the Connemara is from Ireland, the POA(Pony of the Americas) was developed in t ( Full Answer )

Can you have a pony?

no you can't you silly person! Is there something wrong with you or are you just asking for trouble?!

What did the choctaw live in?

The Choctaw live in a house called mother mound they used this house for protection from harsh weather

What does Choctaw mean?

The Choctaw are a Native American tribe who speak in a Muskogean dialect and who inhabit Georgia, Alabama, and Southern Mississippi.

Where does the ponies come from?

They are thought to have come from places like the shetland isles and colder places, where food was scarce. Because the food was little, they became smaller and hardier, thus being our everyday pony.

Where are ponies from?

depends what breed. ponies origionally came from coler, rocky places where food was scarce, thus making them smaller and hardier. some breeds where bred to be smaller, probably by breeding smaller horses.

Where does the Dales pony come from?

The Dales pony comes from the upper Dales of the Eastern Slope, close to the Scottish boarder. Hope this helps you.

What colors do Welsh ponies come in?

Welsh ponies can come in many diffrerent varieties of colours but the main colour a welsh ponie would be is dapple grey/white. here are a list of colours welsh ponies can come in. . Bay . Brown . Black . dapple grey . Roan . white . chestnut . Skewbald . or patched Answer 2: Welsh ( Full Answer )

Why did shetland ponies come to Australia?

b/c they thought the accents there were just sooo cool! :-) plus they heard Simon Baker was from Australia and they hopped on the first boat!

What happens when Pony comes home late?

If you are talking about Ponyboy Curtis from the outsiders then this answer applies to you. Ponyboy come home late from the empty lot to find Soda sprawled out on the couch and Darry sitting in a chair reading a newspaper. When Ponyboy enters Darry stands up and starts yellimg angrily at Ponyboy abo ( Full Answer )

Where did the saying dog and pony show come from?

The term 'dog and pony show' originated from the small traveling circuses that toured through small towns and rural areas of the US in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The shows consisted of trained performing dogs and ponies.

Where does the term shanks pony come from?

Shanks' pony means one's legs, used as a means of transport. Shanks' (or shanks's) mare (or nag or pony) derives from the name of the lower part of the leg between the knee and ankle - the shank, nowadays more often known as the shin-bone or tibia. This was alluded to in the early form of this ( Full Answer )

Why can not you have a pony?

Because some people have not had enough training in looking after horsses and sometimes do not treat them good.

What coat colors does the Shetland pony come in?

Shetland ponies have all the same base colors of most breeds, chestnut, black, bay, brown. The modifing alleles grey, creme, silver and dun. The sliver gene has been historically common in it's most obvious form of a chocolate colored body with a white mane and tail (black horse with the silver gene ( Full Answer )

Why is the hairstyle ponytail come from a pony?

it's named a ponytail because it looks like the tail of a pony. And another thing: you need to have a ponytail when you're riding on horses for your safety.

What can ponies do?

Ponies can do the same things that full sized horses can do so long as you make adjustments for their heights. Miniature horses should never be confused with ponies, they should never be ridden.

When will the Japanese dub of My Little Pony friendship is magic come?

From what little I understand about the Japanese side of this equation is that it would be very hard for the show to even be given airtime over in Japan. Many companies would rather remake the show than work with re-dubbing it in Japanese and then contending to give it airtime. Case in point, Powerp ( Full Answer )

Where does a Exmoor pony come from?

The Exmoor pony comes from the area of Exmoor in England. It's a native pony breed that is endangered and very old.

How long does it take for one episode of My Little Pony to come out?

Animating takes a VERY long time. Especially when so professionalyand in detail that MLP is done with. Plus the fact that the programused, Adobe Flash, is prone to glitches, it probably causes theanimators much frustration, and slow-down time. a 5 minuteanimation that is good can take an hr or much ( Full Answer )

Where do Newfoundland ponies come from?

Newfoundland ponies come from Newfoundland Canada. They were created from a mix of British breeds including the Exmoor pony, Galloway pony, Welsh pony, and New Forest pony.

How come people love My Little Pony?

There are a number of reasons. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is well-animated and, compared with other children's TV shows, has more complex, interesting characters. Unlike many shows nowadays, it actually introduces some character development. Psychologists have also suggested that people hav ( Full Answer )

What did the Choctaw Indians do?

They lived life, much like you do. They enjoyed life, raisedchildren, played games, ate, grew old and died to make room for theothers that will do the same thing after them.

What does a pony do?

Well first let me begin by helping understand the classification of a pony. A pony is a horse that is under 14.2 hands. A hand is a unit of measurement used to measure equestrian species and is exactly 4 inches. Many ponies (like one I had during the summer) are used for pulling carriages either ind ( Full Answer )

When is season 4 of my little pony coming out?

Season 4 of My Little Pony already premiered on November 23, 2013and ended on May 10, 2014. No release date has been given forseason 5, but it is planned for spring 2015.

When do the My Little Pony episodes come out?

The two-part season 5 premiere aired on April 4, 2015. Upcomingepisodes will air on April 11, 18, 25, and May 2. More are to comeafter, but release dates have not been announced.