Where did Chris Cringle come from and how do you spell it properly?

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Khris Kringle is another name for Santa Claus.

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There are different ways to spell it. Kris Kringle, Christkind or Christkindl. He's also known as Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Nikolaos of Bari, Father Christmas or simply Santa.

Saint Nicholas of Myra is the original "Santa" originating from present day Turkey. He was a Greek Bishop known for giving gifts such as placing coins in the shoes of people whom left them out for him.
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How do you make a chris cringle orange?

get a plain orange and stick a white candle into the center. next, get some red ribbon and a thumb tack, and rap the ribbon around it, using the thumb tack to keep it in place

What is Chris cringle?

Kris Kringle is who the modern day people know as Santa Claus. Heis the big jolly old man who delivers toys and Christmas spirit atChristmas.

How do you spell properly?

It doesnt matter but the way you spell it is PROPERLY. This is a little trick to remember = P.R.O.P.E.R.L.Y I cannot tell a lie.

Is Chris Cringle real?

It depends largely on your belief if Kris Kringle is real.
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