Where did Chris Paul grow up?

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Louisville, North Carolina
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Who is Chris paul?

An American basketball player who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. He wears the number three and is a point guard and is also sometimes considered the best PG in the league. He's nicknamed CP3.

Where did Chris Brown grow up?

Family Life Christopher Maurice Brown was born on May 5, 1989 in a town of Tappahannock, in Virginia populated at around 2000 people. He is one of two siblings born to Clinton Brown and Joyce Hawkins. Brown was in love with music from an early age, ever since he could hear the music his parents ( Full Answer )

Who is better deron Williams or chris paul?

chris paul is way better Deron Williams is a scrub and all he could do is shoot and what team he play for the nets that's how you know hes whack the worst point guard in the leaugue Derrick rose is soon to be the best.

Where does Chris Paul live?

Pretty sure he lives in a house with windows and doors like everybody else. And i think it might be somewhere in New Orleans.

Why did Chris Paul choose the number 3?

because 3 was his highschool number. It's also because of his family nickname(CP3). His dad is CP1, while his brother is CP2 and he is, of course, CP3. It wasn't long 'til people and fans started calling him by this also.

Who is Chris Paul dating?

Whoever this Jada person is needs to take a nap somewhere. I am Chris Paul's cousin and you are not his baby mama. His girlfriend name is Shelby King okay so deal with it and don't ever lie like dat about my cousin!

What size shoe does Chris Paul wear?

Chris Paul is a basketball player for the Clippers. Basketballplayers are, on average, tall and have big feet. Chris Paul wears asize 13 in shoes.

Is Chris Paul dating anybody?

Yes he is unfortunately dating his college sweetheart Jennifer Crawley she's having his baby. Lucky her...congrats.

Where did Paul the apostle grow up?

According to Acts 22:3, Paul was brought up in Jerusalem and educated by Gamaliel I the Elder, who flourished in Jerusalem around. 20-50. However, scholars say this claim needs needs qualification. They point out that the epistles do not suggest that Paul had seen Jesus during the public ministry or ( Full Answer )

Who is better magic Johnson or chris paul?

Magic Johnson is the better player because all though their stats are basically even and Chris Paul is having a career year, he has yet to do what Magic Johnson has done which is win a championship.

Who is the wife of nba player Chris Paul?

There hasn't been any annoucnements made that Chris paul has married his long time girlfriend. But if he has married, it was most likely to her.

Is Chris Paul a Christian?

yes. there are different places on the internet that always state that he is Christian.

Does Kanashia like Chris Paul?

\nHell yeah! A lot she'l beat up her friends for him! she'l even beat up her best best friend jonathan!

How can you meet Chris Paul?

Go to Hornets games. Go to his favorite restaurant. Show up to New Orleans Arena really early when he is coming through the security doors

What is Chris Paul girlfriend name?

Jada Crawley. The two met and began dating in 2003 while attending Wake Forest together. They had their first child together, Christopher Emmanuel Paul II, on May 23, 2009

Who is better Chris Paul or ben Gordon?

Both are very exceptional players, have many talents on the court, can lead there teams to victory when in crunchtime soooooo..........CP3. :) BUT that's just me.

Is Chris Paul the best point guard?

In my opinion he is currently In my opinion that is ONLY if you limit the pool of talent in the NBA! That depends, there are a ton of points that are out there handling the ball like its on a string, they just dont play for the NBA. Many play overseas, D-leauge, and street ball just to avoid the ( Full Answer )

Why did Chris Paul choose the 3?

The selection of Chris Paul's jersey number has to do with aconnection to his family. His dad was known as CP1 and his brotherwas CP2, so he wanted to become CP3.

Is nba s chris paul gay?

no...he has a girlfriend named Jada Crawley...they are expecting a baby boy real soon....if they haven't already given birth

Where did Chris Rock grow up?

Chris Rock was born in Andrews, South Carolina but shortly after his birth, his parents moved to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Then relocated in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Known as and called by him "Bed-Stuy." -- I WAS HERE =]

Can Chris Paul dunk?

Yes. He has shown he can dunk in different games. He even dunked on Dwight Howard.

Is Kayla and chris paul getting married?

yes indeed., they gone have basketball star children!!... names are : Chris Jr. and Layla!!!! They both Chris Paul and Kayla including there children are basketball stars for life no stopping them!!!!!!!

Is Chris Paul a good person?

People who have been around him such as his teammates, his family, and his friends say that he's a very nice person to be around. He has also helped many people in need especially those who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina so, all in all, most would say he's a good person.

Where did Saint Paul in the Bible grow up?

When he grew up, his name was Saul. His place of birth and upbringing was the city of Tarsus (on what is now the mid-south coast of modern-day Turkey). Saul's parents were Jewish, and he was brought up in the Jewish faith, and became a rabbi, by training. Saul's parents were tent makers for the Roma ( Full Answer )

Where did St. Paul grow up?

St. Paul was born in Tarsus, Cilicia (modern Turkey) and probably grew up there. He later moved to Israel, probably as an adult.

Where did Chris Paul go to school?

Clemmons Elementary School (Clemmons, NC) Hanes/Lowrance Middle School (Winston-Salem, NC) West Forsyth High School (Clemmons, NC) Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC) (I know because I went to Clemmons Elementary and go to Hanes/Lowrance currently, and I am going to West Next Year)

What is Chris Paul known for?

He's a American Basketball player who plays for the New Orleans Hornets, he also started a foundation to help with Hurricane Katrina

Who is better Chris Paul or Gilbert Arenas?

If you compare Chris Paul and Gilbert Arenas Chris Paul would be better because he has been an all star 2 years in a row and Gilbert Arenas has only been once.

Who is better kyrie irving or chris paul?

Chris Paul is better than kyrie in different ways like passing the ball and assisting. and is a overall better leader but kyrie is still a young blossoming player in the league so he still has time

Which is better derrick rose or chris paul?

Derrick Rose is a better point guard because he won MVP and Chrispaul did not win MVP but Chris Paul is one of the best point guardsin the nba.

What kind of area did Ron Paul grow up in?

Although his family was of German descent, Ron Paul was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 20, 1935. He grew up in a suburb of the city and attended Dormont High School and Gettysburg College.

Does Chris Paul of the NBA really have a twin?

Chris Paul, point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers, does not have a twin brother in real life. He does have an older brother, who's name is Charles "C.J." Paul.