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There is much misunderstanding about wheter "[Roman] Catholics" are Christians. They are. In the early Christian Church, the word catholic [ meaning 'universal' ] was used to express the church's willingness to accept members from any and all groups. (Gal 3:28) Since the reformation the name "C"atholic was applied, denoting a Christian denomination. I personally believe that the multiplicity of Christian denominations is the greatest scandal of Christianity. **add note from kingsgrl20: The Christian Church still states and believes that the word catholic means universal. It is said in the Profession of Faith at every mass: ..."We believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic (apostle) church".... Notice the "c" on catholic is not capitalized - and for a reason. We are literally saying that we believe in one, holy, universal and apostolic church. **add reply from frptliny: (would this now go to discussion?) Yes, many "high" Protestant churches maintiain "c"atholic... Unfortunately some have changed the creed to "Christian" ... and in the same manner some of the Catholic publications insisit on using "C"atholic. **add reply from kingsgrl20: What is a "high" Protestant church? Also, as for the upper case "C": to my human knowledge it should be a lower case, the definition of the word universal is implied still. Any Catholic church FULLY inline with true teaching would use a lower "c" and the word to mean universal. Now, if a parishioner has studied their own religion beyond the "just enough to get by", they would agree to this. (I do not accuse anyone of not studying their religion, but there are so many Sunday-only christians in our present world.) Now to change the word from 'catholic' to 'christian', is that an Anglican or Episcopalian church? I reiterate that a Catholic Church fully inline with the true teachings of the Church is (again, to my human knowledge) supposed to use the word catholic. The word "christian" does not mean universal, therefore the Church of course would insist on use of the word catholic. The humorous side could be there was a typo :)
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Is Christian and Catholic the same thing?

Yes, Christian and Catholic are exactly the same thing, unless youare not Catholic and using the word "Christian" to refer to othersoutside the Catholic Church. This is only right if you arereferring to someone who has been validly baptized and accepts theNicene Creed in its traditional interpretati ( Full Answer )

How are Catholics different from other Christians?

A Christian is a believer and follower of Christ. The Catholic religion teaches its followers to believe in and to follow Christ. Therefore, Catholics are Christian.. The Catholic religion focuses on some details that other Christian religions do not consider at all. A main theme in the Catholic re ( Full Answer )

Why can Catholics be Christian but Christians can't be Catholics?

Catholicism is a type of Christianity, just like jeans being a typeof pants. All Catholics are a type of Christian, but only someChristians happen to be Catholic. Both types believe in Jesus, God,etc. Another view Catholics are Catholics and Christians are Christians..the veryfirst Christians did ( Full Answer )

Is a Catholic a Christian?

Yes, most certainly, Catholics are Christians. As a matter of fact,Catholics are the original Christians. Others are Christians onlyinsofar as they are validly baptized and accept the Nicene Creed inits traditional interpretation.

Which is the true religion-christian or catholic?

One perspective: . Catholics will be quick to assert that they ARE Christians; that in fact, they represent the original, true church of the first century. Yet when one gives proper respect to the Bible as God's word, Catholicism quickly runs into problems.. 1 Timothy 4:1-3 - Now the Spirit ex ( Full Answer )

Is Rome a Catholic or Christian city?

Catholic Answer Rome is a Catholic Christian city. Catholic and Christian mean exactly the same thing except in modern English where protestants have hijacked the word Christian to exclude Catholics, this is a mistake. Catholics have been the only Christians for 1,500 years until protestants came a ( Full Answer )

Catholics and Christians Bible?

Roman Catholic Answer No difference, Catholic and Christian is the same thing. I imagine that you are asking the difference between a Catholic/Christian Bible and a protestant Bible, which protestants may refer to as a Christian Bible. Protestants have removed a number of books from the Old Testame ( Full Answer )

Can other Christians and Catholics get married?

Yes a Christian can marry a Catholic but it is not advised as thenon Catholic must consent to raise the children in the CatholicFaith. The marriage must also be conducted within the CatholicChurch and if both parties are committed to their faiths thereshall be problems within the relationship as to ( Full Answer )

Is it wrong for a Christian to not accept a Catholic?

It may be. Catholic's are Christians. They believe in God and Jesus. Their worship services are only slightly different. I'm not Catholic but I've attended their services. You might consider accepting people for who they are, not just because they are the same religion as you..

Are you a Christian if you are Catholic?

ANSWER 1. Of course Catholics are Christians. Catholic are, in fact, theoriginal Christians and the ONLY Christians for the 1st 1000 yearsof Christianity. It is through The Catholic Church, herself, thatwe Christians received the Canon of The Bible. 2. At the Council of Carthage, in 397 AD, The Ca ( Full Answer )

Which comes first Catholic or Christianity?

The word 'catholic' means universal. There is no evidence that the very early Christians called their religion 'catholic' - in fact it appears that Christianity in the first century was highly fragmented, and thus far from catholic. The term 'Catholic' may have come into use in the second or third c ( Full Answer )

Where did Catholics come from?

Catholics did not "come" from anywhere, the word catholic means universal, so many years ago when the people began to follow Christ, they were known as Christians or catholics meaning eventually they all believed in the same doctrine.

Why are all Catholics Christians but not all Christians Catholic?

Simply put, Catholicism is one branch of Christianity. That makes all Catholics Christians, but not all Christians Catholic. Christians are a group of individuals who believe in Christianity. Christianity is based on the idea of a single God and on the idea that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah a ( Full Answer )

Where did the Catholics come from?

Ever since the beginning, there have been groups which have caused divisions in the Church. The Catholic Church has its origin in Christ and the apostles. Its founder is Jesus Christ. Over time, people who have disagreed with the Church for some reason (eg. Teachings) have broken off and formed thei ( Full Answer )

What are the 7 duties of a Catholic Christian?

1.attend mass on Sundays and Holy days of Obligation rest from labor, 2.do Penance at least once a year 3.receive Holy Communion at least once a year between Lent and Trinity Sunday 4.observe Fast days established by the church 5.contibute to the church 6. obey the marriage Laws of the Church 7.jion ( Full Answer )

How does the church deal with Christians who are not Catholic?

Roman Catholicism does not allow non-Catholics (besides the Eastern Orthodox) to partake in the Eucharist, that is, to receive Holy Communion at Mass, and theologically, teaches that only Roman Catholic Christians are truly accepted by God and will go to heaven. Roman Catholic Answer Not exactly ( Full Answer )

How do you convert to Catholic from Christian?

To make it clear, Catholic is still a Christian and you can be converted through the first sacrament of Baptism. You will be baptized in the name of Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Are catholics and Christians the same thing?

Catholicism was originally on off shoot of Christianity. Even though they are different today, it is often referred to under the umbrella term Christian Answer No they're not. Christianity is the religion founded on the teachings and lfe of Jesus Christ. Christians believe that Jesus is God inc ( Full Answer )

Do Catholics consider Mormons Christian?

The truth is, some very conservative Catholics (and indeed the vatican) recognize only the Catholic church, although the church is moving towards an ecumenical understanding. While the church recognizes clergy and members of other churches, they don't truly consider them on the same level as thems ( Full Answer )

Boyfriend is Catholic you are Christian what do you do?

Opinion: The Catholic Church is a Christian organization - last studysuggests there are about 41,000 worldwide 'christian' organizationsin the world today. What is necessary for each of you to do is tosee where you are in agreement and disagreement over biblicalteachings and the government of the o ( Full Answer )

Are Protestants and Catholics Christians?

Some are and some are not, I think this is true of both groups. A Christian is someone who believes and helps spread the teachingof Christ - the term 'disciple' means an 'imitator' of Christ. Butthe problem arises with what is the teaching of Christ? If you lookat the New Testament you can read tha ( Full Answer )

Can a Christian Catholic priest get married?

your either christian or catholic. there is no " both " . but a catholic preist cannot get married, but a christian pastor can. Roman Catholic Answer: In the United States some people use the word "Christian" to refer to Protestants as opposed to Catholics. Of course Catholics are Christians, as ( Full Answer )

Are Catholics Christians or are Christians Catholics?

Roman Catholics consider themselves Christians (some other Christians may disagree, with varying degrees of vehemence and rationality). However, not all Christians are Roman Catholics (Roman Catholics may disagree with this, again with varying degrees of vehemence and rationality). . Answer Cat ( Full Answer )

Can you change from a Catholic to Christian?

If you like, yes. . Catholics are Christians, but if you wish to leave the Catholic Church you are completely free to do so; you certainly wouldn't be the first or last. Although, it would be a mortal sin in the eyes of the Church; but if you cared about that, I guess you wouldn't be leaving. I a ( Full Answer )

Is Jesus a Catholic or a Christian?

Jesus was from a Jewish family; in religious practice in his lifetime, he was his Father's son. doing his Father's business. The followers of Jesus became the Christians (followers of Christ), a term that wasn't used in Jesus' lifetime. Over time, Christians began to identify themselves into specifi ( Full Answer )

What are Catholics and what are Christians?

Catholics are people who belong to (mostly) the Roman Catholic church. (There are other varieties.) Christians are actually many religions (Baptist, Lutheran, etc) that believe in Christ and that he was the son of God, but do not honor Mary or the Saints as Catholics do. A common misconception a ( Full Answer )

Is the Pope Christian or Catholic?

Catholic Answer Yes, the Pope is Catholic, which means, yes, the Pope is aChristian. What a question! Christian and Catholic are the samething. Because protestants call themselves Christian does not meanthat Catholics are not. Catholics acknowledge that protestants maybe Christians IF they have a va ( Full Answer )

Can a Catholic go to a Christian Church?

Non-Roman Catholic Answer A Catholic is certainly ABLE to go to a Christian church. How the Catholic church will feel about this is a different matter, and a careful perusal of the below will probably give you a clue. (Hint: it's the "the only Christian Church [...] is the Catholic Church" part.) ( Full Answer )

Is Christianity and catholic different religions?

No, Christianity and Catholicism are one and the same. The Catholic Church is, and always will be, the first Christian Church. Other sects that followed might be called 'knock offs.'

Who is better Christian or Catholic but Christian are better?

Well I'm a christian. I can't say that Christians are better or Catholics are better. if we all believe in the same God that is the real God then its fine! :) Im catholic but I don't think I'm better then anybody if we all believe in GOD that's all that should matter! The question makes no sen ( Full Answer )

Why are pastors converting from Catholics to Christians?

This question makes a couple of errors that need a bit of background to explain. The final answer is in the last two paragraphs. This question makes two errors. The first is thinking that a Catholic is not a Christian. Catholicism is the original form of Christianity from the time of the original N ( Full Answer )

Are Mormons Christian or Catholic?

Well, technically, Catholics are Christians. Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) are Christian but they are not Protestant or Catholic Christians, they are Restorationist Christians.

Is the Church of England Catholic or Christian?

Anglo Catholic Answer: BOTH! The Church of England and the Anglican Communion is one of the tree main branches of true Christianity: Roman Catholicism, Anglicanism, and Eastern Orthodoxy. . Catholic Answer Catholic and Christian are the same thing. The Church of England, in the definition o ( Full Answer )

Are Catholics considered Christians?

Yes, Catholics are Christians. A Christian is one who follows Christ. . Catholic Answer Catholics are actually the very first Christians, and, technically, the Catholic Church is the only Christian Church as Jesus Himself established It and promised that It would be ONE until the end of the wo ( Full Answer )

How do you become Christian if you are baptized Catholic?

If you mean, how do you become a non-denominational Christian. You start going to a non-denominational church and stop going to the Catholic church. Pray and find a church you want to try to attend.

If a Catholic marrys a christian can they stay Catholic?

First of all, Catholics are Christian and were the original Christian church. Many Protestant sects believe they have a monopoly on the name Christian (wrongly) so the answer is that yes a married Catholic may remain Catholic regardless of whom they marry.

Was the Catholic religion first in Christianity?

A: The Catholic Church obviously predates the religions of theReformation, but is not necessarily the first Christian religion.The Catholic Church we know today was formed from the Great Schismof 1054, as was the Greek Orthodox Chruch, so they both have equalclaim to antiquity. We do not even know ( Full Answer )

Can a Christian date a Catholic?

That is like asking why do the Catholics have more books in the bible then Protestants. The question should be why did the Protestants take books out of the bible and alter the scriptures? Likewise, your question should be, can a Christian(Catholic) date a non-christian. And the answer would be, Yes ( Full Answer )

Do Catholics and Christians have different beliefs?

All Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholic. The main differences between Catholics and Protestants are transubstantiation, saints and the Pope. Transubstantiation is the belief that the Eucharist and Holy wine are actually the body and blood of Christ, not a symbol, after bein ( Full Answer )

Do Catholics consider themselves to be Christians?

Of course Catholics consider themselves to be Christians. After all, they were the original Christian Church. Roman Catholic Answer The question should be: can anyone who is not Catholic consider themselves a Christian? And the answer would be, anyone who is validly baptised and believes in th ( Full Answer )

Can you be Christian and Catholic?

Yes one can be a Christian and a Catholic. The difficulty of being in the Catholic Church and being Christian is there must be a fundamental change in the understanding of what salvation depends on. A Christian is one that has accepted the gift of salvation (and eternal life) from God. This gift was ( Full Answer )

Who are Christian Catholic?

All Catholics are Christians, and anyone who is validly baptized isa member of the Catholic Church, howbeit in a crippled manner ifthey are not a full Catholic.