Where did Christian Catholic come from?

There is much misunderstanding about wheter "[Roman] Catholics" are Christians. They are. In the early Christian Church, the word catholic [ meaning 'universal' ] was used to express the church's willingness to accept members from any and all groups. (Gal 3:28) Since the reformation the name "C"atholic was applied, denoting a Christian denomination. I personally believe that the multiplicity of Christian denominations is the greatest scandal of Christianity. **add note from kingsgrl20: The Christian Church still states and believes that the word catholic means universal. It is said in the Profession of Faith at every mass: ..."We believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic (apostle) church".... Notice the "c" on catholic is not capitalized - and for a reason. We are literally saying that we believe in one, holy, universal and apostolic church. **add reply from frptliny: (would this now go to discussion?) Yes, many "high" Protestant churches maintiain "c"atholic... Unfortunately some have changed the creed to "Christian" ... and in the same manner some of the Catholic publications insisit on using "C"atholic. **add reply from kingsgrl20: What is a "high" Protestant church? Also, as for the upper case "C": to my human knowledge it should be a lower case, the definition of the word universal is implied still. Any Catholic church FULLY inline with true teaching would use a lower "c" and the word to mean universal. Now, if a parishioner has studied their own religion beyond the "just enough to get by", they would agree to this. (I do not accuse anyone of not studying their religion, but there are so many Sunday-only christians in our present world.) Now to change the word from 'catholic' to 'christian', is that an Anglican or Episcopalian church? I reiterate that a Catholic Church fully inline with the true teachings of the Church is (again, to my human knowledge) supposed to use the word catholic. The word "christian" does not mean universal, therefore the Church of course would insist on use of the word catholic. The humorous side could be there was a typo :)