Where did Christian beliefs about evil come from?

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There has always been evil and the world, and to that extent, Christianity is realistic in accepting it. Christians have tried to explain evil, believing that it is the work of Satan. In Judaism, Satan is not really evil, but is the loyal assistant of God, tasked with testing the righteousness of the faithful. The Jewish concept of Satan appeared during the Babylonian Exile and could arguably have come from the Zoroastrian religion of the Persian liberators. If so, Judaism did not formally accept the Zoroastrian notion of Satan as an evil adversary of God, but this could be the source of the Christian view.

Saint Augustine developed the concept of original sin, and held that man was inherently bad.
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Zoroastrianism, the religion of the ancient Persians, has a strong concept of the dualism of good and evil. Ahura Mazda is the creator god, while Ahriman is his evil adversary
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It's simple. Man disobeyed God. God loved man and didn't want him to stay in a sinful state for all of eternity because he couldn't go to live with Him when he died. So he