Where did Christian music originate from?

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Gregorian Chant I think David because he made most of the book Psalms, and Psalms are pretty much songs about God.
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What is the origin of Christianity?

Answers as given by different Wi kiAnswers contributors: Answer According to Christians, Christianity wasfounded by G-D. It is the doctrines and teachings of Jesus Chris

Where is the origin of Christianity?

Where is the origin of Christianity? Jesus is the origin of Christianity. He is in heaven, at the right hand of the Father, and with his people. Where was the origin of

What is the origins of Christianity?

Jesus Christ is the entire basis for Christianity. Scripture tellsus that He came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. Additional Answer: The founder of Christianity

Where was Christianity originated from?

The Christian view point is this: . "Jesus dying on the cross and rising from His grave. People witnessed it, and many came to believe." . The historians view point is this:

What is Christian origin?

If you mean the origin of Christianity, the arrival of Jesus. A few years later led to the origin. This occurred around 1 B.C. - 1 A.D.

What is Christians origin?

The origin of Christianity is read about in the Bible. Jesus cameto earth and started teaching. He gathered a group of men aroundhim and taught them for about 3 years. Later t
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Where and when did Christianity originate?

The answer is : The beginning of Jesus' ministry. For the Jew: the answer is : The beginning of Paul's ministry. I think the Bible is your best source for this answer.
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When is Christian originated?

"And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch." (Acts.11.26)
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Where is Christianity originated in?

Most scholars would say Jerusalem, Israel. It began on Pentecost Sunday, June 17, 31 AD, by many accounts.