Where did Christianity come from and where does it exist today?

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Chrisitianity began in Israel and specifically in Jerusalem by the followers of Jesus Christ. Due to persecution, they expanded into Asia and that is when they became known by the name "Christians".
Christianity exists in various forms throughout the world and primarily in Europe, North and South America.
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In what forms does witchcraft exist today?

Witchcraft or the Craft is one of many forms of Paganism. Paganism is an umbrella term encompassing but not exclusive to: Asatru/Norse; Blended as in (Christo-pagan, Judeo-pagan, etc); Celtic (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Faerie, Druidism); Ceremonial Magic (Golden Dawn, Rosicrucian); Eclect ( Full Answer )

How do Christians today come to know Jesus?

Answer Church, every Sunday morning. Another Answer A lifelong relationship with someone you love is nota one hour a week thing. It is 100% of the time that we can knowHim and walk with Him and experience His leading, directing,teaching and (ouch) correction. The word of God, much disrespected tod ( Full Answer )

Why does genocide still exist today?

People are selfish, both as individuals and as groups. So, one group attacks another group in order to have more land or other resources for themselves. It's very simple. Although the justifications that they invent may be very complicated. God's will is the favorite. God is always on our side, let ( Full Answer )

Do believers share Joseph's gift today what does it mean if a christian has dreams that come true?

Yes, God still sends dreams and their interpretations today. I myself have had maybe 5-8 in the past year and a half. Note, however, that in the Bible non Christians had dreams from God. For example, as you mentioned, the dreams of the baker, the wine tester and Pharaoh were all presented to Joseph, ( Full Answer )

How long has Christianity existed?

About 2009 years--(as of 1/16/2009). The current system of dates where the years are denoted "C.E" or "B.C.E" refer to the Christian Era (now Common Era)

Christianity-Why do evil and suffering exist?

In Christianity we believers are tested and purified so we can become pure as gold. The Christian life is not a bed of roses, as the Bible says. This is also there in our lives to trust our faith. Developing this Christianity holds that suffering is the result of human sin. The world is not the ( Full Answer )

When did IT come in to existence?

The answer to this question largely depends on how you define "IT". Most would assume that you mean I nformation T echnology, but even so, it is makes a big difference whether (or not) you want to limit it to the mechanical or electronic processing of information. To give some important exam ( Full Answer )

In Christianity what period did the dinosaur exist?

Christians believe that the Bible is truth and the Bible tells us that God made everything. Christians believe that dinosaurs existed with men and were created at the same time. In the book of Job , two dinosaurs are mentioned and Job records the voice of God, reminding Job that men are afraid of t ( Full Answer )

Did Hinduisim exist before Christianity?

Yes. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world--Christianity is a relative newcomer--"only" about 2000 years. Hinduism is thousands of years older.

In which country Christianity don't exist?

It seems you have a better chance of winning big bets than to discover any country which Jesus has never been prayed to in. But it is possible that churches are illegal in some countries and people pray elsewhere in secret. Some people think freedom of speech and religion in USA means the governmen ( Full Answer )

How many Christians have existed in history?

There is literally a countless amount, especially because there were some societies where Christians were in hiding, also, there is pretty much no possible way of keeping track of those who convert, etc. So there is definitely a ton.

How did Christianity came to exist in Africa?

It was taken there by Europeans who basically took over Africa. Answer Although Christianity spread across the more inaccessible parts of Africa because of European missionaries, it was in parts of Africa long before that - in the first century to be precise. We read in Acts of Philip the Apost ( Full Answer )

Do many Christians live in Christianity today?

Many still lived in Christianity today.They follow the teaching of Christ,but many also although they are Christians,they act as not Christians,they are like pagans.Many of them allow abortion and immorality.It is not a Christian way of life.Christians today account more than 2 billion but few perce ( Full Answer )

Are there any frontiers that exist today?

Much many un-urbanized countries are very "frontier-like". Much of Canada is unsettled and unexplored, not to mention most of Brazil, and other countries in South America. However, the two last "true" frontiers are the oceans and space.

Does FERA still exist today?

FERA stands for Federal Emergency Relief Administration, and it was another program that was part of Roosevelt's New Deal during the Great Depression in the US. It was established as a result of the Federal Emergency Relief Act of 1933. FERA does not exist today because it was terminated in 1935, a ( Full Answer )

Does CCC still exist today?

The CCC was part of Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal plan during theGreat Depression in the US. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)was a public work relief program for unemployed men, providingvocational training through the performance of useful work relatedto conservation and development of natural ( Full Answer )

Does a queen still exist today?

Yes, but they are mostly ceremonial. They do not have much political control, however, Queen Elizabeth II of England is the head of the Angelican Church of England.

Does the TVA still exist today?

Yes, this act still exists today. It has grown from its small roots when it was first approved by F.D.R. to a company which provides local citizens with an extensive structure of electricity.

Do kings and queens exist today?

Yes a number of countries still have a monarch Europe: Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Untied Kingdom Africa: Morocco, Lesotho and Swaziland Asia (including the Middle East): Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Thailand Oceania: Tonga If you include all hereditary heads of st ( Full Answer )

What different attitudes exist in Christianity?

The attitudes that exist in Christianity are the attitudes and the characteristics Jesus has. For example kind,tenderhearted, forgiving, loving, merciful stuff like that. To be a christian means to be Christ like. But to be a christian you must be saved.

What is two gymnosperm that exist today?

Two gymnosperms that exist today are the pine tree and the spruce tree. You can include virtually all other cone bearing trees and shrubs because this is essentially the definition of a gymnosperm - i.e. they are seed bearing plants that do not flower. The seeds are borne upon the scales of cones. ( Full Answer )

Do the Tainos Indians exist today?

The word "Taino" means "good" or "noble" and it's rightfully so because no Spaniard ever saw these Indians fighting among themselves. They were a peaceful and generous people. At the end of the fifteenth century, they were divided into five tribes and on the verge of modern civilization and a centra ( Full Answer )

Do Chinchilla rats exist today?

Yes, chinchilla rats do live today. I have seen them many times in the central mountains of Chile. There are a few Abrocomaidae species. I can send you a photo if you email me at amy_deane@yahoo.com.

Is there christian sources that jesus existed?

While the traditional (Biblical) Gospels are considered by the majority of the world's fundamentalist christian scholars to be an accurately historical portrayal of Jesus of Nazereth; the apocryphal gospels, circa. 30 A.D. mediteranean' historians and Roman authorities' remaining manuscripts support ( Full Answer )

Does the oneida tribe exist today?

Yes the tribe still exists with reservations in Wisconsin, New York and Canada. Approximately 23,000 tribal members combined.

Why people exist in Christianity?

the bible tells us to believe that God created Earth as a type of test of faith. If we can live life and accept Jesus Christ as our savior, we are worthy of living in heaven. However if we fail this task, we will burn in the fires of hell for all eternity. Please note that this answer is not an o ( Full Answer )

Do druids still exist today?

This is another yes and no question. The original Druids, the ancient Celtic sages, do not exist today. They left no written records of themselves so we have no way of identifying with them or carrying on their traditions. There is a group calling themselves Druids who dress up in white robes and ma ( Full Answer )

Where does Christianity exist in the world?

Just about everywhere. There are countries that have not greatly been influenced by Christianity, but for the most part, it is a worldwide faith. Though rarely the main religion of a nation, there are believers everywhere.

How does Christianity show that god exists?

The bible shows that god created every thing that exists an he has a son named jesus who died for our sins. The bible talks about god being the father the son and the holy ghost the father as in god the son as in jesus and the holy ghost as in our spirits after being saved.

How many ghettos exist today?

There are many ghettos in the world, no one knows the exact number but the ghettos we have today are as bad as they were back then.

Does leprosy exist today if so where?

Yes, its now referred as Hansens Disease and is still found in areas such as India. Cases have been reported in the US - like Texas, Louisiana and hawaii. It can be treated but through a lengthy course of antibiotics and any damaged that was done previous to treatment cannot be reversed. Leprosy is ( Full Answer )

Does vampires still exist today?

It has not been proven for vampires to have ever existed. However, it is possible that they have existed and may still exist today.

Does the fur trade exist today?

Yes, animals are still being captured and sold into the fur trade. It is still a very cruel and illegal trade.

Do the Philistines still exist today?

There are descendants of the Philistines that still ecist today, both blood related and also those that practice the false god and pagan worship of the Philistine gods! Those Philistine-collaborators are known today as Witches, warlocks, wiccans, pagans, queers, lesbians, beastialitians, and all ot ( Full Answer )

What do Christians do today?

Many do what's natural to them when living. Some try to convert others to varying degrees, some don't at all. Some have become more lax on what was traditionally seen as laws set by God, to the dismay of some Christians and the delight of others of the same faith. Some go to church, some don't ( Full Answer )

How do christians explain existence of evil?

In order for humans to have the capability to make meaningful decisions (most importantly to choose to love god); they must have the option to not love god. Disobedience to god is sin, which is evil.

Does a Christian Dating Service exist?

"Yes Christian dating services do exist. There are many different dating websites out there that aren't advertised as Christian, and there are also Christian services that are proud."

Do you exist today?

Yes. Rene Descartes said: 'I think therefore I am'. If you have consciousness you exist.. No. All that you can experience, all that can be experienced is not technically experienced but though senses of which five of them we all know (technically there are twenty-one). David Hume, inventing bundle ( Full Answer )

Does creationism exist only in Christianity?

Answer : Various religions have different ideas on how theworld and all that is came to be. Creationism as such, as it hascome to be known from the middle of the twentieth century existsonly in Christianity, especially since it relates primarily to whatcould be called the scientific verification of ( Full Answer )

What year did Christianity come into existence?

Many have pointed to Pentecost Sunday, June 17, 31 AD, as the day the Spirit of God was released upon the disciples in the Upper Room and many others outside after hearing Peter speak (see Acts 1 and 2).

Why did the Christianity religion come to existence?

To answer that question; first we need to know more about theperson and the origin of the name christianity. Many people havearound the world have heard something about Jesus Christ, eventhough he lived on earth some 2,000 years ago. Yet, many areconfused about who Jesus really was. Some say that he ( Full Answer )

Does God exist in the Christian view?

Christians believe God exists. Not only do Christians believe that God exists but also that Hecommunicates with man.

Why did Christianity exist?

Christianity is named after Jesus Christ - the Word God and Sonof God - came to establish His Church in the New Testament era as aplace for the 'ekklesia' or called out ones (the firstfruits) togather, reinforce each other and develop and learn God's ways withHim in each of them through the begettal ( Full Answer )

Which denomination was the first to exist in Christianity?

The first denomination was simply "Christian". They were to believeas one and to have the same mind and heart that Jesus had. A commonterm is "First Century Christians" which includes Jesus's apostlesand other followers that, by the power of holy spirit, startedforming Christian congregations throug ( Full Answer )