Where did Christianity come into being?

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Christianity began in the Roman province of Judea, in what is now Israel. It then spread throughout the Near East.
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Where does Christianity come from?

Christianity originated roughly 2000 years ago in the Middle East in what was then the Roman province of Judea. The New Testament tells of a Jewish citizen named Jesus of Naza

What is being with in Christianity?

Being a Christian is someone who practices Christianity to the best of their ability. A christian does their best to live like Christ, and therefore, love everyone to the best

What is being a Christian about?

Being a christian is about loving God, understanding his word, evangelizing to those who are lost. Mostly understanding what Jesus Christ did for us like dying on the cross so

Where did Christianity come from?

God, the creator of all things. Christianity came from followers of Jesus Christ who spread the word about his teachings and death.

Where do Christianity come from?

Christianity is a fulfillment of the prophesies of the Jews. Jesus was the Messiah that they had prayed and waited for. It therefore, originated in the Middle East after Jesus

When did Christianity come?

Just a few years after Jesus died on the cross. But, as soon as Christianity was founded, the Christians were tortured and slaughtered like animals.

When did Christianity come to be?

Christianity sprouted out of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish man who lived roughly 2000 years ago in the Roman province of Judea - now modern-day Israel..

How did Christians come about?

Christians came about from Jesus Christ. If they accept that he did that for them, they become Christians...and well, they have to try to live like him, obviously they aren't

Is being Catholic the same as being a Christian?

Lexicographic Answer Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and that through his sacrifice all of the sins of humanity can be atoned. Catholicism is one

Why is being a Jew different from being a Christian?

Christianity was essentially created as a rejection of Judaism, therefore, the core tenets of Christianity are diametrically opposed to those of Judaism. Some examples of C

What is being a Christian?

being christian is believing in God and the birth of Jesus and the fact he saved us even though we didnt deserve it.
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What were Christians before being Christian?

Before Christianity, people believed in God according to faith. Most were Jewish, but there were Jewish converts and those who just believed. The early believers simply were l
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Where do Christians come from?

Many would point to the start of Christianity being Pentecost Sunday, 17 June 31 AD, in Jerusalem, Israel.
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Is being a puritan the same as being a christian?

If you are speaking of the English Protestants that separated from the English Church and held more closely to Scripture they were considered Christian. Other groups using the