Where did Christianity first begin to spread outside of israel?

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Right after the Ascension of Christ in 29 AD. The Apostles would have carried the message far and wide and start 1st century churches.

The first Christian communities outside of Jerusalem appeared in Antioch, Ephesus, Corinth, and the political center of Rome. The original church communities were founded by apostles and numerous other Christians, soldiers, merchants, and preachers in northern Africa, Asia Minor, Arabia, Greece, and other places. Over 40 churches were established by 100, many in Asia Minor.Paul was responsible for bringing the Christianity to new parts of the world such as Ephesus, Corinth, Philippi, and Thessalonica. By the end of the 1st century, Christianity had already spread to Rome and to various cities in Greece, Asia Minor and Syria. Major cities such as Rome, Ephesus, Antioch and Corinth served as foundations for the expansive spread of Christianity in the post-apostolic period. Christianity spread quickly throughout Asia Minor.
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Can a Christian be Prime Minister of Israel?

Answer . The chances are extremely low. Israel's government is a Parliament style and the Christian would first have to become the leader of a party, and that party would have to gain the most seats in an election. Any party that has a Christian at its head is a minority party to be sure.

How did Israel begin?

The state of Israel began during the Jews conquest towards Canaanafter the exile from Egypt when they went to the promised land.

Who spread Christianity?

The apostles, spread Christianity around Judea while St Paul spread Christianity to Greek City states and Rome.

Where did Christianity spread?

across europe Additional Answer: In the 1st Century AD, Christianity began to spread throughout the Roman Empire - Middle East, Babylon to India, North Africa, Europe and the Isles. Eventually, it spread over the entire world.

Where did Judaism first spread outside of Israel?

Judaism started in the ancient land of Kna'an that is roughlyestimated to be today's Israel. But the real spread of the Judaism around the world started withthe first exile (of two mentioned in the bible). Jews had to fleefrom the conquered Jerusalem and Israel to other countries, andthere maintain ( Full Answer )

How was Christianity spread?

It began spreading by the work of the Apostles and disciples asJesus had instructed them to from Jerusalem throughout the MiddleEast, North Africa, and Rome itself. Then it spread via the RomanEmpire in the 4th Century AD, to spread even more to othercountries.

Do Christians celebrate the feasts of Israel?

Answer . I guess it depends on what type of christian you are. There are SO many different beliefs out there, but I'd have to say as a generalization...not usually are the feasts celebrated by a "christian". Although a "completed Jew", a Jew who believes that Jesus was more than a prophet, may p ( Full Answer )

Why did Christianity spread?

Christianity spread because of the miraculous things that Jesus did. Examples ; 1) During the Last Dinner, the bread they ate was his skin and the wine they drank was his blood. 2) He had the ability to cure in a matter of 1 second. 3) When he was about to get crucified, he was forced to ca ( Full Answer )

What effect does Israel have on Christians and Muslims?

A: The creation of the modern state of Israel resulted in thedisplacement of many Arabs, both Christian and Muslim, into theremnant Palestinian territories of the West Bank (including EastJerusalem) and Gaza Strip, or into refugee camps in Lebanon, Syriaand Jordan. Some Christians and Muslims have ( Full Answer )

Christianity spread to?

Christianity is the most widespread religion in the world, But unfairly so as well. While christians occupy over 69% of the earth's populated regions, there are so many splinters of christian groups that it is unfair to say that a majority of people are one specific sect. Europe: Christianity ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity spread?

Through evangelism, conquest, and missionary work. Answer We know that by the time of St Paul, Christianity had spread throughout much of the Near East and Greece, and at least as far as Rome. It may be that part of the reason for this spread was the spread of the diaspora Jews through the Roman ( Full Answer )

When did the spread of Christianity begin?

The spread of Christianity would have begun at approximately the year 0, or perhaps a decade or two before that. The year 0 marks the death of christ. I don't know how old he was when he started preaching but it was probably a max of 30 years before he was put to death.

Is Israel a Christian Country?

No. Israel is a Jewish country. Religiously, most Jews are secular, but still define as Jewish and make up around 80% of the population. Moslems make up around 19% of the population. Christians share the remaining 1% with Bahai'i, Druze, and other religious minorities.

What city in Israel is holy to Christians?

As concerns the three cities of Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Jerusalem: Bethlehem is a holy city to many Christians, but it's not actually located in Israel. It's located in the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli city of Nazareth has a large Christian population, but it's generally not regarded as a ( Full Answer )

How is Christianity spread?

Used to be Christianity was spread through word of mouth to spiritually save another. Later many people were forced to be converted through fear such as Native Americans. But now it still retains the tradition of word of mouth, missionaries and even television advertisements. Answer In the very b ( Full Answer )

Where has Christianity spread to?

Christianity has spread all over the world... for the most part but it doesn't mean the everyone believes everything about it is true. It's either believed in or heard of to one extent or other. Some remote areas may not have heard but some have.

Did Hinduism spread outside of India?

Yes Hinduism did spread outside of India but it didn't spread tomany places. One place it did spread to is Thailand.

What date did Israel first begin?

It was established in 1948 following the British withdrawal from Palestine, which had been divided by recommendation of the United Nations into Jewish and Arab states. Discord with neighboring Arab countries that had rejected the UN partition led to numerous wars, notably in 1948-1949, 1956-1957, 19 ( Full Answer )

Why was Christianity spread?

When Spain took over what is now present day Mexico, Dominican Republic, Chili, Argentina, and the many other spanish speaking countries they brought over their religion and that's what they have adapted to.

Where did Christianity spread to?

Christianity has spread all over the globe, leaving very few places today in which there are no Christians. Due to the spread of missionaries, Christianity has become prevalent in Asia, Africa, and even the Middle East, often usurping the native belief system. Incidentally, the grammatically correct ( Full Answer )

Is Israel Christian?

No, it is the Jewish state. However, many Christians visit Israel due to the biblical and historical places. As in, Jerusalem.

How did Islam first begin to spread?

Islam began to spread by God by start of universe creation. All God creatures are created on the basis of full submission (that means Islam) to God. Refer to question below.

What year did the first Christian crusade begin?

The official date for the First Crusade was the 15th August 1096, (the date of the Feast of the Assumption). But, before this some unexpected armies of peasants and minor nobles left for Jerusalem, led by Peter the Hermit and Walter Sansavior, this became known as the Peoples Crusade. Unfortunate ( Full Answer )

How and why did Christianity spread?

Jesus both set the example(Mark 1:14-15)(Luke 8:1)(Luke 4:43-44)and commanded his followers to " Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them ..." prophesying that " this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the ( Full Answer )

If Christianity was founded in Israel why is Christianity not the dominant religion in Israel?

Answer One would expect that the very people who witnessed the miracles of Jesus and later those of the apostles, saw the crucifixion of Jesus, and knew about his resurrection, would have converted in very large numbers to Christianity. In fact, Acts of the Apostles reports thousands or multitudes o ( Full Answer )

When did Christianity begin to spread through the Roman kingdom?

Christianity is the united earthwide congregation of those who follow and TEACH the true teachings of Jesus CHRIST, so technically it started to spread when Jesus started to preach, but John the Baptist prepared the way for Christianity. For six months-from the spring to the fall of 29 C.E., he ( Full Answer )

Was Paul the first Christian politician to spread his beliefs?

Paul hardly qualifies as a politician - he never was elected to any office, never ran in a campaign, never tried to influence public policy in any way. Paul was a missionary and can be called the first missionary to the Gentiles (non- Jewish) people. Another answer: Even if the question read " ( Full Answer )

Where did the religion of Christianity begin at first?

Catholic Answer Christianity began in Israel with the resurrection of Jesus and the establishment of the Catholic Church by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Another Answer: Jesus came to establish God's Church on Earth, headquartered in Jerusalem, with Him as the Spiritual Head (Apostle James ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity move from Israel to Rome?

it became popular in Europe after emperor Constantine declared Christianity legal and soon became the ruling religion and it never left Israel it simply fell out of favor during take overs instigated takeovers of the middle east and over many years of jihad against Jews and Christians it simply went ( Full Answer )

Where and how did the Christian faith begin to spread its religion into the lands of the Roman Empire?

That is a wide question with many possible answers. However in simplest terms the largest spread of Christianity into the Roman empire was due to the fact that Roman Emperor Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great, legalized Christianity and made it the state religion of Rome, after what ( Full Answer )

How did Islam spread outside Arabia?

Through many ways. One of the main ways was trading. Through trading ideas spread. And from there the Islams or Muslims intervened in wars and talked to the people involved. The people they talked to in these religious wars could not pick a side. Christian or Jewish. Overall they were sick o ( Full Answer )

Did Christianity start in Israel?

The kingdom of Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians in 722 BCE and no longer existed when Christianity began. In its place was Samaria, whose inhabitants were always at odds with the Jews. Jesus is believed to have been born in Bethlehem, in Judea. His mission took place in Galilee and in Judea.

Did Paul begin the first church for the Christian religion?

Yes Paul began the first christian church, and it was not Jesus. Answer: No, he did not. The church came into being in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2 . Prior to his conversion, Saul of Tarsus (later to become the Apostle Paul) dedicated himself to persecuting members o ( Full Answer )

Why and how did Christianity spread?

Christianity spread through mouth, evangelism, and people were told of God. Miracles also played a part. As did missionary work

Who was in Israel first?

History shows that the Canaanite people occupied what is now Israel for thousands of years, much of this time under Egyptian rule. Thus the Canaanites were there 'first', although there were various hunter-gatherer communities in the area long before this time. The Hebrew people came after but not, ( Full Answer )

How did Judaism spread to the kingdom of Israel?

By the time the kingdom of Israel was created by Saul, Judaism hadexisted there for over three centuries. As soon as the Israelitesentered and took the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua(Joshua ch.3-4), The Torah was immediately the religion of theland. It had been founded still earlier, b ( Full Answer )

When was Israel first called Israel?

A: The Merneptah Stele, dated to approximately 1205 BCE, refers to "Israel", although not a a state or kingdom but merely as a people or tribal group without a central government as far as the Egyptians were concerned. There is a developing consensus among historians that, contrary to the biblical ( Full Answer )

How did the religion of Islam first begin to spread?

Mohammed went into isolation for some time and began to dwell on his thoughts. At first, he claimed he was having visions from Satan, but his wife (and others) encouraged him that these must be signs from God. He wrote his version of the encounters, then he began to preach as the chosen "prophet of ( Full Answer )

When did the first Christian Church begin?

The first christian church began on the Day of Pentecost in Jerusalem as recorded in Acts chapter two. Additional Answer : Some have dated the above event to Sunday, June 17, 31 A.D..

What are the occupied territories in and outside of Israel?

This question is difficult to understand. The following are the two different interpretations that were most apparent. 1) What are the territories outside of the 1949 borders that Israel currently occupies? -- These are them: The West Bank, East Jerusalem, East Bank of the Sea of Galilee, and the ( Full Answer )

Did Jainism spread outside of India?

Yes, thers is the evolution of knowledge by 24 great Tirthankeras at different times who were known as Nirgrantha, Shramans and now modern Jainism. its a archaeological fact that the Jainism is the most Ancient living faith on this earth. and though there are very little or few archaeological findin ( Full Answer )

Are there Christian Churches in Israel?

Of course there are some, and almost all of them are not public-access and are only for monks of the area. Netzrat is a christian city in Israel, with 98% of the churches of Israel in it.

Why have Jews spread from Israel?

First, Babylon conquered Israel and took many Jews out of Israel back to Babylon as captives in war. Once there, provided they did not attempt to leave, they were allowed to live as free people under the king. Then, Persia conquered Babylon and King Cyrus of Persia said that many of the Jews could g ( Full Answer )

Do Jews and Christians go to Israel?

Yes. Jews who go to Israel typically go for either religious tourism or to make short-term visits or immigrate. Christians typically go for religious tourism.

Are all Christians in Israel Arabs?

No, but the majority are. There are, however, a substantial minority of Russian Christians in Israel who came in during the mass immigration from Russia. They feigned being Jewish to get out of Russia, but once they became citizens of Israel, they saw no reason to continue the farce. There is a ( Full Answer )