Where did Christianity spread to by 600 ce?

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West: Empire of Franks, kingdoms of Burgundy, Lombardy, Visigoths, Britain and Ireland. Not yet among the Saxons, Alamanni, or Norsemen.

East: Roman (Byzantine) Empire, Sassanid Empire (where it completed with Manichaeism), most of the Arabian Penninsula and the Axumite Empire.
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Where did the religion of Buddhism spread to by 600 Ce?

The spreading of Buddhism it spread to Nepal, Tibet, and China where it grew slowly alongside Chinese religions, by the ninth century, Buddhism was well established in China

Where had Judaism spread by 600 CE?

By 600 CE, Jews had come to the Near East, Middle East, Levant,Persia, South Asia, southern Russia, Mediterranean Europe, andNorth Africa. The Kaifeng Jewish community, howeve

Is the Dark Ages from 600 CE to 1100 CE?

The Dark Ages is the early part of the Middle Ages, the period in Europe from the fall of Rome in 476 A.D. to the restoration of relative political stability around the year 1

Where had Islam spread by 750 CE?

Islam had control of the Middle East, the western part of South Asia, \nNorth and East Africa, and the Iberian Peninsula by 750 C.E.
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How far north did Christianity spread in 600 AD?

In Western Europe, Christianity was present as far north asScotland, but it didn't go beyond the Rhine in the east, which wasthe border between the Roman empire and Germanic t
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Who founded Islam in the 600s CE?

Muhammad the Prophet founded the religion of Islam in the 600s CE.