Where did Christians Muslims and Jews coexist with tolerance in the mid-1400s?

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In all Arab countries.
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Historically who are the more tolerant regarding unbelievers Christians or Muslim?

Christianity teaches that we should love all people, and do good to all people, regardless of their belief or unbelief. The Koran says "Slay them wherever you find them...Idolatry is worse than carnage...Fight against them until idolatry is no more and God's religion reigns supreme." (Surah 2:190-) ( Full Answer )

Why is it that Christians Jews and Muslims will sometimes not get along?

Because human beings are just really stupid and don't seem to have the capacity to get along with people even if they have differing opinions. To me that's the root of the problem - human stupidity. But I don't know what the "real" issue is.. ____________. I think you have hit upon the real issue, ( Full Answer )

How do Muslims view Jews and Christians?

Answer A Muslims view Jews and Christians as the 'people of the book' that means holders of God holy books; the Torah and the Bible respectively. Prophet called Jews and Christians to agree with Muslims that not to worship except the one and only one god with no partner, no companion, no son, and ( Full Answer )

How do the Muslims connect with Jews and Christians?

In reality, there really is no similarity or connection to best describe the Judeo-Christian beliefs of God to the Muslim Islamic belief. Judaism and Christianity have the Old Testament in common. Islam believes both Old Testament and New Testament have been partially corrupted in transmission while ( Full Answer )

When did the Jews Muslims and christians start fighting?

Shortly after the death of Mohammed, (Circa AD 700) Muslims developed a theology that permitted forced conversion (by the sword). A couple of Muslim Warlords used that to legitimize their conquest of ,first Christian lands, and then of Israel.

Will Muslims ever accept Jews or Christians?

Answer 1 Yes.. Even in so many Muslims countries like Pakistan and Malaysiaevery one is free to keep his own faith and follow his ownReligion. Answer 2 It depends on the country in question. In places like Albania, theMuslim majority accepts Christians and Jews as equal citizens ofthe Albanian ( Full Answer )

Where do Jews Christians and Muslims worship?

The building for ritual praying worship is called: . Synagogue (sometimes Temple) for Jews . Church for Christians . Mosque (or Masjid/Jame'a) for Muslims

What do Jews Christians and Muslims have in common?

They all worship same God. They are all have the same morals in dealing with members of their community. They are all commanded to do for the benefit of their families, neighbours, relatives, communities, countries, humanity, and nature. They are all commanded to be kind, forgiving, and cooperative. ( Full Answer )

What do Muslims think about Jews and Christians?

They think they are all alike. They are all children of holy books. At the beginning and the end it comes down to how much good you doto those around you and how much you contribute to society andworship. Probably the easiest way to see what a group really thinks aboutanother group is to see how th ( Full Answer )

Why do Jews Christians and Muslims disagree?

Basically it is due to the belief of whether one's Holy Book isinspired and non-corrupted. Also, the three disagree on the role ofJesus Christ and the final Judgment.

Why are Christians Jews and Muslims at war?

Christians, Jews, and Muslims are not at war. ______________________________________________ Sometimes they are at war but for political reasons that never related truly to religions.

What Jews and Christians were Muslims?

Given that Muslims extend the Islamic Prophetic lineage to peoplewho professed to be either Jewish or Christian, any of theseprophets would be considered Muslims by modern Muslims. (Exampleswould include: Abraham/Ibrahim, Moses/Musa, Jesus/3isa,Jonah/Yunes, etc.) However, since Judaism and Christia ( Full Answer )

How do Jews view Christians and Muslims?

Jews hold many different views about other religions, but Jewish teaching only has one thing to say on this topic: the righteous people of all nations will have a share in the world to come. This means that no non-jew has any obligation to become Jewish. As for individual beliefs, although they v ( Full Answer )

What does Muslims tolerating Jews and Christians mean?

The Islamic notion of toleration for other religions is verydifferent in Muslim-majority countries than it is in the West,namely that toleration in Islam is seen as an Islamic gift toothers and Islam remains in charge whereas in the West tolerationis based on the fact that no religion has the high-g ( Full Answer )

Did Islam treat Jews and Christians with tolerance?

Answer 1 During the early centuries after Islam was founded, the Muslimswere noted for their tolerance of Christians and Jews. As long asthey obeyed the constitution set up by the Prophet, they were to beprotected and allowed to practice their religion as they wanted. Answer 2 In the Middle Ages ( Full Answer )

Why do Jews Christians and muslims circumcise?

As the Old Testament developed into the New Testament, Christianityadopted circumcision from the Old, tracing back to Abraham. Islamtraces Prophet Muhammad through Adna to Ishmael son of Abraham andalso adopted circumcision. Thus, Christians and Moslems meetcircumcision in Abraham. Answer 2 Jews and ( Full Answer )

How did Muslims show tolerance to Christians?

One of the simpleexample for how Muslims have shown tolerance to Christians is that14 million Arabs are Coptic Christians. Muslims were the lords ofArabia for 1400 years. For a few years the British ruled, and for a few yearsthe French ruled. Overall, the Muslims ruled Arabia for 1400 years. Yet ( Full Answer )

Why did Muhammad preach tolerance for Christians and Jews?

Answer 1 Of the 6.8 billion (CIA fact book) people on Earth, 3.75 billionhave an almost identical idea about the meaning of life, which isto do more good than bad, so that you can go to heaven and nothell. The argument that all the Abrahamic religions are not thesame can be shunned very easily beca ( Full Answer )

How did Muslims treat Jews and Christians?

Another view Muslims treated Jews and Christians kindly, justly,and with tolerance and full respect so far Muslims where neitherfought by them nor fought by others who were supported by them.This treatment was according to Allah (god in English) command inQuran. that says: Meaning English Translatio ( Full Answer )

How were the Jews and Christians like Muslims?

In reality, there really is no similarity to best describe theJudeo-Christian beliefs of God to the Muslim Islamic belief.Judaism and Christianity have the Old Testament in common. Islambelieves both Old Testament and New Testament have been partiallycorrupted in transmission while the Koran is beli ( Full Answer )

Are Jews Christians or Muslims?

Jews are neither Christians nor Muslims. However, Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship same God. Refer to related question below.

What did Muslims think Jews and Christians were?

Answer 1 The Muslims think Jesus is merely a prophet and not the Son of thetrue God. They think all Christians are infidels. The related linkgives you some idea of their differences. * Muslims don't think either Christians nor jews as Infidels themeaning of infidel in Arabic ( that who doesn't bel ( Full Answer )

Do Jews Christians and Muslims have preachers?

Yes. Christian, Jewish, and Muslim services are all led by preachers. Christians call them priests (catholic) or pastors (protestant). Jews call them rabbis. Muslims call them imams. The previous answer is incorrect. Imams and Rabbis are not considered preachers. They are considered teachers. The c ( Full Answer )

How are Muslims similar to Jews and Christians?

The Muslims are similar to the Jews and the Christians. Thefollowers of these three religions have many common beliefs. Theyhave faith in the oNENEss of Almighty God, Prophets, heavenlyBooks, Hell and heaven, life hereafter, Day of Judgment etc.

When and why did Jews become less tolerated by the Christians of Europe?

Edward Gibbon ( The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ) says that in spite of repeated uprisings, the Jews were treated with tolerance by the pagan emperors. Under the reign of Constantine, Jews became the subjects of persecution and before long they experienced the bitterness of domestic tyran ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims hate Jews and Christians?

Muslims treat all people equally. As an Abrahamic faith, Islam hasa lot in common with Judaism and Christianity. Muslims do not hateJews and Christians. The Quran refers to Jews and Christians as"People of the Book" and demands that Muslims respect them. Muslims don't hate anyone. And In the Koran, ( Full Answer )

Do Muslims generally persecute or tolerate Christians and Jews?

Muslims are known through times to be the most open and tolerant religion. During the persecution of Jews by Christians at med evil times. Jews only sanctuary was amongst Muslims in Islamic nations. That is one of the reasons that there are so many "Arab Jews" in the world.

How did Muslims treat Jews and Christians and why?

Muslims treat Christians and Jews and all non Muslims kindly and with tolerance so far they don't attack Muslims, they don't expel them from their lands and homes, and/or they don't fight them. Quran; Muslims holy book, and prophet Muhammad (PBUH) call for kind treatment and with tolerance with all ( Full Answer )

How could Christians and Jews be considered Muslims?

Islam is an Arabic word that means submission to Allah (God in English). The root of the Arabic word Islam is 'Salem' that means be in peace and being perfect. This means that the follower of Islam, who is called Muslim, is the one who submits and surrenders to Allah (God in English) with no partner ( Full Answer )

Are Muslims tolerant of Christians and Jewish people?

It depends on how you define "tolerant." Certain scriptures in the Qur'an specifically state that "people of the book" (a term which specifically includes Jews and Christians) are not to be persecuted and will be rewarded by Allah for their good works. In practice, that's sometimes been followed a ( Full Answer )

What beliefs do Jews not share with Muslims and Christians?

A fundamental belief shared by Christians and Muslims, but not by Jews is the existence of hell. Another is the belief that Satan, the devil, is the evil adversary of God. Jews believe that Satan is the loyal assistant of God, tasked with testing the righteousness of the faithful.

Did Jews Christians and Muslims get along?

Yes, they should all get along. They all worship same God, following same morals per religion, and practicing same rituals although in different ways. Quran says (meaning English translation): "And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth (Qur'an), confirming that which preceded ( Full Answer )

Why did the Muslims respect Jews and Christians?

All human beings are the off-spring of Hazrat Adam (AS), and the creation of Almighty God. The Muslims are commanded by Allah Almighty and the Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (May peace be upon him) to be kind, helpful and merciful to all humans. They are supposed not to hurt the feelings of others. Th ( Full Answer )

What beliefs is held by Muslims Christians and Jews?

One God __________________________________________ . They all worship same God. They same same religious morals. They share same ritual worship copncepts; as praying to God, fasting, Alms giving; but with different rituals..

How do Jews differ from Christians and Muslims?

OK, first off all of these religions are monotheistic meaning they only believe in, worship, one God. Interestingly enough, they all believe in the same God and are related in history. The Jews, believe, live by and follow the Tanach (Jewish Bible) upon which the Christian Old Testament was based ( Full Answer )

How are Muslims perceived by Jews and Christians?

Answer 1 They are perceived by a very small minority of Jewsand Christians as unbelievers and as their enemies although thevast majority of educated Jews and Christians will simply view themas fellow humans worshipping the same God according to their ownbeliefs and traditions. Muslims view Jews and ( Full Answer )

What have Muslims and Christians gained from the Jews?

The three religions are stemming up from the same source, God. All are calling for God worship as the one and only one God with no partner, no companion, no son, no associate, and no equivalence. Refer to question below.

How were Muslims perceived by Jews and Christians?

Jews were fighting with Muslim to get a land which called Israel. Jews are enemy with Muslim. ==== Another contributor stops by, briefly, just to point out that the answer above could not have been written by a Jew.

How do Muslims see Christians and Jews?

Muslims see Jews and Christians as "people of the book" because they are holders of the holy books Torah and the Bible that Muslims believe in their divinity.

What are christians and Jews called by Muslims?

They are called People of the Book as they are holders of God holy books the Torah and the Bible that Muslims believe in together with their own God holy book the Quran.

How did Muslims Jews and Christians get along?

The three respect Hazrat Abraham (AS). They believe in the same Almighty God, Prophet-hood, life hereafter, Angels and the Day of Judgement. They should have pulled on well together, yet unfortunately it didn't happen.

Can Jews Christians and Muslims get along?

Yes and billions people around the world do. It is the fanatic of all side which create problems based on ill conceived ideas of religions, politic, men power and selective understanding of their holy book. Remember that there is 1 billion + muslim and 1 billion+ christians and another few millions ( Full Answer )

How are Jews Christians and Muslims related?

A: Muslims, Christians and Jews are related by their belief in thesame God. They are theologically related in that Christianityoriginally arose out of Judaism, then later Islam arose out of bothChristianity and Judaism. However, in terms of the people, there are no strong ethnic tiesbetween the me ( Full Answer )

What will it take for the Jews and Muslims to finally coexist peacefully forever?

I think that the believers in Judaism and Islam would have to putaside past history and start from the place that they both servethe same God of Abraham. The land has had so much building andliving from time immemorial that the solution may be to create anInternational landmark, open to all. Then, a ( Full Answer )