Where did Christina Milian learn to speak Spanish?

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Both her parents are Afro-Cuban and they spoke spanish at home.
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Where can you learn how to speak Spanish?

You can learn how to speak Spanish Online with a few programs like Rocket Languages http:/learnhowtospeaklanguagezperiodzcom/learn how to speak spanishzperiodzhtml Edit by Engl1sh: You can also try out the Rosetta Stone program learn spanish from your spanish friends

What are facts about Christina Milian?

Christina was born in New Jersey on 26 Sept 1981 to Cuban immigrant parents. Her birth name is Christine Flores. Her genre is R&B and she is an actress where her main genres are comedy and action.

How do you learn to speak?

Answer You learn the basics of communication (speaking) by listening, watching and copying your parents and other people close to you, you then build on your basic communication skills when you go to nursery and school.

Does Nick Cannon go with Christina Milian?

Nick Cannon is not dating Christina Milian because he got married to Mariah Carey. Nick and Christina used to date but Nick kept on cheating on her.

Is Christina milian pregnant?

Yes she is. Christina Millian is indeed pregnant and the father is none other than the singer and producer The Dream. The Dream and Christina are now married which took place on September 4th 2009 and living a life that they enjoy. They say that they will be together for ever so im happy for them an ( Full Answer )

Where was Christina Milian born?

Christina Milian is an American singer and musician, known for hersingle "Dip It Low". She was born in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Is it easy to learn to speak spanish if your first language is English?

Spanish is a beautiful language, but it can be hard for people who only know English to learn. It is easy for Portuguese and Italian speakers, since the languages are quite similar, but if you are only familiar with English then as well as learning new vocabulary you will have to learn new grammar r ( Full Answer )

What is the best way to learn to speak Spanish?

You are best to learn a language from someone who speaks it fluently, so attending language classes is the best option for most people.. Go to a Spanish-speaking country if you can and spend a decent amount of time (6 mos. or more) there if you want to be fluent. Also you can go to Spain or Mexico ( Full Answer )

Is Christina Milian married?

Yes. She has been married since the 22nd of August 2008 to Dre from Cool & Dre.. Yes. She has been married since the 22nd of August 2008 to Dre from Cool & Dre.

How do you learn to speak Spanish in one week?

Yes, you can learn how to speak Spanish in one week. It is possible but you will have to put a lot of effort and work into it. The human brain is familiar with the language you grew up learning. To learn a new language like Spanish then you will have to train your brain and teach yourself a new lang ( Full Answer )

How do you say Christina in Spanish?

Christina in Spanish is "Cristina." It is pronounced "cree-STEE-nah." You can find Spanish translations for individual words by going to ask.com and typing in the words "English to Spanish" without the quotation marks and a box will show for you to type your word in that you want translated.

Christina milian black?

No. Christina Milian is Cuban. Despite the popularity of "Afro" prefixes in the United States, in Cuba, Christina Milian is just a cuban.

Is Christina milian black and white?

Christina Milian Isnt White , Shes Black Afro Cuban. Which is Black Afro Caribbean And her family is Black Cuban Read her Bio. Her Mum n dad was from cuba and immigrated to America.

How can you learn to speak spanish?

I favour the learning online method in the absence of being able to mix with the Spanish locals, which is probably the best way for a lot of people. If I was you I would check out the current offerings online as most of them now offer some sort of free access, it is important that you use the lea ( Full Answer )

Is Christina Milian the daughter of judge Marilyn Milian?

Nope - no relation. Although Judge Marilyn Milian does have a daughter named Cristina... the entertainer you are referring to uses Milian as a stage namem her real name is Cristina Flores. See Wikipedia.

How do you learn to speak in Spanish?

Well you could do what I am going and do a spanish imersion school (1/2 ur classes r in spanish and 1/2 r in english) or u could use those roseta stone things or take classes

Does Christina Milian have a stardoll?

Christina Milian doe's have a Stardoll and her username is. x-ChristinaM-x. Hope this helped you out.. - TwinkleTwinkle, Callie!

How can you learn to speak perfect spanish in 1 month?

I must say your best bet would be Rocket Spanish. Simply put Rocket Spanish is a interactive course that helps you speak spanish fluently fast.Get the results you need fast . Although I'm sure the answer is sincere, there is no way a person can learn "perfect" Spanish in one month from scratch. E ( Full Answer )

When is Christina Milian having her baby?

Christina Milian had her baby girl on February 26, 2010. The father is The-Dream. Christina Milian and The-Dream named their daughter Violet Madison Nash. Milian also said that baby Violet has a head full of hair.

Where did you learn to speak spanish?

For me, I learned the vocabulary basics for Spanish in Spanish I & II in high school. At this point, I could read and write a fair amount of Spanish, but I could not speak it very well. The summer before I took Spanish III, I started playing soccer in a nearby park with some hispanic people, whic ( Full Answer )

Why is Christina Milian famous?

I have no idea why she's still famous as of 2013. She used to be a singer/actress but all I see of her these days are photo shoots.

Where do you you learn to speak Spanish?

One of the best ways would be to find someone who can speak both English and Spanish fluently, and have them teach you. I just finished my third year of Spanish in high school, and college courses are likely to be even better than high school courses. There are probably websites all over the place t ( Full Answer )

Did the dream cheat on Christina milian?

Yes. There are pictures of him with another woman (his assistant)on a beach holding each other in a way a husband should only do tohis wife. Christina took to her twitter saying "WHATEVER YOUTHINK.. BELIEVE IT".

News new Christina milian vs Mariah Carey?

this is some serious news Christina milian fights mariah Carey let me tell u ok so c.m was at the club and m.c was like all your songs suck and c.m was like umm excuse me im not a fighter so u need to back up and m.c said well i can be and slapped c.m and c.m was scared and said im not gonna hit ( Full Answer )

How does Christina Grimmie learn piano?

I know that she has taken piano lessons since she was little (I'm not sure if she does anymore). And she doesn't use sheet music, she just plays it by what sound best to her

What are methods to learn how to speak Spanish?

Rocket Spanish is the best book available in the market to learn Spanish. You can learn Spanish online, free and within 2 months with rocket Spanish. I myself used rocket Spanish to learn Spanish.

What is the quickest way to learn to speak Spanish?

The fastest way to learn any language is to speak just that language - if you cannot travel to a place where Spanish is the main language, find some people who do speak Spanish and start talking to them. It doesn't matter that you know NADA, because they will correct you and help you learn.

Why You should learn to speak Spanish?

more job opportunities , meet new people , expand your culture , your in a tough situation and theres only a mexican around ,look smart (:

What year was Christina Milian born in?

Christina Milian was born in 1981 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She had shown an interest in show business from a very young age.

How do you learn to speak spanish fluently in one year?

Ideally, go and live in a Spanish-speaking country, so you are totally immersed. Beforehand, some preparation is advised. Learn some basic survival phrases: the verbs estar/ser/haber; where is....? How much is....My name is.....etc., again preferably, together with a Spanish-speaker/tutor to respo ( Full Answer )

Why is it so hard for spanish speaking people to learn English?

The English language has adopted words from many otherlanguages- as a result, the vocabulary and rules of grammar areextremely complex (is it you and I, you and me, me and you, I andyou, etc) English is one of the harder languages to learn as asecond language.