Where did Christine of sister wives work previously?

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Christine Brown works at home as a stay-at-home mom. She has never held a job outside the home.
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Christin beadles have sisters?

He has one older sister that is about 15 and her name is Caitlyn Beadles and she went out with Justin Bieber.

Where in Utah did the 'Sister Wives' live?

The family featured in the reality TV show 'Sister Wives" lived in Lehi, Utah, 33 miles south of Salt Lake City. In early 2011, they moved to the Las Vegas area. The family was concerned about legal problems related to their polygamist lifestyle.

What is the show 'Sister Wives' about?

"Sister Wives" is a reality television show about the life of KodyBrown and his four wives. The family made headlines for makingtheir lives public and working to promote positive and relatableviews of plural family life.

What does each of the wives from 'Sister Wives' do for a living?

When the family lived in Utah: Kody worked in advertising and marketing sales. First wife Meri was working in the mental health industry until she was fired in September 2010 for going public with her lifestyle by starring in the show. Second wife Janelle has a professional job but has not state ( Full Answer )

What city is sister wives filmed?

The Brown Family's home used to be in Lehi, Utah. Before movingnear the family, Robyn lived in St. George, Utah. Christinedelivered her baby in American Fork, Utah (the nearest hospital toLehi). Kody took Meri to an anniversary dinner at LaCaille inSandy, Utah. They have also shown a few scenes in S ( Full Answer )

Do any of the wives work on the show 'Sister Wives'?

Yes. Janelle works in a professional job full time, but has not stated what her field is. Meri worked full time in mental health, but was fired when Sister Wives first aired in September 2010 to protect the interests of the company and it's clients. Christine is the designated 'stay at home' mom - h ( Full Answer )

Do sisters wives work outside home?

Yes. Janelle works in a professional job full time, but has not stated what her field is. Meri worked full time in mental health, but was fired when Sister Wives first aired in September 2010 to protect the interests of the company and it's clients. Christine is the designated 'stay at home' mom - h ( Full Answer )

What religion are the sister wives?

They have not released the name of their church in order to protect themselves and other members of the church, but they do live in an area that is highly populated by members of the Apostolic United Bretheren, a polygamist sect with an estimated 7,000 members. Locals refer to the church as "The All ( Full Answer )

What is the occupation of Janelle of 'Sister Wives'?

Janelle and Christine Brown, two of the four wives in the familyfeatured in the reality series "Sister Wives, are both working inreal estate. Exploring this new occupation, preparing for the examand working around their schedule has been mentioned in several ofepisodes of the family reality televisi ( Full Answer )

What state is sister wives filmed in?

Sister Wives on TLC is filmed in Utah. The Brown family lives in Lehi, Utah. Robyn lived in St. George, Utah before marrying into the family. Segments have also featured locations in Salt Lake City and American Fork.

Are the sister wives on TLC real sisters?

No. The Sister Wives on TLC have never claimed to be sisters, and they are not sisters, nor are they legally or genetically related in any way. They are Sister Wives - that is a title used to refer to women who share a husband, not to women who share a father or mother.

Are sister wives still together?

Yep! The Brown Family from Sister Wives is currently filming Season 2 and working out some of the legal problems that have arisen from the show.

Will there be more of the series sister wives?

Yep! TLC renewed Sister Wives for a second season. The first 10 episodes of season two are currently in post-production and are expected to air beginning in March 2011. The season is expected to have a total of 20 episodes.

When will sister wives return?

Season 2 of Sister Wives starts March 13, 2011 on TLC. Two new episodes will air that day, a Honeymoon special and "Browns out of Hiding", documenting their trip to New York to be on a talkshow.

Are the three sister wives sisters?

No, they are not. The reason that they are called sister is because 1) They are in the same religion in which they refer to each other as brother and sister (example: Brother Brown) 2) they treat each other like sisters living in the same household (live together, eat meals together, etc.)

Are any of the sister wives related?

No. None of the wives on 'Sister Wives" are blood relatives. They are all part of the extended Kody Brown Family, but otherwise they are not related.

Who are the sister wives children?

Meri's child: Mariah (16) Janelle's children: Logan (17), Madison (16), Hunter (15), Garrison (13), Gabriel (10), Savannah (7) Christine's children: Aspyn (16), Mykelti (15), Paedon (13), Gwendlyn (10), Ysabel (8) and Truely (1) Robyn's children: David, Aurora, Breann

What is sister wives about?

Sister Wives is a show about the Brown family: Kody Brown, his four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) and their combined 16 children. It just follows them in their everyday life and shows how they manage being a polygamist family living in the suburbs of Las Vegas, where they moved in Janu ( Full Answer )

How can the guy on sister wives have 4 wives?

He is only legally married to one, the others were married to him in a religious ceremony, not a legal one. How that happened is they all met him and liked him and were willing to share him with other wives.

How many children do the sister wives have?

They have 17 children between the four of them. They are: Meri's child: Mariah (16) Janelle's children: Logan (17), Madison (16), Hunter (15), Garrison (13), Gabriel (10), Savannah (7) Christine's children: Aspyn (16), Mykelti (15), Paedon (13), Gwendlyn (10), Ysabel (8) and Truely (1) R ( Full Answer )

What does Janelle Brown of Sister Wives do?

Janelle Brown is using her business skills and talent with numbersas a real estate agent. It is one of the many different incomegenerating opportunities family members considered after moving toLas Vegas. Sister Wives Janelle and Christine chronicled their pathto getting their real estate license on ( Full Answer )

How much do the sister wives make?

The earnings of the cast of 'Sister Wives' are not public information. On WA we refrain from posting detailed personal financial (net worth, income, compensation etc.) information.This includes detailed information that allows people to derive that information or to violate the family's privacy.

How many episodes of 'Sister Wives' are there?

In Seasons 1 and 2, there have been 18 regular episodes and 2 hour-long specials. Season 1 Episodes: 1.) Meet Kody and the Wives (introduction to the family) 2.) Courting a Fourth Wife (focuses on Kody and Robyn's relationship) 3.) Wives on the Move (Robyn moves to be near the rest of the family ( Full Answer )

What is the show sister wives about?

Sister Wives is a show documenting the day-to-day life of the Brown Family. Kody Brown has four wives (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) and his 17 children. The first few seasons have shown Kody's marriage to Robyn; the family's move from Lehi, Utah to Las Vegas, Nevada; the birth of two childre ( Full Answer )

What happened to the sister wives shows?

'Sister Wives' is currently in it's summer break while new episodes are being filmed. It will return to TLC at the end of September.

Will there be sister wives season 4?

Yes. Sister Wives currently has seven seasons, and an eighth is being filmed. TLC has not released information on its airdate.

What car do they drive in sister wives?

As the Browns from Sister Wives have at least 7 licensed drivers in the family, they own and have shown several cars on the show. Robyn had a minivan, Janelle drove a Chevy Suburban, Kody drove a Lexus convertible. There were some older sedans driven by the teenagers and some other SUV's as well. On ( Full Answer )

Who is sister wives ex-husband?

Both Janelle and Robyn have ex-husbands. We know that Janelle was previously married to Meri's brother for a short time, and that Robyn's three kids come from a previous marriage, but we do not know the names of Robyn or Janelle's ex-husbands.

Which of the sister wives are actually sisters?

The women on "Sister Wives" are not sisters. They never claimed to be sisters. "Sister Wife" is a term used by polygamist women when referring to their husband's other wives.

What do the sister wives do for a living on sister wives?

Meri worked with at-risk youths and is planning to go back to school to finish her bachelor's degree. Janelle was the VP of a company in Lehi and appears to normally work in finance. Christine is a SAHM, as is Robyn. Kody is in sales.

Are the sister wives breaking the law?

Yes. Bigamy (polygamy) is illegal in every state in the United States. Although Kody is only legally married to Meri (Christine, Janelle, and Robyn married him in religious ceremonies without a legal marriage license), in most states the bigamy law states that 'purporting' to be married or cohabitin ( Full Answer )

Why did sister wives have to leave Utah?

The Brown Family from 'Sister Wives' chose to leave Utah because a legal investigation was launched against them once the show aired. They felt threatened by law enforcement and decided that it was not the best environment for their children.

How many of the sister wives work?

In Utah Meri and Janelle worked. Now, they are all working together to try to get into Real Estate and open a gym.

What does Cody from sister wives do?

In Utah he worked in advertising sales, but now in Nevada he is working on getting into Real Estate and opening a gym.

Did Christine of sister wives have children before?

Before what? Christine has six children, Aspyn (16), Mykelti (15), Paedon (13), Gwendlyn (10), Ysabel (8) and Truely (1), all of whom she had with Kody. She does not have children with any other men, and has never been married to anyone else.

What does Mary of sister wives do?

Before the show aired, Meri worked with at-risk youth in Utah. She was fired once the show aired to protect the company's image. Currently she is working with the other sister wives to open up a fitness facility in Las Vegas.

How old is Meri of sister wives?

Meri Brown is 42 in Summer 2013. As Kody Brown's first wife, Meriplayed a critical role in determining the foundation principlesthat would drive the family, including the acceptance of additionalwives into the relationship.

Why is sister wives not on TLC anymore?

Sister Wives is still on TLC. Currently they are between seasons, a new season is slated to debute late spring 2013. Fans of the show are eagerly awaiting updates on the family: How are the wives doing? Have they found a business or jobs to support the family? How are the kids? What is Kody doing? a ( Full Answer )

When will Sister wives start in 2013?

Sister Wives is a show about a Mormon family and the way they live. The Sister Wives show is slated to start the next season on July 21, 2013 on the TLC network.

How is truly on sister wives?

Truley is just fine, She had kidney failures but now she is out ofthe hospital and good!

Do the wives on sister wives really get along?

How well Meric, Janelle, Christine and Robin Brown get along ismajor theme of their family reality television "Sister Wives."During Season 3 (first broadcast June 2014) the wives opened upabout their challenges getting along and how their differentpersonalities can make it very difficult to cope wit ( Full Answer )

Are the Browns of sister wives Mormons?

No. The Brown Family are members of the Apostolic United Brethren. Kody and Janelle grew up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the 'Mormon' Church) but left because of their belief in and desire to practice polygamy (the Mormon Church banned polygamy nearly 125 years ( Full Answer )