Where did Christmas Stockings first start?

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When did Christmas first start?

Answer . \nChristmas started with the birth of Jesus. He and he alone is the hope for all the world past and present. Only though him are all things possible and eternal

How did Christmas first start?

Christmas was a pagan celebration of the winter solstice. It was adapted, like almost every other holiday, into a Christian one by the Catholic Church in the early middle ages

When did Christians first start celebrating Christmas?

When Jesus was born\n . Another Opinion \n The celebration of Christmas started with the Roman Catholic church around 300 AD. There was no celebration of the birth of Christ

Which country first started to celebrate Christmas?

Christmas was celebrated informally and on various days of the year in many different parts of the world before it was instituted as an actual holiday. The first country to ce

What were used as the first Christmas stockings?

The tradition of using Christmas stockings began in a Europeancountry, it is unclear which one. Children used their everydaysocks, but later special Christmas stockings were c

When was the first stock market started?

In 1773, the first stock market, the London Stock Exchange wasstarted. The stock exchange grew and expanded to the Americancolonies in Philadelphia in 1790.

Who started the first Christmas day?

Santa did when he decided that he wasn't in good enough condition to travel more then once a year that's when he went outside his home looked at the north star and decided tha
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Did England start the Christmas stockings?

yes. because its cold in England. and so i the mornings after receiving their presents they would the out their stockings on. cheers. nice question
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Who first started Christmas gifts?

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and so it was God who gave us Jesus as the first Christmas gift. The 3 Wise men from the East brought gifts for Jesus
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What started the first Christmas and what year?

All I can say is early Christians did not celebrate the birth ofChrist on any day as being important. The day that was importantand was celebrated was the day of his Resurrec