Where did Christmas originate in Christianity?

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It originated when Jesus was born
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Where did Christmas originate?

Answer : When Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, Christians did not obliterate pagan symbols or celebrations but, out of respect for the people, adapted them to Christian thought or usage e.g. pagan temples became Christian churches and pagan feasts became celebrations of Christian ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity originate?

From the birth, teachings, and death of Jesus Christ. >It may surprise many people but Christianity originated not in the middle east but in what is now modern day Turkey.< Please provide a link to proof for this statement. According to the Bible itself, this originated in Jerusalem, Galilee, Dam ( Full Answer )

Why did Christianity originate?

The reasons for the coming of Christ from whom Christianity originated are given in the following passages of Scripture. The exact nature of the fall of Adam and Eve related below is a matter for debate but Jewish history and subsequent events confirm that this event or an event of a similar nature ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of Christianity?

Answers as given by different Wi kiAnswers contributors: Answer According to Christians, Christianity wasfounded by G-D. It is the doctrines and teachings of Jesus Christ.Christians believe that Jesus is the Christ, or the Messiah. AfterHis death and resurrection, his disciples (like Peter and ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of Christmas?

Christmas is the Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The first mention of the celebration of Christmas occurred in AD 336, in an early Roman calendar, which indicates December 25, as the day of observance. Although no one knows the actual day of birth of Jesus Christ, Christ ( Full Answer )

What are the origins of Christmas?

The origin of Christmas goes back to the Roman empire. Festivalshonoring two pagan gods- the Roman Sol and the Persian Mithra werecelebrated on Dec. 25, which was the winter Solstice. The paganfestivals became a "Christian" holiday in the year 350. This wasthe year that Pope Julius I declared Dec. 2 ( Full Answer )

What do christians eat on Christmas?

There is no food that is specifically a "Christian Christmas" meal, but in the US roast turkey is traditional. I believe Christmas pudding is an English tradition.

Was the original Father Christmas a Christian?

No he was pagan and based on Norse legend. Another View: Yes, the original Father Christmas is Saint Nicholas. SaintNicholas was a Christian. Additional Comments: I guess it depends on your definition of "first"...

Where does Christmas originate from?

it originates from deep inside you, inside your heart. It doesnt matter whats true or not, what you believe should be good for you :)

Where did Christianity originate?

Christianity originated in the city of Jerusalem in present-day Israel. The founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was born in the small town of Bethlehem, just a few miles southwest of Jerusalem. He was raised in the town of Nazareth in the region of Galilee, about one hundred miles north of Jerusa ( Full Answer )

Where is the origin of Christianity?

Where is the origin of Christianity? Jesus is the origin of Christianity. He is in heaven, at the right hand of the Father, and with his people. Where was the origin of Christianity? Jesus lived in the Roman province of Galilee and spend much time in Judea. These are in the land that is now I ( Full Answer )

What is the origins of Christianity?

Jesus Christ is the entire basis for Christianity. Scripture tellsus that He came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. Additional Answer: The founder of Christianity is Jesus of Nazareth, who Christiansknow as "the Christ," which means savior.

Why is Christmas important to Christians?

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ, which is why it is called Christ mas. Jesus is the main figure in Christianity, and his arrival fulfilled Scriptural prophecy. Yes, However it was a pagan holiday and not the true date of Jesus' birth most likely. The pagan holiday was "taken" t ( Full Answer )

What do Christians do on Christmas?

In addition to opening our presents and visiting with family, we remember the true meaning of Christmas, which is this: 'God loved us so much that he sent his only son, so that whoever believed that He was the son of God, and accepted him as their savior, would not have to take the consequence of th ( Full Answer )

What do Christians do at Christmas?

We celebrate the birth of Christ, our Savior. Jesus died on the cross for everyone's sins. Although most Christian historians believe that Jesus was born in June or July, we still celebrate His birth in December.

Where was Christianity originated from?

The Christian view point is this: . "Jesus dying on the cross and rising from His grave. People witnessed it, and many came to believe." . The historians view point is this: "Christianity was a religion evolved from the Ancient Egyptian Religion of Sun worship between 2 and 3 thousand years ago ( Full Answer )

What is Christian origin?

If you mean the origin of Christianity, the arrival of Jesus. A few years later led to the origin. This occurred around 1 B.C. - 1 A.D.

Do christians celebrate christmas?

Christians do celebrate Christmas every year. Christmas is theyearly celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is onDecember 25.

Christian meaning of the Christmas tree?

None. It was a pagan practise appropriated by the Church along with Winter solstice. There is no Biblical basis for the tradition.. http://www.answers.com/topic/christmas-tree

Which Christian religions do not celebrate Christmas?

Christmas was first started as a celebration that fell inline with the Pagan Roman festival of Saturnalia. It was adopted by many unbelievers as the birthday of Jesus, even though the scriptures point to his birthday being some time in the Fall, and was incorporated into Church teachings in an attem ( Full Answer )

When was Christmas originated?

Romans first introduced the holiday of saturnalia, a week long period of lawlessness celebrated between December 1 7-25 . During this time of December 25th Romans believed that they were destroying the forces of darkness by brutally murdering a innocent man or woman.

What is Christians origin?

The origin of Christianity is read about in the Bible. Jesus cameto earth and started teaching. He gathered a group of men aroundhim and taught them for about 3 years. Later they would be called,"The Apostles". After Jesus died and rose again, these Apostleswent around and taught other people what t ( Full Answer )

How christians celebrate Christmas?

There is no one way Christians celebrate Christmas. It is up tothe individual to decide how to do that. Most Christians go toChurch on Christmas Day and spend the day with friends andfamily

Where and how was Christmas originated?

Mary was a young woman who was engaged to be married to a man called Joseph . The Gospel of Luke says that an angel came to Mary to tell her that she would give birth to a Son and she should call him Jesus and that he would save people from their sins .Mary said "How can this happen? I am a virg ( Full Answer )

What christian religions do not celebrate Christmas?

Jehovahs witness for sure. . Christmas was first started as a celebration that fell inline with the Pagan Roman festival of Saturnalia. It was adopted by many unbelievers as the birthday of Jesus, even though the scriptures point to his birthday being some time in the Fall, and was incorporated int ( Full Answer )

Is Christmas originally a Christian celebration?

The religious holiday of Christmas (as opposed to the secular holiday) was originally Christian, of course - Christ's Mass - altho it coopted a pagan Roman holiday. Christ was probably born in the Spring, most certainly not in late December.

Why does Christianity celebrate Christmas?

When the Romans converted Christian they changed the original holiday, Saturnalia, with a Christianized version.. Eastern Orthodox View: Christianity celebrates Christmas because it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ who is the Son of God, Messiah and Saviour. Christmas has been celebrated f ( Full Answer )

What does Christmas mean to true Christians?

To me, it is the birthday of my saviour. It is the day that God became man and began the 30 year journey to the cross. To true christians - Christmas means salvation.

When do Christian celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. The actual birth date of the child Jesus, the Christ, is unknown, but it was most likely some time in the Fall.

Where and when did Christianity originate?

The answer is : The beginning of Jesus' ministry. For the Jew: the answer is : The beginning of Paul's ministry. I think the Bible is your best source for this answer.

What do christians do at Christmas to celebrate Jesus?

Christians celebrate Christmas in many ways. In addition to this day being one of the most important and popular for the attendance of church services, there are numerous other devotions and popular traditions. Prior to Christmas Day, the Eastern Orthodox Church practises the 40-day Nativity Fast in ( Full Answer )

Why do christian believe in Christmas?

Christians celebrate Christmas as Jesus' birthday. But, Jesus wasn't born on Christmas because if he was, the shepards would freeze and their sheep would be eating snow.

What is the origin of why some Christians don't put up the Christmas tree?

Some don't because it's directly traceable to a pagan custom. I suspect that some, possibly a majority, of those who cite that reason may actually be more influenced by the fact that putting up a Christmas tree is a pain in the rear, and "It's a pagan custom, you heathen!" is just a convenient ex ( Full Answer )

Should Christmas be celebrated by Christians?

Yes, but as a socially spiritual event, like a week of Thanksgiving Day, not a specifically Christian feast. Since Christmas is entirely non-Christian in origin, it is rejected by the most excruciatingly correct Christians. Under the Puritans here in Massachusetts, the celebration of Christmas was a ( Full Answer )

Why is Christmas celebrated by Christians and non- Christians?

Christmas is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians because the majority of people believe in god and Jesus and they obviously will believe that, that was the day that Jesus Christ was born even though it was not the accurate day it was a guess and that's why its celebrated on December 25th.

Why christians have Christmas trees for Christmas?

The idea for the tree came from ancient people's . Centuries ago during the winter solstice people noticed that the only green plant still alive in the dead of winter was the evergreen , so they would bring in the evergreens. When the Catholic Church was ready to covert the tribes to Christianity th ( Full Answer )

Was the The Original Father Christmas was Christian?

The original father Christmas or Santa Claus was known as Saint Nicholas ('saint' meaning holy from the latin word Sanctus and 'Nicholas' meaning Victory of the People [Nicolaos] ) who was a 4th century saint and greek Bishop (therefore a christian) and was known for secretly giving gifts to people ( Full Answer )

What items do Christians use on Christmas?

In Christmas you do not need to do anything but have to make cookies and pour milk in a cup and keep it in at the table for Santa to eat and drink also you need to make a card ,Christmas list and keep the stocking at the table or fire place.

What does Christmas have to do with Christianity?

Christians celebrate Christmas as being the traditional Birth Date of Christ. . Although the exact date is lost in 2000+ yrs of history, it is universally accepted as the date of the Nativity .

When do Christians celebrate Christmas?

Christians celebrate Christmas once a year. Jesus Christ is said to have been born on Christmas Day and it is on this day each year that people who believe this celebrate his birth.

Why do some Christians not celebrate Christmas?

In early Christianity in the Roman Empire, there were many otherreligions competing with Christianity. To increase the appeal ofChristianity, they fused many non-Christian festivals with aChristian overlay. For example, Christmas is the festival for thewinter solstice. Since the roots of much of our ( Full Answer )