Where did Christofer Drew get his musical training?

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at home by himself.
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Why is christofer drew so hot?

hes amaZingggggggggggg ! and i wanna go to one of his concertss when are they ? (in miamii ) Hah isn't that kinda impossible to answer? but agrreeeing. he iss and hes haawt. he is not normal. he is abnormally hawwt. HAWT. answer you question?? love him ( Full Answer )

Where does Christofer Drew live?

Chris has an apartment in Joplin that he shares with a friend. But sense he travels so much he isn't there much.

Who is christofer drews girlfriend?

Christofer drew was going through a hard time, him and his girlfriend of 2 years broke up and his parents were getting a divorce, however, he met a wonderful girl named Kiwi Carranza, and she definitally took him out of his slump. they have been happily together for almost 3 months now, and they tra ( Full Answer )

Who is christofer drew?

Christofer Drew Ingle(full name) is Never Shout Never. An Alternative/&+ pop one-man-band. He's a great singer and songwriter He Plays Uke and Guitar and Harmonica,piano and stuff(: He was Born on Febuary 11,1991. And He's an amazing artist:

Does christofer drew have a girlfriend?

They just broke up and her name was Alison. he was dating his on and off girlfriend kristin krewson but she said he cheated on her, so they broke up for good.

Does christofer drew smoke?

Sadly, yes. he has been ever since he was 14. he has tried quiting but it's always been his thing. =C

Where is Christofer Drew from?

He was born in San Diego, California then moved to Portland then moved to Joplin, MO where his family stabilized. Now that he is constantly touring he lives in a tour bus with The Shout. But when he's in Joplin, he just stays on his apartment that he shares with his roommate Carter Hulsey. He has al ( Full Answer )

Who Is Christofer Drew Ingle?

Chris is the singer of a one man band called nevershoutnever! but now he has a band with him so it's not a one-man band anymore.

Does christofer drew ingle have siblings?

yes he does, 2 sisters and a brother. but for chris' sake we aren't going to mention their names or their whereabouts. his sisters are precious from personal memories!

Is christofer drew ingle gay?

from what i herd he is not gay and if you do not know who he is he is the lead signer in the band nevershoutnever. Plus,he sings about girls mostly,and how hes in love with "her" and what not.Unless hes in the closet,im almost positive hes straight. i think hes not gay because he had a gf an ( Full Answer )

Where is Christofer Drew Ingle from?

He was born in Joplin, Missouri. [: Actually, Chris was born in San Diego CA but moved to Joplin Missouri when he was 5.

What religion is christofer drew?

I'm pretty sure he's christian.. That why if you go to never shout never's myspace page a picture of Jesus is in the influences box, i think its influences.

What is christofer drew ingles number?

wow... Why would you want to invade his PERSONAL privacy? If you're a fan, you would respect that(: And you honestly think you're going to get it!? Noobs on the computer don't know Christofer Drew's phone number, I can guarentee you, Hun :)

Is christofer drew a virgin?

No, "Losing It" was written about how he lost his virginity when he was 16. ^^^^ yeah umm no it wasn't written about how he lost his virginity at 16 its about how his girlfriend cheated on him when he was 16..

What is christofer drews real name?

Christopher Drew Ingle. People think that his real name is spelt Christofer, but that is only his stage name. Um, no to the answer above. Sorry, but Christofer is his real name. Not Christopher. Full name is Christofer Drew Ingle. His dad's name is Edward Ingle. And, his mom's name is Nancy Kie ( Full Answer )

Why does christofer drew smoke?

well he started smoking when he was 14.. it was to get away from some thing.. and he said that cigarettes are his favourite things in the world.. he kinda explains in his song " The Past "

Who are Christofer Drew Ingle's parents?

I'm pretty sure his mom is Nancy and dad is edward -------------------------------------------------- Nancy Keifner and Edward Ingle

Is christofer drew ingle mean?

no he's not mean. he's actually a very sweet, down to earth person, that knows that we can all make a change and that's what he tries to put out to the world. he loves romance and he's a vegetarian too :) chris is a close friend of mine! we've known each other since we were 6 years old lol if you ne ( Full Answer )

Is christofer Drew Ingle a smoker?

sadly yes he has been smokin since he was 14 my age but he has stopped he drug use and is more into helping the world and singing music!!!! SO AMAZINGLY HAWT -- Christofer has been smoking American Spirits since he was 14. He still smokes them, and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. He al ( Full Answer )

Who was Christofer Drew Ingle dating?

Christofer Drew has been dating the same girl on and off for two years, Her name is "Ali" or "Hannah". However, he is only eighteen and he has said he would date a fan if she liked him for him, not just his music.

What does christofer drew have on his left hand?

Christofer Drew got a tattoo on each hand with his mom and dads initials on each side to represent his parents after they got divorced to let them know that even though they got divorced he still loves them the same

Is christofer drew really nice?

I'v heard both stories... he is sweet of course, but iv heard he has his days.. some fans make him mad and he has shut down one of his signing boths one time because he was upset about fans. but all in all i guess it all depends on how you treat him, like he said once " i trust everyone because they ( Full Answer )

Does Christofer Drew use drugs?

most likely. -- Yes. He has been smoking weed since he was 16. He's stopped using them in the past months.

Who was christofer drew ingle's girlfriend?

well chris has had 4 girl friends. 1.) idk the name but he lost his virginty to her & she was cheating on him. 2.) idk the name but they went out for about 4 months. 3.) Allison jenkins. (cheated) he is currently dating a girl as of recently he met on the road named Destiny Knotts Correct ( Full Answer )

What are facts about christofer drew?

He never wears shoes unless he absolutely has to. He hates pictures. He's vegan. His favorite color's green. He's thinking about quiting NSN. He rarely showers, and he picks an outfit for the month.

When did Christofer Drew become a vegan?

He became a vegan in the year of 2006. He said it was hard to do at first but then he became passionate about animal rights and stuff. His favorite vegan food is tofurkey! :D

Why christofer drew love haters?

Christofer Drew loves haters because he believes that if you hate haters back, you'll just be a hater yourself. Y'know? He knows it's better to love than to hate.

Is christofer drew ingle a druggie?

Your best guess is as good as mine! He was smoking on stage. In a concert. And he was sorta high in the concert too. So I would say yeh, he is.

Does christofer drew have a Skype?

someone who had the same name and picture as him said that it was the real one but im not for sure that he has one or not

What is Christofer Drews Childhood like?

His childhood actually kinda sucked. It was so bad that he started smoking at age 14 to escape the "town that was so mean to him" and got kicked out of his house later on.

WHERE can you but christofer drews CD?

I personally purchased mine at Target, but I guess you could find them at Wal-Mart, Hot Topic, or FYE Now for his EPs, I don't know.

What is wrong with Christofer Drew?

?? well he did drugs... he has let down alot of his fans.. and he cheated on his old girlfriend kristen krewson when he was on a tour to Europe.

How do you dress like christofer drew?

wear anything! he said in a video that he likes to buy costumes from stores (sailor clothes, stuff like that) he also wears jeans (usually skinny and/or ripped) and just random tshirts, he likes hats too...no shoes tho lol he nevr wears shoes...

Why did christofer drew start playing music?

Christofer first started music when he injured his shoulder, and could not play tennis for a while. So his father introduced the guitar to him, to help him pass time faster while he healed. Christofer got into playing guitar from that, and played for a long time. During his high school life, he foun ( Full Answer )

What tattops does christofer drew have?

He got his first one when he was 16 in a trailer park. That tattoo is on his right wrist. It says "faith" in Hebrew. The peace sign on his left foot symbolizes how he tries to walk in peace every day. He has double bands on his biceps and the Greek symbols for Alpha and Omega on his forearms. The Al ( Full Answer )

Who many girlfriends has christofer drew had?

allison jenkins amber edmonds kristen krewson destiny knotts some girl named molly and there are probs tons others he does not like the feeling of being alone

Does christofer drew hav a girlfriend?

not at the moment, i think he was dating a girl named Destiny. He also is an on and off couple with a girl named kristen krewson He never dated a girl named Destiny Knotts. Kristin is still close to christofer she said she has never heard of this girl at all.