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What year did Christopher Columbus discover the Americas?

Christopher Columbus (October 30, 1451? - 20 May 1506) was an explorer and trader who first crossed the Atlantic Ocean and reached the Americas in 1492, sailing under the flag of the Kingdom of Castile.

What did Christopher Columbus discover in America?

Answer The various islands and peoples of the Caribbean. Assorted new flora and fauna there. He probably did reach the mainland although there is some dispute on that question. Throughout his life, on all three of his voyages, he thought that he was somewhere on or near the coast of Asia. He never ( Full Answer )

How did Christopher Columbus discover America?

He didn't. The vikings sailed there almost 500 years earlier. He did not plan on finding land he was trying to reach the indies/India for money. And he found. Trying to go past the world in a different way that most people would not try. America was not found by Columbus. Columbus stumbled across th ( Full Answer )

What was the first country Christopher Columbus discovered?

It is not known for certain which of the islands Columbus landed onfirst. Some believe it was San Salvador (In the Bahamas) Otherbelieve it was Hispaniola, which is now shared by the DominicanRepublic and Haiti.

Did Christopher Columbus discover America?

Christopher Columbus didn't even reach America. He found the west indies and thought it was India and that is why he called them the west indies. It was in fact the Vikings discovered the americas. They settled there for 10 years.

What valuable things did Christopher Columbus discovered?

He has discovered many, but this is one of the most important. . -. Christopher Columbus can be considered a hero for spreading so much christianity . After Christopher Columbus had come to the " New World" he establishes the first European colonies. Within these colonies he spreads teachings o ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus discover North America?

NO, Christopher Columbus did not discover America he only actuly discvoerd the west indies and he thought it was India so no points to Italy. Then another Italian explorer thought he discoverd America but it was actuly Newfoundland so still no poits to Italy. Later after that the Spanish discoverd F ( Full Answer )

When did Christopher Columbus discover Canada?

The land which was to one day become the nation of Canada has been possessed by native peoples before recorded history. The first outsider since then seems to be the Viking Lief Eriksson who landed upon the shores of what is now known as Baffin Island, Labrador and Newfoundland around the year 1000 ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus discover Australia?

No, Christopher Columbus did not discover Australia.. Willem Jansz/Janszoon was a Dutchman who was seeking new trade routes and trade associates. He became the first recorded European to step foot on Australia's shores on the western shore of Cape York Peninsula, on 26 February 1606. However, he be ( Full Answer )

What islands did Christopher Columbus discover?

Discover - to see, find, or become aware of (something) for the first time Columbus found a continent that a lot of people already knew about. Where's the discovery? Oh, does he get credit because they weren't European?

What did Christopher Columbus discover?

He wanted to find a direct water route west from Europe to Asia,but he never did. Instead, he accidentally stumbled upon theAmericas.

Christopher Columbus discover potatoes?

Some people say that he did, some say that he didn't. In fact, he found some people in the west Indies who already had the sweet potato..

What area of Canada did Christopher Columbus discover?

Columbus is credited with making the European discovery of America, of which Canada is a part. So in a sense he can be said to have discovered Canada. However, Columbus never traveled anywhere near the lands that are now part of Canada, so he cannot be said to have "discovered" any specific part of ( Full Answer )

What did Christopher Columbus do after he discovered America?

Columbus did NOT discover America, but an island of Hispaniola and discovered the Bahamas. This only happened because he was blown off course. During his first voyage he ran a ship aground, left 39 men to start a colony that were killed by the natives. He came home with no riches to the crown, a few ( Full Answer )

Which places did christopher Columbus discover?

He discovered Hispaniola, San Salvador, Cuba, South America, The Bahamas and maybe some other places. That's why I asked this question any way so if you know some more places please improve my answer.

How did Christopher Columbus discover the US?

Columbus never landed any where on the North American continent. In the time of his explorations the United States did not exist and would not for another 290 years. He made 4 trips landing on South and Central America on the last two. He refused to believe that he did not find India. This is ( Full Answer )

Who discovered America after Christopher Columbus?

Columbus did not discover America, but Balboa in 1513 leads a party across the Isthmus of Panama and was the first European to see the Pacific. In 1540 De Soto explores the southern tip of the US. John Cabot in 1497 landed in Newfoundland. All of these men and more actually landed and explored North ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus discover tobacco?

No, the Native Americans did. But for the European market, yes, Columbus received gifts of tobacco from the natives on his first trip in 1492, but it took a while before he appreciated its value.

When did Christopher Columbus discover Asia?

Asia had been known to Europe for centuries by the time Columbus was born; it needed no discovery. Although he thought he had proved a route to Asia by sailing west from Europe, Columbus actually had discovered America. Columbus never went anywhere near to Asia.

Did Christopher Columbus discover Colombia?

Columbus is credited with making the European discovery of America, of which Columbia is a part. So in a sense he can be said to have discovered Columbia. However, Columbus never traveled to the lands that are now part of Columbia.

What did Christopher Columbus do after he discovered the Americas?

America was discovered before colombus by some people as vikings in tenth and eleventh century. in 1492 :cristoph colobus landed exactly in 1492 in a small island in Bahamas than he sailed to the island of HISAPANIOLA (the domenican republic ),than he went to cuba thinking that he had discovered I ( Full Answer )

What area did Christopher Columbus discover and when?

During his first voyage in 1492, he reached the New World insteadof arriving at Japan as he had intended, landing on an island inthe Bahamas archipelago that he named "San Salvador". Over thecourse of three more voyages, he visited the Greater and LesserAntilles, as well as the Caribbean coast of Ve ( Full Answer )

What did Christopher Columbus actuallaly discover?

Christopher Columbus was trying to discover a new way to China, but instead of sailing to China he accidentially discovered South America. BUT... he was a failure because the Vikings discovered South America not Columbus, he lied to the King and Queen of Spain saying that he discovered a new route t ( Full Answer )

What if Christopher Columbus did not discover America?

Christopher Columbus did not discover America. America was visited by the vikings, Chinese and supposedly the Celts but these were only visitors considering the fact that America already had a population of Indians. Also .. im not going to change that because its true.... Well not necessarily, Chr ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus discover tomatoes?

No one is quite sure if it was Christopher Columbus, or Hernan Cortes that introduced the tomato to Europe. All that can be safely said is that it was the Spanish that introduced the tomato.

Who did Christopher Columbus discover land for?

Christopher Columbus' voyages were financed by the Crown of Castile, which later became part of the Kingdom of Spain, and he sailed under the flag of that kingdom. So the lands he discovered, he discovered for Castile.

Where did Christopher Columbus discover the pineapple?

According to the Massachusetts General Hospital website, Christopher Columbus discovered the pineapple on the island of Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean, on 1493. Tis may not be right though.