Where did Christopher Columbus end up when his ship got wrecked in 1476?

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Portugal where his brother lived
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Which of Christopher Columbus' ships was the first to land in America?

A boat from the Santa Maria took Columbus ashore. . The names "Niña ", "Pinta" and "Santa Maria", are currently applied to the ships of Columbus' first voyage in 1492. . On October 12, 1492, a lookout aboard the Pinta was first to sight land, an island in the Bahamas. As there were no developed ( Full Answer )

Who gave Christopher Columbus the ships and money to pay for his explorations?

Columbus asked King Henry of Portugal for ships and sailors to discover the way to China and Japan. King Henry said no.. Then Columbus went to Spain and asked Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand. There was a war in Spain. "Wait until the war is over," Queen Isabella said.. Columbus had to wait many ( Full Answer )

What was christopher columbus ship named?

He sailed with three ships, La Nina, La Pinta , and la Santa Maria. He sailed on La Santa Maria. Tha ship "La Nina", was actually named the "Santa Clara" . It is believed the nickname "Nina" was given to it because the captains name was Nino. he actually sailed on a wood ship ha ha ha

Name Christopher Columbus ships?

There were three ships that sailed with Christopher Columbus. Thenames of the ships were the Santa Maria, Nina, and the Pinta.

What type of ship did Christopher Columbus sail?

Caravels, I should imagine. I know the Nina and the Pinta (sp?) were both caravels, but the Santa Maria was a larger class of ship. Caravels were great for exploration, as they had a shallow draft, allowing them to sail in much shallower water(could even sail up some deep rivers) and as such, I shou ( Full Answer )

How was Christopher Columbus treated when he got home?

On the first voyage, Columbus was treated as a hero. But then as he went on his second voyage, Christopher made a colony on El Salvador, (The Savior) He governed it. He was very cruel, cutting of ears and noses if any one stole, and the people grew afraid, and wrote to the king and queen of Spain. T ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus learn about ships from books?

Probably not. Books as we know them weren't available until after the inventing of moveable-type printing. Prior to that books were copied laboriously by hand. It's more likely that he learned about ships because he was from Genoa - a very important seaport and trading city in the Middle Ages. ( Full Answer )

How many ships did Christopher Columbus travel with?

Christopher Columbus had 3 ships supplied by Queen Isabella of Spain. During his initial voyage to American, Columbus has three ships,the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria wasdestroyed in the New World but the other two ships made it back toSpain. Christopher Columbus sailed 3 sh ( Full Answer )

How many of Columbus' ships wrecked?

I believe 19 as my social studies teacher told me when I was young. Not really sure though cause I counted and added the total numbers and its was way past 19!

What type of ships did christopher Columbus use?

Caravels, I should imagine. I know the Nina and the Pinta (sp?) were both caravels, but the Santa Maria was a larger class of ship. Caravels were great for exploration, as they had a shallow draft, allowing them to sail in much shallower water(could even sail up some deep rivers) and as such, I shou ( Full Answer )

What three ships did christopher Columbus sail?

Columbus led his three ships - the Nina , the Pinta and the Santa Maria - out of the Spanish port of Palos on August 3, 1492. His objective was to sail west until he reached Asia (the Indies) where the riches of gold, pearls and spice awaited. His first stop was the Canary Islands where the lac ( Full Answer )

Year that christopher Columbus voyage end?

He left in 1492, found Hispaniola 32 days later, and got back home in 1492. He wasn't gone more than 80 days tops. So he left in 1492 and got back in 1492.

What was the only ship Christopher Columbus sailed on?

Christopher Columbus used several ships. On his first voyage he sailed on the Santa Maria until it hit a reef and sank, he then sailed the Pinta back to Europe. He used other ships in his pater voyages.

Did Christopher Columbus have any ships?

Columbus didn't have any ships of his own. He had to go to the Kingand Queen of Spain to convince them to pay for his explorations.

How many ships Christopher Columbus have?

That question is easy for for me. And I'm only 10!!! Christopher Columbus had three ships. One named Nina one named Santa Maria and one named Pinta.

How much ships does Christopher Columbus have?

grammar like this makes me want to cry... should be... "How MANY ships DID Christopher Columbus have?" The Nina The Pinta The Santa Maria have a good day ^^

Where is Christopher Columbus' ship?

in your butt . Christopher Columbus had more than one ship. He had three, named the Santa Maria, the Nina, and the Pinta. All three of them, as far as I know, have been destroyed, but I think, if my memory serves my right, there is a replica of the Nina. All three of the ships sailed in 1492..

What year did Christopher Columbus ship sink?

He had three ships all given to him by Prince Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. The Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina. The Nina and the Pinta both sank around 1470-1480. They had collided with other ships. The Santa Maria had survived ( which was the last boat left ) and was used to travel back to Spa ( Full Answer )

When did Christopher Columbus give up sailing?

His last voyage was in 1502-04 and he was stranded on an island off the coast of Porta Rico. He was there for 2 years with his youngest son. When he was finally rescued he was sick and died in 1506. He was buried in Seville, Spain. So, you could say he quit sailing in 1504.

Who received Christopher Columbus when he got to the Americas?

Despite popular belief, Colombus never actually set foot in the Americas. Colombus landed at several islands in the Carribean Sea. At that point he and his men abducted many natives to be brought back to Spain as slaves.

Why did Spain give Christopher Columbus a ship to sail?

He convinced Spain he could get to Asia faster, (and the very valuable spices that were there), by sailing West, around the world, than the time it would take to get to Asia by traveling to the East. Unfortunately for Christopher Columbus, the Earth was bigger than he thought it was and he reached t ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the 3 ships Christopher Columbus sailed on?

The names of the ships were la Santa Clara, la Pinta, la Santa Maria/Gallega. The crew renamed the ships to the Nina (the girl, or rather, the "working" girl); the Pintada (or the "painted" one; i.e. the girl wearing make-up, in other words, the prostitute) and the Maria Galante (the surname of anot ( Full Answer )

What was the main ship Christopher Columbus used?

The 3 ships Christopher Columbus used were the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. The Santa Maria was the ship he was on the most, but that was only because one of the others got sunk or something

Christopher Columbus had a ship that had what name?

The names of the three ships of Columbus were Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria. Christopher Columbus was an Italian who sailed under the Spanish flag. The ships carried about 120 men in total.