Where did Christopher Columbus land after he sailed west across the Atlantic ocean?

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north Africa
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Why did Christopher Columbus sail west?

The Italian explorer Christopher Columbus ( left ) believed he would reach the east if he sailed west. Christopher Columbus was looking for a shortcut to India to get spices.

What is the best sailing route across the Atlantic ocean west to east in July?

As a veteran of one east to west crossing via the trade winds, the best west to east routes are to the north, US - Bermuda - Azores - Europe. You have the benefit of the westerly winds and the Atlantic high. July is late to leave for a west to east crossing, the risk of hurricanes is increasing. Get ( Full Answer )

How long to sail across the Atlantic Ocean in the eighteenth century?

In 1898, the Komonder Sved Foyu made the passage from New York to London in 20 days. ------------------------ 1898 was at the end of the 19th century (not the 18th as asked in the question), a time when trans-Atlantic ships were frequently steamships or combination of steam and sail. The first st ( Full Answer )

Why did Columbus sail west across the Atlantic?

Because east was where he set out from and his intention was to sail round the world to find a new way to India.To China actually in search of gold and other valuable items

Did Christopher Columbus sail west to go east?

Christopher Columbus knew that the world was a large ball and thatif he sailed West he would eventually find Asia (China and India).This is why we call Native Americans Indians: Columbus, seeingtheir reddish complexion, thought he had landed in India (southAsia). He did not realize at the time that ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus sail across the Atlantic ocean?

Because he wanted to find another way to the far East, to countries such as China and India. These countries had a lot of high valued resources, such as silk and spices, and Columbus wanted to find a shorter and faster way to this place. But instead he hit America. And an interesting fact is that he ( Full Answer )

Path west across the Atlantic ocean for many slaves?

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Who made the map for Christopher Columbus across the Atlantic?

If there was one it probably came from Prince Henry's map school and he had aPortuguese pilot who sort of had a map, but they had an incomplete map, didn't they? I don't remember reading that he had a map because he had to keep taking readings and his journals don't tell of a map.

Why did Christopher Columbus sail across the Atlantic?

Columbus was looking for a faster trade route to Asia to make transportation more profitable. He was trying to find a western route, a quicker trade route, to get spices and riches for Spain and impress the monarchs who had sent him. Columbus mistakenly believed the Atlantic Ocean was much smaller t ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus want to sail the Atlantic Ocean?

He thought sailing the Atlantic ocean would bring him faster to India, and eventually make him famous for discovering a new route that leads to Asia. Remember Christopher Columbus set out to find India because they had good spices and good trading material. There was one major problem, the Atlantic ( Full Answer )

Why are there no land bridges across the Atlantic Ocean?

What do you mean? There is a bridge that goes from Newfoundland to Greenland to iceland and then to Scotland. its a nice drive and there are a lot of motels and service stations but the gas costs a little bit more. Greenland is a lot of fun to stopover especially for the kids with the DisneyGreenlan ( Full Answer )

Why did it take longer for Columbus to sail across the Atlantic ocean?

It was uphill most of the way.... No - just kidding. Longer than what? Walking? Swimming? It took a long time because in those days, sailing ships didn't exactly zoom across the water. They had to use currents and winds and sometimes neither of them cooperated. A journey across the Atlantic from E ( Full Answer )

What did Christopher Columbus believe he could do by sailing west?

Columbus was trying to reach the "Indies" (China, Japan, India) by sailing westward across the Atlantic instead of east around Africa, which was a perilous journey at the time. Many map makers had underestimated the circumference of the Earth, or had placed China much farther to the east than it act ( Full Answer )

Did Columbus sail across the Pacific Ocean?

Somebody said: Depends on which journy. His first one (the one that he found america) he sailed across the Atlantic ocean. I am a social studys teacher and Columbus did not find America the Vikings did but when he claimed that he found America he dd saild in the Atlantic ocean

Why did Christopher Columbus decide to sail west across the Atlantic Ocean?

To find India. He agreed that the world was round and figured that if he sailed directly south he would sail around the world and reach India assuming that the distance would be shorter then having to sail around the bottom of Africa to get here. Alas for the natives of the Americas (now still ref ( Full Answer )

Who sent Christopher Columbus across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492?

Nobody actually sent him. He wanted to find a faster route to Asia so he asked kings and queens to fund him. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella gave him the money and Christopher promised them riches to spread Christianity around.

Did Christopher Columbus sail to the West or North?

He should have sailed west or else he probably couldn't have sailed AROUND the world. He sailed west to find a route to Asia, and to prove that when you go west, you can hit Asia, to prove the world was round, i think. Then he hit America, naming the Native Americans "Indians" because he thought he ( Full Answer )

Why Columbus decided to sail west across the Atlantic Ocean?

Columbus decided to sail West in an attempt to get to India due to the sparse knowledge of the globe that existed at that time. They did not know of North America, South America or the Caribbean. Columbus believe that if he sailed West, he would eventually reach India. As many European countries wer ( Full Answer )