Where did Christopher Columbus sto on his 1st voyage?

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Columbus was looking for a water route to India when he found a small island called Hispaniola. He had sailed for 32 days and though he was in India. What he found was a few natives with very little gold. It was the gold he really wanted and he ordered the natives to bring it to him. When they didn't he cut off their hands. He didNOT DISCOVER AMERICA AND NEVER KNEW IT WAS THERE.
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What was the purpose of Christopher Columbus voyage?

Answer . He was hoping to find a route to China (in order to trade for spices), we have to consider that back in those times people believed that the world was like a cube, Christopher Columbus decided to travel directly into the Atlantic Ocean, finding that the world was round and discovering the ( Full Answer )

What did Christopher Columbus find on his voyages?

Christopher Columbus found America by sailing went to find the indies. In those days everyone thought that the world was flat but he knew it wasn't so he tried to find a quicker route to the Indies. He went west and hit America he also found San Salvador he got to cube which he thought was china. Wh ( Full Answer )

What was the second voyage for Christopher Columbus?

Columbus left Cadiz, Spain, on September 24, 1493 to find new territories, with 17 ships carrying supplies, and about 1,200 men to colonize the region. On October 13, the ships left the Canary Islands as they had on the first voyage, following a more southerly course.. On November 3, 1493, Columbus ( Full Answer )

What tools did Christopher Columbus use on his voyages?

he used a compass as a tool your welcome!!! well he also used maps ships food(not tool) weapons etc. Actually his compass confused him due to orbital mechanics and the wobble of the earth along with the North Star. He got to where he was going but was off just a little. 10,000 miles. Earth se ( Full Answer )

What were the dates of Christopher Columbus' voyages?

H e explored north and south America in 15th October 1485....was his first voyage second voyage 1492 voyage 1500 and forth voyage....1502 Jan the 16th Trust this answer its the best ANSWER

Where did Christopher Columbus land on his first voyage?

On his first trip to the "new world", Columbus initially landed at San Salvador. Coincidentally, it is widely believed that Christopher Columbus' first voyages to the new world were those that brought syphilis back to Europe. However,on his first voyage he was actually in the Atlantic Ocean,s ( Full Answer )

Who fund Christopher Columbus voyage?

About half the money came from private investors. The rest came from Queen Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon.

What are the effects of Christopher Columbus' four voyages?

Not only did Christopher Columbus open up the world intellectually, to see that reaching China by going West was possible and you would not fall off the planet, but also on an economic level,trade opened up a great deal, with new markets everywhere around the world there was a great deal of advancem ( Full Answer )

When did Christopher Columbus begin his voyage?

T'was 1492 when Columbus sailed the ocean blue... Or so the poets bespeak: Between 1492 and 1503, Columbus completedfour round-trip voyages from Spain to the Americas. His initialtrip began August 3rd, 1492 when he left Palos de Frontera with theNina (the Girl), the Pinta (the Paint), and the Santa ( Full Answer )

How many ships did Christopher Columbus sail with on his 1st voyage?

christopher Columbus had 3 ships on his voyage. he shot himself in the brain and kissed a penguin. stupid ! he went to school at irondale in north Korea where my papa happened to grow rice ! and we all ate it so then two days later we were starving cuz we ate all the rice ! Susannah ! I love you ( Full Answer )

Map of Christopher Columbus voyages?

See related link for The Columbus Navigation Homepage. In the section titled History there are maps of each of his four voyages of discovery.

Did Christopher Columbus' voyage lead to the Renaissance?

In the early modern period , the voyages of Christopher Columbus initiated European exploration and colonization of the American continents . Christopher Columbus was a navigator and an admiral for the Crown of Castile whose voyages to America are of great significance in wester ( Full Answer )

How did the voyages of Christopher Columbus influence the world?

Columbus didn't influence the world much in his time. He was considered a failure and died fighting the crown for his share of anything he found. He expected to find a lot of gold to bring back to Spain to off set the cost of his ships and he didn't succeed in his task in any of his 4 voyages. To th ( Full Answer )

What did Christopher Columbus voyage lead to?

Columbus' exploratory voyages lead to Europeans being aware that the American continents existed. Originally, Christopher Columbus was actually suppose to find India instead of America. So Christopher Columbus accidently found America(but it is still a good thing)

Why did Juan Ponce de Leon go on his 1st voyage with Christopher Columbus?

De Leon and Columbus were NOT on the same voyage. They were both sent by Spain, but Columbus never reached the main land of the North America and De Leon did. Columbus sailed in 1492, but De Leon didn't leave Spain until 1510. The only connection they may have had is that De Leon was made governor o ( Full Answer )

Why did Spain sponsor Christopher Columbus voyage?

The European powers were trading heavily with the West Indies (Pacific). At the time of Columbus' first voyage all trade was overland through the Middle East with intermediaries between the Europeans and the sources of the merchandise they sought. That made trade very slow, unpredictable, and expens ( Full Answer )

What were Christopher Columbus voyages like?

The very first one not to pretty after the sailers comfronted Columbus to turn around and go back to Spain because there was no sign of India and there was no more food or water. The next couple of days they found land, an island in the Bahamas wich was named San Salvador wich means " we are safe" ( ( Full Answer )

Why was Christopher Columbus voyage to America important?

It is important because if Christopher Columbus wasn't brave enough to go on the voyage, no one probably would. It also was important because if he didn't go on the voyage than their would be no America today.

What did christopher Columbus pack for his voyage?

The ships carried enough provisions for a year, at a time when two weeks at sea was a long voyage. Supplies on board included foodstuffs, such as water, dried fish, salt meat, live pigs and hens (to be killed aboard ship), rice, cheese, and figs; navigational instruments, including nautical almanacs ( Full Answer )

What was motive for christopher columbus voyages in caribbean?

The explorers of his time were seeking a water route to Asia. The land routes were long, dangerous, and expensive so to find a water route meant that the goods from India and China could reach Europe faster and with less expense.

Which country did Christopher Columbus represent on his voyage?

he asked portugal, but they were to occupied trying to find their way around africa, so he asked spain. spain was to occupied trying to kick all of the muslims out of spain. he then asked spain a year later, when the war was over, and they finally said yes.

What was the purpuse of christopher Columbus going on his voyage?

He wanted to go to India and other parts of Asia to get some exotic spices because back then spices were very popular and were a good business. Instead he ended in the Americas. He called the natives of the Americas Indians thinking that he had landed in India. That is why people use the term India ( Full Answer )

What did Christopher Columbus' voyages prove?

Nothing major was proved when Columbus made his voyages. In fact, he never admitted that his initial plan to reach Asia (or the East Indies, as they referred to it at the time), as this Italian explorer had promised the Spanish royals, had failed. The relationship strained as time went on and, even ( Full Answer )

Did christopher Columbus almost die in his voyages?

He should have, because he prepared for a trip to the EastIndies that he was convinced was a little over 3,000 miles long,while in reality the westward trip would have been over 20,000miles long. He purely by accident stumbled upon the Caribbeanislands and to his death remained absolutely convinced ( Full Answer )