Where did Christopher Columbus think he was going?

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Where did Christopher Columbus want to go?

Christopher Columbus wanted to go to India for riches and supplies. He asked King Ferdidnan and Queen Isabella if he could make his voyage to India because he thought the Earth was round. They agreed and supplied him with his goods. The People of Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe didn't know about ( Full Answer )

When did christopher columbus go to america?

Christopher Columbus first sailed to the Americas in the early1490s, arriving in the Caribbean Sea in 1492 and setting foot onvarious islands in the Bahamas chain, Cuba, and other islands.Three other voyages followed before his death in 1506, during whichhe 'discovered' still more lands in what is n ( Full Answer )

Why did christopher Columbus think that thhe earth is square?

Columbus never believed the earth was square, in fact, the myth wasthat he believed the earth was flat. However, in truth, Columbusdid not believe the earth was flat. Ancient Greek mathematicians,Pythagoras and Aristotle, proved the earth was spherical in shapebased on the shadow of the earth on the ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus go to Florida?

Christopher Columbus never went to north America, only south America. The guy who went to Florida was looking for the fountain of youth, his name was Juan Ponce de Leon.

Where did Christopher Columbus go to?

Columbus landed on an island called Hispaniola. He never got to North America nor knew it was there. He thought he landed in India so called the natives "Indians." He made 3 more trips all in the area of the Bahamas and on his last trip he was shipped wrecked with his son for nearly 3 years before t ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus go exploring?

The thinking of the time was that there could be a water route to Asia so various people, including Columbus, began to look for a way to get to Asia to bring back trade goods. Columbus was also after riches and fame. He never did get to Asia and only found an island called Hispaniola with no gold an ( Full Answer )

Whare did Christopher Columbus want to go?

He ( and others) were looking for a faster sea route to Asia. The overland trade routes were slow and dangerous so it was thought that a water route to Asia would be better. He was also after riches and fame.

Where did Christopher Columbus really wanted to go?

He was trying to find a quick route to the Pacific East. Easter Asia would be a nice answer. The first answer is true..... but not all. He wanted gold, fame and anything he can get his hands on. He's wanted for rape, thievery, enslaving and genocidal murder. He cut the hands off of none paying sl ( Full Answer )

What did people think of Christopher Columbus?

they thought he was a bit crazy about finding the new lands, the americas, they did not beleive him until one day he went on his ship to go with him,this was his third time going (he went the first two alone),and he ddied so they never new the truth.

Did Christopher Columbus go to Asia?

My opinion is that Christopher Columbus really didn't go to Asia. Amerigo Vespucci found out. (Also John Cabot lied)

Why did Christopher Columbus go to jail?

Columbus mistreated his men and the native Americans. he murdered mative men and reped and burned the women and children. he then paraided the dismembered bodies through the towns. oth him and his brother were arrested and shipped back to loose their titles and prestige.

Why did people think Christopher Columbus was crazy?

Contradicting popular belief, Christopher Columbus didnt think that the world was round, he thought he could sail around the world without falling off the edge. People didnt think this could be done, but Christopher Columbus's reasoning for this was that he could reach the east indies because the wo ( Full Answer )

Why was Christopher Columbus going on the trip?

To prove the earth is round and that he can go around to get to India. But he ended up in America. You can remember this by Native Americans were called Indians because Christopher Columbus thought he was in India so he called the Indians. Hope this helped!

What did Christopher Columbus think the world looked like?

at first he thought the world was flat then later on he found out it round Actually, he always knew it was round. He just thought it would be a short trip across the Atlantic to reach Asia because he believed the world was a lot smaller than it is. He also had no idea there were two continents in t ( Full Answer )

What other explorations did Christopher Columbus go on?

He allegedly made a trip to Chios, a Genoese colony in the Aegean Sea. May 1476, he took part in an armed convoy sent by Genoa to carry a valuable cargo to northern Europe. He docked in Bristol, England; Galway, Ireland; and possibly Iceland in 1477. In 1479, he went to Lisbon, Portugal to see his ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus think he was in Asia if there were only Indian people?

His intended destination was the area of the East Indies, a series of islands in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the mainland of Asia. The indigenous people there were dark of skin and has cultures similar to those people found in the West Indies which is where Columbus made land fall. There fore ( Full Answer )

What coninet did Christopher Columbus go around?

He didn't go around any Continent. There is a stream of water from Europe to the Bahamas that moves ships as they travel. He caught this stream without knowing it and ended up on an island he called Hispaniola. He never knew North America existed.

Where did christopher Columbus go to high school?

People in the 1400's didn't have high school. It didn't exist until 400 years later, so he didn't go to high school. He began as a ship's boy and went the school of Navigation by Prince Henry of Portugal.

What was the purpuse of christopher Columbus going on his voyage?

He wanted to go to India and other parts of Asia to get some exotic spices because back then spices were very popular and were a good business. Instead he ended in the Americas. He called the natives of the Americas Indians thinking that he had landed in India. That is why people use the term India ( Full Answer )

Why was Christopher Columbus going on his journey?

He wanted to find an all-water route to Asia by sailing west. He was right that one might reach Asia by sailing west but he did not know that the continents of North and South America lay between Europe and Asia. What he accomplished was of far greater significance in the long run.