Where did Christopher Sholes go to school?

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nobody realy knows where sholes went to school but there are records that he did
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Why did Christopher Latham Sholes invent the typewriter?

because he hade a hard time just writing things down so he was tired a invented the Remington e typewriter and it made writing way easier and sold millions. he hade a hard a hard time just writing things down.So he invented the Remington e. typewriter and he sold millions. the reason it's called t ( Full Answer )

Where was Christopher Latham Sholes born?

Born: February 14, 1819, Mooresburg, Montour County, Pennsylvania, United States. (Wikipedia) . For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Answers.com) indicated below this answer box.

What was Christopher Latham Sholes' childhood like?

im a decendent from christopher lathem sholes my name is landon sholes but.....i dont know excatly how his childhood was like, but im trying to find the whole story about how,when,where,what and why. i have a email at sholes36@yahoo.com if any questions i might know just email from above. thank you ( Full Answer )

Was Christopher sholes married?

Christopher Sholes, who was known as the father of the type writer,was married. He married Mary Jane McKinney in 1840.

Did Christopher Columbus go to Florida?

Christopher Columbus never went to north America, only south America. The guy who went to Florida was looking for the fountain of youth, his name was Juan Ponce de Leon.

Why did Christopher Columbus go exploring?

The thinking of the time was that there could be a water route to Asia so various people, including Columbus, began to look for a way to get to Asia to bring back trade goods. Columbus was also after riches and fame. He never did get to Asia and only found an island called Hispaniola with no gold an ( Full Answer )

What was Christopher latham sholes nationality?

Christopher Latham Sholes was born in 1819. He was an American bornin Pennsylvania. He is known for the invention of the modern QWERTYkeyboard, although at the time it was used for typewriters, anotherinvention of his.

What are facts about christopher sholes are?

There a number of facts about Christopher Sholes. He was born in1819 and died in 1890. He invented the first functional machinewhich earned him the title of father of typewriter and alsoinvented the QWERTY keyboard among others.

Who were Christopher sholes parents?

Christopher Latham Sholes, inventor of the first typewriter, wasborn in Pennsylvania on February 14, 1819. His father was OrrinSholes and his mother was Catherine Cook.

Did Christopher Columbus go to Asia?

My opinion is that Christopher Columbus really didn't go to Asia. Amerigo Vespucci found out. (Also John Cabot lied)

How old Is Christopher Latham Sholes?

Christopher Latham Sholes died at the age of 71 on February 17, 1890. (birthdate February 14, 1819) He is credited with the development of the QWERTY typewriter and keyboard.

What school did Christopher Dean go to?

Hi, He was born in Calverton, a village on the outskirts of Nottingham and went to Sir John Sherbrooke Junior School in the same village before going to the nearby high school called Seeley High.

Was Christopher L Sholes assassinated?

Sholes died on February 17, 1890 after battling tuberculosis for nine years, and is buried at Forest Home Cemetery in Milwaukee.

Why did christopher latham sholes put the first 6 leters in the words QWERTY?

This is a coincidence. His first models, used in very early mechanical typewriters, used an alphabetic layout: . 3 5 7 9 N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 2 4 6 8 . A B C D E F G H I J K L M . However, people found that the typewriters mechanical arms for commonly used letters were too close together, ( Full Answer )

How was christopher latham sholes education?

If you really ask me all i know is he went to school, but as far as going to highschool and college i don't knowm and really don't give a crap if he did go to shcool.

Why did Christopher Latham Sholes create the typewriter?


What is christopher sholes famous for?

Christopher Latham Sholes , an American inventor, is the Father ofthe Typewriter. He also designed the QWERTY keyboard that we stilluse today.

How Did Christopher Latham Sholes Design The Keyboard?

i heard that the QWERTY design was because on type writers people got so used to the keys in the Alpha position that the type writer would become jammed at points when people would press 2 keys at the same time.. so he put the keys in a random order

Why was Christopher Columbus going on the trip?

To prove the earth is round and that he can go around to get to India. But he ended up in America. You can remember this by Native Americans were called Indians because Christopher Columbus thought he was in India so he called the Indians. Hope this helped!

How old is Christopher Sholes?

Christopher Sholes was born on February 14, 1819 and died on February 17, 1890. Christopher Sholes would have been 71 years old at the time of death or 196 years old today.

What is Christopher Meloni going to do?

Christopher Meloni is currently working on the next Superman movie, 'Man of Steel', due for release 2013; as the character Colonel Hardy. He also took part in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 as the character Sandman, released November 2011.

Where did christopher Columbus go to high school?

People in the 1400's didn't have high school. It didn't exist until 400 years later, so he didn't go to high school. He began as a ship's boy and went the school of Navigation by Prince Henry of Portugal.

Why was Christopher Columbus going on his journey?

He wanted to find an all-water route to Asia by sailing west. He was right that one might reach Asia by sailing west but he did not know that the continents of North and South America lay between Europe and Asia. What he accomplished was of far greater significance in the long run.