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Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury Kent in 1564. He attended Cambridge University then moved to London in 1587 where he worked as a playwright. He died in Deptford South London in 1593.
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Where does Christopher Brown live?

chris brown lived in tapphanock va when he was younger. then when he got famous he lived in New Jersey. now he lives in western Virginia down the street from his mother in his own mansion.

Who was Christopher marlowe?

he was a famous Elizabethan poet and playwright who was accused of being a spy and a heretic. He was stabbed in the head and killed in a bar fight.

How did Christopher Marlowe die?

He was stabbed in a bar fight just above the eye. In Deptford South East London near to Greenwich. It is thought that the bar fight was a rouse and that the real intention was to assassinate Marlowe. Marlowe was well traveled (especially Italy), gay, and very accomplished. There was also the Lord Gr ( Full Answer )

When did St. Christopher live?

If St. Christopher actually did exisit it was in the third century. He is mostly a saint of legend.

Did Christopher Marlowe write plays?

Yes. He wrote Dido Queen of Carthage, Dr. Faustus, Tamburlaine the Great (Parts 1 and 2), The Massacre at Paris, The Jew of Malta, and Edward II.

How did Christopher Marlowe know Shakespeare?

How did Christopher know Shakespeare you ask? He knew him through the people of the town. There is no existing record of them meeting, but it seems unlikely that they wouldn't have crossed paths at some point. At the beginning of Shakespeare's career they both were writing for the same theatre, the ( Full Answer )

Where did St. Christopher live?

It is not known where St. Christopher lived but he was born inCanaan and died in the Asia Minor. His feast day in the Latinchurch is July 25th.

What relationship does Christopher Marlow have in regard to Shakespeare?

Christopher Marlowe was a famous English playwright who died in 1593 at about the same time as Shakespeare's first works came out. Some historians believe in the Marlovian theory, which suggests that Marlowe faked his death and began writing under the name William Shakespeare. However, most do not; ( Full Answer )

How were Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare connected?

Marlowe and Shakespeare were both playwright's in London in the late sixteenth century. Marlowe was one of the most popular playwrights when Shakespeare began his career in the theatre. They occasionally wrote for the same theatre companies. While any personal relationship between the two would be d ( Full Answer )

Where does Christopher drew live?

he was born in joplin, missouri, but lives in New York he does not live in joplin, missouri. since i personally know his family.

Who was Christopher Marlow?

He was the greatest of Shakespeare's predecessor in English drama. Born a shoemakers son in Canterbury in 1564. He went to the King's School and to Benet College, Cambridge. Got a BA in 1583 and a MA in 1587. Marlow was the first to use blank verse and with a power until that was not known. He conti ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Marlowe have children?

Not sure exactly what their names were, but my great grandmother's name was Marlowe, she died thirty years ago, and she use to say the family name was of some importance in England. She use to say we were decendents close to royalty.

Did Christopher Marlowe write Shakespeare plays?

No one knows for sure it is highly disputed however personly i belive it to be a conspiracy. It seems very unlikely considering the fact that Marlowe was killed in 1593, before the vast majority of Shakespeare's plays were written.

Why is Christopher Marlow Shakespeare's biggest rival?

Actually Marlowe was not a rival to Shakespeare. This is because although the two men were born in the same year, Marlowe died in a bar fight in 1593, when he was only twenty-nine. Shakespeare, on the other hand, had only just begun his writing career in 1593 and none of his work had been publishe ( Full Answer )

Compare Christopher marlowe with shakespeare and spenser?

Christopher Marlowe and Shakespeare where two very wellknow playrights in the Elizabethan era and they were in constant competition, though Shakespeare, in the end, had more success...and Spencer is just a random dude that doesnt fit in...

Is Christopher Curtis still living?

Yes ,indeed he is his myspace says his last log-in was 11/10/09 which was not a long time ago and he has a bunch a friends with bunch of people.

Was Christopher Marlowe married?

No, there is speculation that he was a homosexual, though there is no direct evidence attesting to this.

What did Christopher marlowe do?

Christopher Marlowe was an Elizabethan poet and playwright. It is rumoured that he faked his death to use a new identity as William Shakespeare. Although it is extremely unlikely as there is evidence of both writers staging their plays at the same time. It would require some all but impossible fo ( Full Answer )

Why were Christopher marlowe and Shakespeare enemies?

William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe were not enemies. Although they were the same age, Marlowe was a bit of a child prodigy and had written all of his plays before his untimely death in 1593 at the age of only twenty-nine. At that time, Shakespeare had only started writing plays and had only ( Full Answer )

What if Christopher Columbus never lived?

Columbus wasn't that important, so someone else would have come along and found the islands he found. His legend has been over blown and made the man into larger than life. He actually did very little, was a selfish man, and treated his crew with disrepect. He killed the natives he found and only wa ( Full Answer )

How did Christopher Marlowe become famous?

Christopher Marlowe was a playwright and poet, a contemporary of William Shakespeare's. (They were both born in 1564) Marlowe was famous for his plays Doctor Faustus and Tamburlaine. More recently his historical play Edward II has become more appreciated. Marlowe did not invent the idea of writing d ( Full Answer )

Did christopher marlowe like boys?

There are some distinctly homoerotic tones in some of his works, particularly in Edward II and his poem Hero and Leander, arguably more than any other writer of his time. Pertaining directly to Marlowe himself, however, there is no evidence to indicate one way or the other.

Was Christopher Marlowe atheist?

Marlowe was accused of being an atheist. This was at the time an offence punishable by death and was defined very vaguely so that it could encompass denying any point of doctrine held by the Church of England. Essentially it was not that much different from heresy. One of his accusers claimed that M ( Full Answer )

Why was Christopher Marlowe compared to William Shakespeare?

Marlowe was a brilliant poet who greatly improved the lyrical quality of playwriting during his short life and brief career. He is considered by many to be the second greatest Elizabethan playwright after Shakespeare, so comparisons are natural

Where did Sir Christopher Wren live?

He lived for most of his life in the Old Court House on Hampton Court Green (there is an English Heritage blue plaque on the house wall).

Did Christopher Marlowe have anything to do with Shakespeare?

Although Marlowe and Shakespeare were about the same age (Marlowe was two months older), Marlowe died before Shakespeare's career really got started. If, as some believe, Shakespeare spent a significant portion of his "lost years" in the London theatre world, he could not have avoided being in conta ( Full Answer )

On which continent did St. Christopher live?

Christopher is a legendary saint who may have never existed. Virtually nothing is known about him, including where he was born and lived. It is thought that he may have been a martyr in the middle of the 3rd century.

Why did shakespeare feel guity for the death of Christopher marlowe?

You must mean in the movie Shakespeare in Love, where Shakespeare has given the false name "Christopher Marlowe" and believes that his (Shakespeare's) enemies have killed Marlowe by mistake. This is an entirely fictional story for which there is no basis in fact.

How old is Christopher Marlowe?

Christopher Marlowe was born on February 26, 1564 and died on May 30, 1593. Christopher Marlowe would have been 29 years old at the time of death or 451 years old today.

Who is Christopher Marlowe and what was his relationship with Shakespeare?

Christopher Marlowe was an English playwright. He was born in 1564, two months before Shakespeare. He was university educated, and began writing plays for the Theatrical Company the Lord Admiral's Men. He wrote the following plays: Tamburlaine, parts one and two, Doctor Faustus, The Massacre at Pari ( Full Answer )

What was the controversy surrounding Burbage Shakespeare and others like Christopher Marlowe?

Marlowe's life was full of controversy, and his death was violent and mysterious. Burbage and Shakespeare, on the other hand, let pretty calm uncontroversial lives. The only things close to controversy about them is when Burbage had his theatre taken down and moved across the river despite the objec ( Full Answer )

How and why does Marlow save the lives of Kurtz's grieving followers?

he saves them by blowing a whistle to scare them away when he notices that the pilgrims have picked up their guns and are about to fire at them. i guess he did it out of compassion or something for the natives. remember how in part one he feels sympathy for the chained natives and how he offered foo ( Full Answer )