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The American Civil War happened on the lands and waters of the United States of America between 1861 (April) and 1865 (April to June). Much of the fighting took place in or around the American state of Virginia; however, there was a long and important Western campaign, an important coastal/naval campaign, and numerous other small and large battles fought elsewhere.

What if the Civil War never happened?

That depends on whether you mean what if the Southern states did not secede or what if the Union chose not to wage war to bring them back. Michael Montagne Answer There would still be slavery, and blacks would never have ever had a chance in the "real" world, like Martin Luther King Jr. Actuall ( Full Answer )

Where did the Civil War happen?

Civil Wars Many countries have had civil wars. The one in the United States was between the northrern and southern states and occurred in the eastern part of the present day country. There were many battles, of which were mostly in the south. The first battle was at Fort Sumter, which no one was h ( Full Answer )

What happened in the US Civil War?

President Linclon was elected. the southern states dissagreed with what he wanted to to which was to get rid of slavery. so the south separated and called themselves Cofederate states of America. The north did not want the country to be torn apart. In April of 1861 the confederate army took over For ( Full Answer )

What happened after the Civil war ended?

After the Civil War was over, all was still not well. Everything that had been destroyed by the war had to be rebuilt, including the government in the South. Laws were passed to give equal rights to blacks, but blacks continued to be treated differently. Read more about Reconstruction, th e time af ( Full Answer )

What happened to slaves after the civil war?

During the war slavery was abolished bypresidential decree. Therefore there were no slaves after the war.Your question is meaningless and therefore unanswerable.

When the did the US Civil War happen?

The attack on Fort Sumter in South Carolina on April 12th, 1861marked the beginning of hostilities that soon developed into amajor war. The surrender of the Confederate States Army's General Robert E.Lee to the United States Army's Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grantat Appomattox, Virginia on April ( Full Answer )

What happened after the English Civil War?

After the English Civil War, many laws changed as they wanted to improve the area. Taxes went down as the government did not need to money to afford war supplies.

What happened in the American Civil War?

The American Civil War is the conflict between the Union and the Confederacy. In the beginning the armies went in motion because of the attack on Fort Sumter in April 1861. Soon it became a fight to preserve the Union while the Confederacy was fighting for Independence and the right to keep slavery ( Full Answer )

What happened before the civil war?

i have no idea, while im looking and cant find any acts passed or any sort of meetings. All i find is the general slavery problem. While slavery was part of the Civil War, it did not cause the war. The North and the South were incredibly different. The North was more the suburb where everyone had ( Full Answer )

How did the US Civil War happen?

The US Civil War had many different starts to it. One of these leading factors dates back to 1801 when Thomas Jefferson signed a tariff on all imported goods to equal the price of the same product in America.This was known as the Embargo Act. Slavery was not a huge factor of the Civil War's outbreak ( Full Answer )

What happened because of the Civil War?

The Fourteenth Amendment ended slavery in the U.S. Reconstruction temporarily redressed racial inequality in the South, but the South reverted to Jim Crow when it ended. The Transcontinental railroad opened up opportunities for farmers and new industries to push into the West (across the Mississippi ( Full Answer )

What happened at the civil war?

American soldiers from the North and Confederate soldiers from the South, shot at each other and died.

What happen to slaves after the civil war?

got killed All the slaves in the Southern states were freed and became American citizens. The Northern slave states soon had to free their slaves also after the civil war. The slaves became equals to the white people with a few attitude tweaks and a couple amendments!

What happened in the English Civil War?

The war was from 1642-51 where the royalists and parlimentarians went to war. They had argued over many things and the last straw was when the Parlimentarians made 14 demands they wanted King Charles to agree. There were many battles and some of the main ones were: Edgehill, Marston Moor, the two ba ( Full Answer )

What happened at Shiloh in the civil war?

Grant and Sherman were caught off-guard, not realising there were any Confederates in the area. The outstanding Southern General Sidney Johnston almost pushed the whole Union army into the Tennessee river, but called a halt for the night. By next morning, the Union troops had rallied, helped by rei ( Full Answer )

What happened to the union after the civil war?

It was 'reconstructed' - in the popular phrase. A Republican government had to work with Southern Democrats, against a background of Northern 'Carpetbaggers' heading South to exploit low wages, and the Ku Klux Klan threatening the law-abiding.

What if Civil War never happen?

Firstly it is spelled "what if THE civil war never happenED? Secondly i belive that our econimy would not be in a bad down turn. We might have finish the war in the middle east.Plus we would be more respected by our allies, and feared by our enimies.Hope this helps! =P

How did the English Civil War happen?

The English civil war happened when King Charles the 1st angered Parliament by ignoring them. This was because he strongly believed in the divine right of kings to rule alone. He also raised taxes a lot and wasted the money on himself instead of the country and his wife Henrietta Maria was Catholic ( Full Answer )

Why did Reconstruction happen after the Civil War?

Buildings were destroyed in the south after the civil war, so reconstruction happened. Although many people in the south were against it. . The original answer seems to misunderstand what "Reconstruction" refers to. In this context "Reconstruction" refers to the transformation of the Southern Unite ( Full Answer )

What happen after the American Civil War?

The Civil War did not begin as a total war, but it soon became one: a struggle that pitted society against society. Never before had mass armies confronted each other on the battlefield with the deadly weapons created by the industrial revolution.

Where the did the civil war happen?

Your question is way to broad. It took place thourghout what was the United States at the time. That is of course if your talking about the United States Civil War. my name is cute and the person above me does have a point when people start saying commen sense questions it kida bothers me see >:(

What happened first in the civil war?

At the immediate beginning of the Civil War in April of 1861,Southern troops occupied Charleston Harbor's Fort Sumter, which hadbeen bombarded into submission. Soon after, more states secededfrom the Union, troops were raised and trained by both sides,skirmishes took place between small contingents ( Full Answer )

Did the Civil War need to happen?

Yes it did. This war defined America in so many ways. It was a terrible waste of lives and resources but the country came out of it stronger and better. The timing was perfect in that the powers of the day, France, UK, Russia stayed out it and let us settle our differences. Ken Burns, producer of th ( Full Answer )

Where did the civil war happened at?

If you are talking about the United States, most of the Civil War occurred south of the Mason Dixon Line (the southern border of Pennsylvania), the Ohio River, and the Missouri River. A major battle occurred in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A few scattered battles occurred as far north as Vermont. An at ( Full Answer )

Why did Civil War happened?

cause the South and the north disagreed on things and the South wanted to become their own country

How do you know the Civil war happened?

We know the civil war happened because of the historical evidence. There are photos of battle fields, letters, graves, and documents that tell us about the war. It was the first war to be photographed so there are many photos of the people and places. I would suggest you find one of the many books o ( Full Answer )

What happen before Civil War?

Many people decided not to join, but be helpers to help soldier's help clean their serious wounds and give them food and water.

What happened in 1863 civil war?

The battle of Gettysburg was fought and won by the Union, the battle of Vicksburg ended on July 4th,

Why did the Sudan civil war happen?

Well I think because of oil comes from Sudan and I think that because I saw a picture of a Sudanese person holding up a sign that said "LOOSING OUR OIL IS A CRIME!" so yeah (I'm not positive)

What happen at the beginning of the civil war?

Nothing much. Two national armies having to be recruited, equipped and trained from scratch. A false start when Northern politicians urged a march on Richmond. This battle demonstrated that the armies were nowhere near ready, and it would be another seven months before an effective campaign was la ( Full Answer )

Why was the Civil War happen?

because the north didnt like the slaves, and trhe south didnt like what they were doing so it ended up turning into one of the most bloodiest wars for the usa.

What happened to Chamberlain after the civil war?

Joshua Camberlain was wounded several times, his most serious (nearly fatal) wound occuring at Petersburg Virginia in mid-1864 which put him out of the fight until he returned to service near the very end of the war. He was selected to represent the Army of the Potomac during the official surrender ( Full Answer )

What happened in 1857 in the civil war?

1857 was before the US Civil War, which started in Aprl 1861. The significant event in 1857 was the Supreme Court's decision in the case of the slave Dred Scott, denying him his freedom on the grounds that slavery was protected by the Constitution and that a black man should not be suing a white ( Full Answer )

What happen durin the civil war?

The South attacked Fort Sumter. The North responded. There were a number of battles between 1861 and 1865. Finally, Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox.

What happened to industries after the civil war?

Everything was better because we no longer had slavery. Everyone was allowed to vote, and all the people that were born in the United States of America were known as being citizens. :)

When the civil war began what happened?

Nothing much. It was a big anti-climax, as both sides realised they weren't ready for combat. The first pitched battle (Manassas/Bull Run) was provoked by the politicians, who thought it was going to be a short, bloodless war. It proved otherwise, and simply showed that there was lot of planning to ( Full Answer )

When did the Sudan Civil War happen?

There have been two civil wars in the Sudan in recent history. The last civil war ended in 2005. It is impossible to predict when or if another Sudan Civil War will happen.

What years did the Civil War happen?

The American Civil War occurred on April 12, 1861 and it was a quarrel between the north and the south (Yankees and Confederates). On April 9, 1865 Lee surrendered to Grant and the war ended. The civil war happened from 1862-1865.

Did the civil war happen in Kentucky?

Most definitely. I live in a small ton called White Mills, it is about 13 miles west of Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Yes, they made a movie, the same town. There is an old building downtown that still has the Civil War cannon ball still lodged in its exterior wall. There was a battle here towards the en ( Full Answer )