Where did Claudia and Jamie hide their things?

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Claudia and Jamie are going to hide their things in the bathroom.

How old is Claudia?

Claudia is the name of a Vestal Virgin in Roman mythology circa 700BC. Claudia is also the name of the child vampire in Anne Rice's novelseries The Vampire Chronicles , as portrayed in the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire by 12-year-old Kirsten Dunst. There are many modern woman with the give ( Full Answer )

Your husband is being secretive and hiding money and other things from you is he cheating?

Answer . A spouse hiding money is lacking in integrity towards their marriage. It's compounded if you're seeing other red flags---changes in schedule, unusual phone calls or behavior on your husband's part--that are suggestive of an affair.. You can't have a relationship that survives without mu ( Full Answer )

What are some of Jamie Lynn Spears' favorite things?

Favorite color: pink . Favorite food: crawfish . Favorite movie: The Ring . Favorite singer(s): Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan . Favorite sports: cheerleading and softball . The Jamie Lynn Spears fansite below has compiled a list of Jamie Lynn's favorite things.

What is the winthrop theory in relation to hiding things?

Winthrop Theory . Long Term . These are likely to be well-cited, waterproof constructions that are used for long term storage of resources.. Transit . Transit hides are usually built for a specific operation and provide storage en route to a target location. They are normally conveniently marked ( Full Answer )

Who is Claudia Lars?

Claudia Lars (1899-1974) es el seudónimo de una de las mejores poetisas latinoamericanas de la primera mitad del siglo pasado, su nombre verdadero es Margarita del Carmen Brannon Vega. \n. Nació en Armenia, departamento de Sonsonate, República de El Salvador y se educó en la ciudad de ( Full Answer )

How do you hide the thing above the search bar?

This depends on what "thing" you are trying to hide. Sometimespeople see a "File", "Edit", "View", etc bar on the top of theirbrowser. This can be disabled by pressing the "Alt" key on yourkeyboard.

Did Claudia and Jamie Kincaid find out if Michelangelo made the angel in From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiller and how?

yes they did they went over to the house of mrs basil e frankweiler and she gave them 1 hour to find out after that she found a file and there was the drawing of the angel signed by michaelangelo then they asked mrs.basil e frankweiler why did she have it she responded michaelangelo was a good frien ( Full Answer )

Does a fox need things to hide in?

um... well, yes and no cause they do need some shade and place to play ( cause they are very,very,and very hyper) but they do not really need one cause they can get shade and play under the sofa or under your bed. P.S: Hope this helped

Why do people hide things?

So that the thing isn't found. E.g. 'oh no the police are coming where shall i put my weed'... 'i will hide it under my wig.'

Where did Winthrop theory in relation to hiding things originate from?

The Winthrop Theory was developed in 1964 by a British Army officer Lt Winthrop who was tasked by his superiors to find out why it was not possible to find terrorist resources. He set about working out how to find them and to look at hides and why items were placed there. He worked out that terroris ( Full Answer )

Why does the government hide things from us?

the government is hiding a lot of things from us. one of them are extraterrestrial proof. now, the reason that they are hiding that from us is because they don't want to scare the public. they know that if they told us the real hidden truth about extraterrestrials, a lot of people are going to panic ( Full Answer )

What is that teddy bear hide and seek thing on der riese zombie map?

ok. (this is easier with four people, they can defend you) :) when you first start DER RIESE ZOMBIE MAP, go to the windows. go to the ones either side of the pack a punch machine :) you might see something near those windows off the actual map. it SHOULD be glowing. shoot it. you SHOULD get the "ele ( Full Answer )

Is there such thing as a rhetorical question hiding in another non rhetorical question?

It all depends if you use your question marks or not. No question marks may make this possible but if you do it just mightn't be possible young grasshopper. Sorry, I like acting funny sometimes. Just then I was being a sensei! Please ignore my weirdness. So what are we to do about over-populati ( Full Answer )

Why did Claudia and Jamie run away from from home?

Claudia ran away because she felt like her parents never treated her fairley. Her younger brother Steve got all of her mothers attention and he is in first grade and when Claudia was in first grade, her mother only waited for herat the bus stop.

Where did she hide?

anne frank hide inn her dads works up stairs behind a hiden doorthey was a book shelf hidding the door

Why do men try to hide things from their girlfriend?

Every individual keeps a few secrets to themselves simply for privacy reasons and they may not feel it has any importance in the relationship. Women do the same thing. There is no need to know every little thing about your partner unless of course they are cheating. If you have a partner that is che ( Full Answer )

Your mother-in-law hides her things around your house before she leaves what does this mean?

She could be trying to psychicly enter your home. This is not necessarily a bad thing. She might just want to be closer to you and her child. She could also be trying to seduce you. It depends what she is hiding. If it is normal stuff, like coins, combs, shoes, sweaters, books, etc, its the former. ( Full Answer )

Places to hide things from mum?

The best place is if you have a playstation 2, turn it around and there's a part called the 'expansion bay' if you take that cover off there is like a space about half the size of the playstaion that is just empty so u can put heeeaaps of things in there (:, or if you have venitian blinds (the woode ( Full Answer )

How do you hide things from your parents?

Usually you can get away with under your bed, but one good place is in the corner of your closet. If its something thin or a note you can put it in your pillow case.;

Why do married men sneak and hide things from their wives?

For the same reason that married women hide things from their husbands (remember it's a two way street) because they are afraid that they might be mad at them for doing it so they just hide it from them. ANSWER: For several reason and it will make sense if you really pay attention to your husba ( Full Answer )

Who is Claudia Lynx?

She is model / actor from Iran,tehran who has gained a lot of negative attention because of her plastic surgery and photoshopped pictures. and she is muslim

Why would husband hide things from his wife?

he may be cheating on her or he even may be just hiding something like a surprise ANSWER: There are some husband and a wives that do hide things from their spouse. Reason is its nothing important, or they don't want simple things get in a way of their marriage, or protecting our spouse. And ther ( Full Answer )

How do you hide things with CSS?

I hope this what you mean; I will cut and paste part of one of my sites that are printer CSS: body { background: #fff; color: #000; font-family: "Times New Roman", serif: font-size: 12pt; } a { text-decoration: underline; } #head { text-align: center; } #pagetitle { disp ( Full Answer )

Why do girls like to hide things from their boyfriends?

Well, I wouldn't say we like to... but there are a couple reason girls do hide things. One possibility is these girl's you're talking about aren't very honest. Not all girl's are like that. Another reason is embarrassment. A girl usually doesn't like to divulge things she thinks a guy would find und ( Full Answer )

Where do parents usually hide things?

Parents will usually hide things in places their children are not supposed to go. For instance, the most common place is their bedroom closet in places where children can't reach. Parents may also hide things away in an attic or may not even hide things in the house at all.

Who is claudia kishi?

She is off the Babysitters Club. She is Asian with jet black hair, almond brown eyes, not doing to well in school, and an amazing artist.

What are some things that Anne Frank was afraid of hiding?

\n. well in my conclusion during Holocaust of course it was scary many people lost hope like Anne frank did she was afraid of getting delivered to concentration camp with all the danger all he killing almost half a billions of Jew's lost there lives even born babies she lost confidence on what she ( Full Answer )

What malware hides things from Uninstall Programs menu?

Yes Malware can be dangerous and Hide itself you may find some programs that you did notdownload. Sometimes you can delete it and sometimes a error messagemay come up saying that you can not dealte it because its running.if you need to get rid of Chrome Non Downloaded items that you didnot download ( Full Answer )

Where is claudia densmore?

As of October 2014, Claudia Densmore lives in Madera, California. She is the President of Accurate Lenders Mortgage.