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Island of oygia

Is a virus living or non-living?

A virus is non living as according to the modified Cell Theory,cells are defined as the basic building blocks of life, whileviruses are not made up of cells. In fact, a virus is nothing morethan a protein capsid encapsulating genetic material (either DNA orRNA), hence a virus would more correctly be ( Full Answer )

What do you live for?

I live for my passion: Art. . You live for whatever you think is important and what/who you love, I live for love and happiness. . I live for love...the love provided by friends...i love for the smell of rain, the way the clouds look when it's sunny...i live for the small things of t ( Full Answer )

What is a living will?

GoodSam . A living will provides a hospital or doctors with information that the patient wants them to know in the event that the patient is unable to answer for themselves. Example; while the person is alive he makes a living will that directs anyone that will be providing life saving procedu ( Full Answer )

What is living?

Answer it depends on what you mean by your question. living your life to its best would be getting out there, having fun, falling in love, having breath taking moments, exploring, helping people to smile, smiling, laughing, and living your life to the best. . living by its self is to breath in fr ( Full Answer )

Why are you living?

I am living because the oxygen has not worn down my body, I have not been in a car accident, I am perfectly healthy and young, and I intend on living for some time. Also, I am living because I am not dead. Did you mean why am I alive? I can answer this. I am alive because all living creature ( Full Answer )

How can you live?

Just let God Bless your life, and you'll see another day. Yeah, and eat and drink and stay healthy

Why do living things live where they live?

Because that might be the place that suits them or their group/species best. For example: a kangaroo would not live in the ocean because that wouldn't be a good place for them (although it is the best place for other creatures like fish). Their main food sources are found on land and they are not th ( Full Answer )

Where does he live?

were does Michael schumacher live He actually has several houses around the world. When we lived outside of Nice, France he had a villa up the hill behind us in St. Paul de Vence.

Where will you live?

If you're a minor (under 18) then you should be living with a parent or legally appointed gardian.

Is Matter Living or Non- Living?

Matter is everything. Carbon Dioxide is matter, Water is matter, and solids are matter is Mostly Matter is everything you can touch.

Where does he live at?

ANSWER: He lives either in a house, an apartment, a rooming house, or in a cardboard box under a bridge. That is unless the 'he' you are referring to is "HE' aka God which would then put him up in heaven !

Were do you live at?

I live in KIRWOOD. Do you? no i live in DetroitMi nope i live in Mexico

Where does there live?

Family Guy is in Qahog, Rhode Island. Qahog doesn't exist. Seriously go to google maps in type in Qahog it'll find no matches.

Where you are living?

i am living in poplar Montana i live in a lil blue house with alot of people and this town is small but it looks i big one on the map of it on Google .com I live on the gold coast Australia

What for do you live?

Answer For experience. For evolution. For love. to know what is God. to know what is Evil. and to choose. Answer I live because I was born with an innate drive for survival. Each decade or so has it's own imperative but the over riding force that keeps me moving in a forward directio ( Full Answer )

Where does she live at?

In the book Rodzina it is an Orphan Train book where did Rodzina come from

How do you use live in live on live at in a sentence?

I live in Saginaw County. I live in Ohio. I live in an apartment. I live at this address. I live at the end of the road. I live on the shores of Lake Erie. I live on Elm Street. I live on my Social Security check.

When to use live in or live at or live on in a sentence?

The rules for when to use 'live in', 'live at' and 'live on' follow from more general rules about when to use 'in', 'at' and 'on'. . IN . Use ' in ' when the place is thought of as a containing area rather than as a point:. An enclosed space : . "He lives in a house/a cave/a hole." . ( Full Answer )

Did people live when the dinosaurs live?

The short answer is "No." Years ago some anthropologists came across what is referred to as the "Paluxy Tracks." The Paluxy Tracks seemingly showed dinosaur and human footprints alongside one another, dating to the same time period. However, after much controversy it was determined that the "huma ( Full Answer )

Do you live in earth or live on earth?

We live on the earth because if we lived in it we would probobly be all dead by the lava sorrounding us and the heat. So we live on the earth.

How do Mormons live their lives?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" Church) live their lives similar to anyone else in their community. They live in regular homes, apartments, and neighborhoods, where their neighbors may or may not be Mormons as well. They drive cars, watch T.V. ( Full Answer )

Is dust living or non living?

dust is non-living Additional answer But some dust consists of old skin cells (now dead, but were living) and pollen (living) spores (living).

Can you live in the world but not live of the world?

You can certainly try, but it's not easy. To live in the world but not be of the world means to be physically present in the world (a real, live human being, in other words) but not get caught up in human emotions like greed or jealousy or anger (to remain above all the negativity and focus entirely ( Full Answer )

What living things live in puddles?

The living things are:- . small frogs . tadpoles . bacteria . worms . tiny fishes or fry . insects like water beetles . algae These are some basic examples and if you want to know more then have fun exploring.

Where do lobsters live and how long do they live?

The Langosta lobster, also known as the spiny lobster, is commonly found in the Caribbean. Lobsters don't usually live that long. They might end up at Red Lobster on a plate!

Where does the red kangaroo live and why does it live there?

Red kangaroos are native to Australia. They are found in all states and territories of Australia except Tasmania, and they are not found in the tropical regions of the far north. There are no large natural predators of adult kangaroos in Australia, and this is one of the factors that has enabled t ( Full Answer )

Are plants living or non-living?

living! they need energy! sun,H2o, oxygen. they grow. living: tree. grass. flower. non living: rock. - grade 8 student at jack donahue public school. C.A 8B 2011-2012

What is the point of living if you have nothing to live for?

Because you might have something to live for tomorrow, or next week, or next month. Besides, there are other people that appreciate your being alive. I appreciate your being alive, because you asked an interesting question that made me think for a while.

How do the Sikhs live their lives?

Sikh's live their lives in the way Guru Nanak taught them. To be peaceful, and have strong faith. The five K's are important symbols worn by the Khalsa, the khalsa are a community of committed sikhs who try to live in the Accordance of the teachings of guru nanak. Hope this helped!

When do you use live in live on live at in a sentence?

The uses of "in" and "on" are far from consistent, but "at" refers to a specific location (an address or geographic point). You live in : a house, an apartment, a city, a neighborhood, a state, the hills, the islands, the Northwest. You live on : a mountain, a farm, a lake, a river, a street, ( Full Answer )

Where the do you live?

hey nobodies stupid enough 2 answer that so don't bother trying who ever asked this u are an idiot

What are the living and non living things?

Living things are animals, people, and plants.Non living things are things like rocks, water,candy,pencils,etc. Also, living things are the biotic factors in an ecosystem, and nonliving things are the abiotic factors in an ecosystem.

What animals live long lives?

Some varietys of turtles live for hundreds of years edit: Turritopsis nutricula , is a species of jellyfish that is theoretically immortal. The jellyfish can, in effect, revert back to a polyp state (ie. the equivalent of a human adult becoming a child once more). The jellyfish essentially reabs ( Full Answer )

How do Indians live their lives?

They're people. They live the same as anyone else, depending on their location, wealth, etc. and if their name is Josephine they are AWESOME and have lots of dogs, holly.

Is wood non living or living?

Wood is a non-living thing. However, wood can be living. Wood contains cells and cells are one factor that defined living life. When a tree is still rooted and not cut - it is living. Therefore the wood it contains is living. When the tree is cut down - it dies. Therefore the wood it contains is dea ( Full Answer )

Is medicine living or non living?

No. They are made up of pressed chemicals that dissolve in the acid in your stomach, and then enter your bloodstream, which causes the effects. Living things are made up of cells, which are not inside of pills. Answer: It depends on the medicine. Some are inorganic (non-living) others are made ( Full Answer )

Are acorns living or non living?

The acorn , or oak nut , is the nut of the oaks It usually contains a single seed Acorns take between about 6 or 24 months (depending on the species) to mature it is a wild plant eaten by squirrels and can be planted so it is living organism i guess

How did ancient Egyptians live out their lives?

The ancient egyptians lived their lives through a very harsh climate and they worked really hard everyday of their lives. But every single day, they had taken out some time of their days and spent it with their families and children.

When to use live in or live at or live on?

Most English people live in England. Jack lives at 93, Main Street. The quotation "Not by bread alone" means that you can live on bread, but there are far more important aspects to living a good life.

How do you use live in live on and live at?

"Live in" is used for cities, countries, etc. . "Live on" is used for streets, floors of a building, islands,etc. . "Live at" is used for a specific address For example, I live in California. I used to live in Ireland. Ilive on the third floor. I would like to live on the Big Island ofHawaii. I l ( Full Answer )

What is a living will-?

The official definition for a living will is "a written statementdetailing a person's desires regarding their medical treatment incircumstances in which they are no longer able to express informedconsent, especially an advance directive."