Where did Cleopatra's leopard come from?

Cleopatra's pet leopard was named Arrow. It is not known who gave her the pet or where the pet came from. Leopards can be found in the wild in countries such as Pakistan, India, China, and parts of Africa. She also had a horse named Bucephalus. It is believed that her leopard ate her sisters pet monkey.

Correction here, in a way. The above is probably correct but its source is from FICTION. In fiction anything goes. In reality, we do not know of Cleopatra ever having any pets nor do we know their names. Its highly unlikely that in reality, a future queen would be subject to the unpredictable temperament of a wild animal such as a leopard. Also, only one of the ancient writers even mentions that Cleopatra could ride a horse and this was only hearsay -- queens or princesses simply did not do this in those days. Besides, the name of the horse should have clued you in to the fictionalized version of Cleopatra, as Bucephalas was the name of Alexander the Great's horse and no other -- at least not mentioned in history.