Where did Cleopatra reigon?

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Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.

Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.

Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.

Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.

Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.

Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.

Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.

Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.

Cleopatra reigned in Egypt.
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Who was Cleopatra?

Cleopatra was the name of several women of the Ptolemaic dynasty ofancient Egypt. The Cleopatra that we are discussing here isCleopatra VII, who was the last queen (pharaoh) of her dynasty.Over the years she has become an icon of beauty, feminineperfection, intellectual brilliance and any other supe ( Full Answer )

What did Cleopatra do?

She married many men and spoke 9 languages. She was an Egyptian ruler who lived from 69 BC to 30 BC. She sometimes was called the "Queen of the Nile." She was the subject of a Shakespeare play and had many movies.

Where was Cleopatra from?

By origin she was from Greek, her great grandfather was a generalin Alexander the Great's army and when he died his empire was splitup Ptolemy got Egypt. Also Cleopatra was the only one in her familyline who bothered to learn the Egyptian tongue.

Cleopatra did what?

It was not all Cleopatra's fault to bring down her Ptolemaic dynasty. Throughout the genealogy of Ptolemaic history, Alexander the Great who died left his successors to fight for the game of thrones leaving Alexander's family dead in position. Ptolemy one of Alexander's companion sneakingly took the ( Full Answer )

Who and what did Cleopatra do?

Cleopatra Tryphaena (VII)was born into the Ptolomy (tol-o-mee) family, a desendant of one of Alexander the great's generals which he left in charge of Egypt. She was the 3rd child, with 2 older sisters (Cleopatra VI, Berenice), a little sister (Arsinoe) and 2 little brothers (Ptolomy and Ptolomy). H ( Full Answer )

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Florida is located in the south east of the United States. It isalso considered a part of the gulf coast.

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Northeast New England Mid-Atlantic Midwest East North Central West North Central South South Atlantic East South Central West South Central West Mountain Pacific

Why was Cleopatra named Cleopatra?

it was her mother's, grandmother's, great grandmother's, great great grandmother's, and great great great grandmother's name. Also, she was her Fathers favorite child, and the name Cleopatra in greek means favoirite of her father.

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Norway, Sweden and Denmark is known as Scandinavia . Some authorities also include Finland and some might even include Iceland.. The Nordic countries make up a region in Northern Europe and far northeastern North America, called the Nordic region, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway ( Full Answer )

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What are reigons?

A reigon is a political or functional division in the world thathas simmular areas in it

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some say 4 or 5 but i say 9. the panhandle, the North West, the north east, east central, west central, South west, south east, the south, and last but not least the keys.

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What reigon is Paris in?

Technically, Paris is in Paris. The region surrounding Paris (but not including it) is Il-de-France

What did cleopatra where?

Cleopatra VII was the last monarch of Ancient Egypt. She reigned from 70 BC to 30 BC.

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The Hudson River lays at the northernmost point of the EasternLowland Landscapes and Atlantic Coastal Plains. This is very flatland. The Hudson Bay lies at the center of the Canadian Shield, avery rocky area which contains some of the oldest rock on Earthâ??ssurface.

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Laos and Cambodia on the left side (west side); Communist China on the top (northern border); and the Pacific Ocean on the right side (east side). Note: Maps will indicate that particular portion of the Pacific Ocean to be the South China Sea.

Where did Cleopatras family from?

all i know is that she came from a family of Macedonian Greeks. there family was ruling Egypt so she must be from Egypt. that's why she she is the queen of Egypt.

Who were Cleopatras family?

Cleopatra's family was descendant from Ptolemy one of Alexander the Great's generals. That's why all the males in the dynasty had the name Ptolemy. Her immediate family consisted of her father, Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra V, who may or may not have been her mother, three sisters and two brothers. Her sis ( Full Answer )

Was Cleopatra fat?

Cleopatra is always shown as beautiful not short and fat, but youhave to remember that the statues of all Egyptian rulers werestylized and only the face gives us clues as to who they were, ifthere is no inscription. However there is some evidence that shewas a bit on the hefty side. A Dr. Martin Wea ( Full Answer )

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London is in the region of Greater London, but generally, on the scale of the whole of Britain, it would be in the South East. Hope this helps.

What did Cleopatra were?

Cleopatra was queen of Egypt from Ptolemy dynasty (dynasty established by one of the Alexander the Great generals). Cleopatra lived in 1st century before Christ. Cleopatra is famous by her beauty and by her relations to powerful men of Rome (G.I. Caesar and Antonius).

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1 St.Lawrence Lowlands 2 Artic Lowlands 3 Cordillera 4 Appalation 5 Canadien sheild 6 Interior Planes I only know six of theam srry

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Pretty well all of Europe has one religion, and that is Christianity. Of course, you will find the occasional Muslim, or Hindu, but that may be something like 1 in 100,000 that you find even one of those.

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It is the Isshu region, the region that is far away to Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh region. For more information click on the link below. . That was the Japanese name for Pokemon Black and White. The English name for the region in Pokemon Black and White is the Unova region.

Which Cleopatra built Cleopatra needle?

No Cleopatra built the obelisks called "Cleopatra's Needles". They were built by Thutmose III in about 1450 BC. and they stood before a temple in Heliopolis. When the Ptolemies conquered Egypt, they had them moved to Alexandria. The only connection they have with Cleopatra, is that they stood before ( Full Answer )

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Italy has 20 regions. Abruzzo Apulia Basilicata Calabria Campania Emilia Romagna Friuli-Venezia Giulia Lazio Liguria Lombardy Marche Molise Piedmont Sardinia Sicily Trentino-Alto Adige Tuscany Umbria Val d'Aosta Veneto

What is she Cleopatra?

Cleopatra is the Queen of Egypt in 500BC. She is a successful queen, but the last queen of Egypt.

What is a reigon in math terms?

The same as it is in normal terms. A region in maths is just a selected area. e.g. A region on a graph

Who is Cleopatra and how did Cleopatra die?

Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt but she actually wasn't Egyptian. One of her direct ancestors was Alexander the Great and he invaded Egypt and declared himself king or 'Pharaoh' but was not Egyptian but Greek, so Cleopatra VII was actually Greek with a little bit of Egyptian blood from past ( Full Answer )

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When Cleopatra was Cleopatra holding when she died?

Cleopatra held nothing in her hand when she died, except possibly the crook and flail which were symbols of an Egyptian ruler's power. This is only assumed, as one of her slaves who died with her was adjusting Cleo's diadem when she was overcome. If the queen was wearing her crown, then it is assume ( Full Answer )

How do you spell reigon?

The transposition is the noun region (an area or division ofa country or continent). The similar word is religion , an organized system of beliefsand worship.