Where did Cleopatra spend her childhood?

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Cleopatra spent lots of her childhood in her palace in Egypt with her father and siblings, however for some of her childhood she was in rome with her father to ask for help to reclaim the throne.
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The Night was written and narrated by Eliezer. During hischildhood, he believed in God, but the Holocaust robbed him of hisfaith and he was exposed to the deepest inhumanity of which man iscapable.

What was Cleopatras childhood like?

Cleopatra's life was far from privledged. She lived a sheltered life and had a childhood disease rare at the time. Her and her family moved around some and she was very distant from society. It wasn't until she broke free from her mothers control that she developed into the leader her father had mad ( Full Answer )

What was childhood like for Cleopatra?

She had a hard childhood because of growing up in a royal family. People assassinated her family members and many more tragic things happened with her. She shadowed her father during his rule and had many siblings.

How was Cleopatras childhood?

We know nothing of Cleopatra's childhood. It is assumed that she was raised in luxury as were all the royal children of her time.

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What things happened in Cleopatra childhood?

We know very little about Cleopatra's childhood, or anything about her before she became queen. The things we do know is that when she was a child, her father was usurped from his throne and went into exile, her sister took the crown and when her father returned to power had her sister beheaded. Som ( Full Answer )

How was Cleopatra childhood life?

lCleopatra VII was born to Ptolemy XII Auletes (her mothers name unstated, but many believe it was Cleopatra V) lCleopatra VII was said to be born on January in 69 B.C. and died around August 12th in 30 B.C. lShe was said to have a very rough childhood because she was royalty. lAt the age of 18, ( Full Answer )

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Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany and she mostly grew up in Holland, Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She moved there in 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.

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What wre childhood accompishments for Cleopatra?

We know nothing of Cleopatra's childhood. It can be assumed that she was educated as any other royal child and that she more than likely learned the Egyptian language a a child. That's all we can say about the young Cleopatra. Anything else would be guesswork.

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What did Cleopatra injoy doing in her childhood?

Your question cannot be answered because we know nothing about Cleopatra's childhood. Your question cannot be answered because we know nothing about Cleopatra's childhood. Your question cannot be answered because we know nothing about Cleopatra's childhood. Your question cannot be answered becaus ( Full Answer )

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Did Cleopatra have any awards during her childhood?

We know absolutely nothing about Cleopatra's childhood. Anything written about her youth is pure speculation and assumption. The best answer to your question has to be "maybe, maybe not".