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What were the motives of the Thirty Years' War?

During the reformation, major violence broke out in 1618 when unhappy Protestants threw two Catholic officials out of a window in the city of Prague. Their action was a response to a new policy issued by the king of Bohemia- a part of the empire. The king had decided to make everyone in his kingdom ( Full Answer )

Why did the Thirty Years war begin?

The 30 years war bean because of the spreading protestant reformation. Many princes in Germany felt under control by charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, and so by becoming protestant they thought that they would have more power. Other countries, such as the French, sought to curb the power of the Holy Ro ( Full Answer )

Was the Thirty Years War a meaningful conflict?

kind of. it established a lot of the borders we have today and established Swiss neutrality. but it could have been solved without all that bloodshed. the treaty of westphalia was something they could have come up with without the war.

Who was involved in the Thirty Years War?

Many countries were involved on the side of the Protestant Statesand Allies in the Thirty Years' War. Some of them were Sweden,Denmark-Norway, Saxony, and France. Some of the countries involvedon the side of the Roman Catholic States and Allies were the HolyRoman Empire, the Spanish Empire, Hungary, ( Full Answer )

What is the Thirty Years' War?

The Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) was fought primarily in what is now Germany, and at various points involved most countries in Europe. It was one of the most destructive conflicts in European history. The origins of the conflict and goals of the participants were complex, and no single cause can ( Full Answer )

How do you get over being with someone for thirty years?

Don't try to get 'over' it ... that's futile. Focus on getting past it. Think about good experiences in those 30 years and appreciate them. Think about any bad experiences and learn from them.. Those 30 years are a significant part of your life - don't try to just forget them or think you CAN forge ( Full Answer )

Effects of the thirty years war?

Because the government needs money to purchase weapons and train people for war, they increased taxes and raised prices on items that are needed to survive. Like increasing the price of gas, food, water, etc. As a result this makes the economy very bad.

What were the results of the Thirty Years' War?

As a result of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), Switzerland andthe Netherlands became independent; Germany became fragmented andits population was greatly reduced; and France soon became adominant power in western continental Europe. The war also sawSpain begin to decline as a colonial power. The ( Full Answer )

Who all fought in the Thirty Years' War?

The people who fought the war were- the House of Austria: the Habsburg, Holy Roman Emperors, Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III together with their Spanish cousin Philip IV.

What is the average income of a thirty year old?

In today's life styles the average income for a 30 year old is $27,500.00 annually because the economy is not stable. however in the extreme northeastern states it is higher at $36,543.00.

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What were the causes of the Thirty Years' War?

The reason for the battle of the Thirty Years' War was to battle for religious control of Holy Roman Empire. The Thirty Years War was caused by the split of the Catholic Church, oterwise known as the Protestant Reformation. Cavin's 95 Theses brought church corruption to the forefront of European's ( Full Answer )

Where was the thirty years' war fought?

The war was fought primarily (though not exclusively) in Germany and at various points involved most of the countries of Europe. Naval warfare also reached overseas and shaped the colonial formation of future nations.

How long did the Thirty Years' War last?

30 years.....1618-1648 . 30 years The conflict known as the Thirty Years' War lasted for about 30 years, from 1618 to 1648. It began as a religious conflict involving the Holy Roman Empire, and took place mostly in areas now part of modern Germany. The war, or wars, lasted thirty years, from 1618 t ( Full Answer )

What was a result of the Thirty Years' War?

Bohemian Phase Results (1618-25): Ferdinand Habsburg disposed, Frederick V took the crown . Danish Phase Results (1625-28): Ferdinand II succeeded in uniting the Lutherans and Calvinists against him . Swedish Phase Results (1629-35): Protestant forces now occupied most of Central and Northern G ( Full Answer )

What caused the Thirty Years' War?

The Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) was fought mainly along religious divisions, Catholic and Protestant, and between the competing dynasties of Bourbon (France) and Hapsburg (including Spain). The main contest was for control of central Europe, mostly the kingdoms of Germany, Austria, and the Netherl ( Full Answer )

What was the Thirty Years' War?

The Thirty Years' War was fought, mainly in Central Europe, from 1618-1648. The Habsburg monarchy tried to gain hegemony in Europe and impose Roman Catholicism on the Protestant states. It developed into a much wider European conflict.

Why was the Thirty Years' War fought?

Thirty Years' War , a series of European conflicts from 1618 to 1648, fought primarily in Germany. The war started in Bohemia with a Protestant revolt against the Holy Roman Empire and eventually involved almost all of the countries of Europe. By its final years, religious issues had been submerged ( Full Answer )

Which describes a result of the thirty year war?

The Thirty Years' War brought about decline in power of the Catholic Church, decline in feudalism, decline in power of the Holy Roman Empire, and the rise in the Swedish Empire and Bourbon Dynasty.

What happened after the Thirty Years' War?

As a result of the Thirty Years' War, Germany was divided into manyterritories. This lessened the power and influence of the HolyRoman Empire.

How many years do you spend at College?

it totally depends on which country your in... here in America, school is till 12th Grade and then there is 4 years of College, and then 2 years of University.... so in this case its 4 years of college..

When did the Thirty Years' War begin?

1618. The Thirty Years' War was fought primarily in the region that is now Germany, from 1618 to1648. The thirty years' war began in The Holy Roman Empire

Who lost the Thirty Years' War?

Well, there wasn't really a whole "I won, You lost" result of the war. The Treaty of Westphalia, the treaty that ended the way, has been called the treaty of "Exhaustion" since the nations could no longer fight each other. So no one really lost or won, but if you want to get into the technicalities ( Full Answer )

When was the thirty years war fought?

From 1618- 1648 There are four phases. 1. Bohemian (1618- 1625) 2. Danish (1625- 1629) 3. Swedish (1630 - 1635) 4. Swedish - French (1635 - 1648)

Who was the Thirty Years' War between?

It began as a religious war between Catholic and Protestant Christians, but it became a national war with several European nations involved. France, a Catholic country, eventually sided with the Protestants.

How many moths of the year have thirty days?

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What was not a result of the Thirty Years' War?

There are actually a lot of things that are not results of the thirty years war, like the invention of computers. Why don't you use your textbook instead of cheating with the internet?

How was the thirty years war fought?

The origins of the conflict and goals of the participants were complex, and no single cause can accurately be described as the main reason for the fighting. Initially, the war was fought largely as a religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics in the Holy Roman Empire, although disputes ove ( Full Answer )

Why did it take thirty years for the Gospels to be written?

This is a subjective answer as no definitive one can be made.Scholars have a vast range of dates for the Gospels. The New KingJames Study Bible has a consensus range of dates from 50 AD to 95AD. What truly matters is what is written in these books and notwhen they were written. If the above date ra ( Full Answer )

Where does Persephone spend a month of the year?

She spends it in Hades, the mythological underworld. She is the queen of this underworld, and she is forced to spend 3 months out of the year there as payment for eating the food of the dead, which cannot be consumed by the living. She ate three pomegranate seeds, so she spends 3 months. This is par ( Full Answer )

Did people recycle thirty years ago?

Yes, people have been recycling for centuries. Prior to the twentieth century, there wasn't much to recycle until the canned food industry began to grow. Most consumer products were made from natural materials that were easy to reuse and recycle. When I was a kid, there was a 'rag man' who rode arou ( Full Answer )

When the Thirty Years' War began?

The Thirty Years War virtually started on May 23, 1618 with the so called Defenestration of Prague, which triggered the Bohemian Rebellion.

Can a guy grow taller after thirty years?

It's possible! Though most gigs stop growing in their late teenager years, sone people continue to grow in their thirties. Though, it's not likely, it happens.

What were the four consequenceces of the thirty years war?

The immediate consequence which led to the Thirty Year's War wasthe revolt of the Protestants of Bohemians who were unhappy withFerdinand II because of his anti-Protestant policy. The troublestarted when Ferdinand II ordered destruction of Protestant Churchat Prague. The protestant people immediatel ( Full Answer )

How did the Thirty Years' war affect Fritzlar?

The Thirty Year War (1618-1648) inflicted serious damage onFritzlar and the neighboring villages, culminating with an outbreakof the black plague. The town's population dropped from about 2000to merely 600, and it took 200 years before the inhabitants againnumbered 2000