Where did Clovis drive the last Roman army?

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Clovis defeated Syagrius, the leader of the Roman domain of Soissons in at the Battle of Soissons in northern Gaul in 486 AD.
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What is the Roman army?

Rome was early on (say 500 BCE) a farming community covering about 50 square miles, with a citadel to defend in extremis. The Roman army comprised initially the peasant farmers turning out to repel predatory nomads or neighbours. To be in it you had to possess property. Non-propertied people were no ( Full Answer )

What did you have to do to get in the Roman army?

You had to enlist. If you were a Roman citizen between the ages of 18 and 25 and in good mental and physical health, you were in. If you were not a citizen and wanted to join, you would be in the auxilia, with the benefit or Roman citizenship when your service was over.

Who is clovis?

Clovis ruled in 481 CE (meaning COMMON ERA). When he first started to rule he was only 15 years of age.. He did three major things;. -Expanded his kingdom. -Convert to christianity, and leads franks into christianity. -Started horse back for war

What did the Roman army do?

they protected king ceasar The Roman Armies were considered to be the most effective fighting force of their time. Having left Rome many campaigns were fought across Europe led by respected and trusted Generals of the Emperors of Rome. In thair wake the Armies left roads, developed complex supply ( Full Answer )

Were Romans forced to join the army?

Ordinarily no, they were not forced to join the army. However in the declining years, or in times of crises, the provincials would sometimes be conscripted. If the Romans had an agreement with an allied kingdom for troop supply, then the allied king could conscript in his own territory in order to s ( Full Answer )

Who was in the roman army?

When the Romans instituted a professional army of volunteers, any able bodied citizens of sound mind and of military age (17 to 46) could join the army. Freedmen acquired citizenship on being freed. They could join the army, too.

What did you have to be to be in the Roman army?

You had to be physically fit, 18 years old (but they weren't always that age because the Romans were more concerned about height) and 1.6 cm tall. Oh and you had to be a male.

How did the Roman army conquerer the Roman empire?

the Romans were successful in battle because of there strong and well equipped foot soldiers. Combined with smart commanders, this was one of the greatest army of all times.

What did clovis do?

Was the first Frankish ruler to become a Christian. He defeated the last Roman ruler in Gaul and took over many Germanic people in what is now known as France.

How do you get in the Roman army?

Up to the 2nd Century BCE, all property owners were called up to defend the state and their property against attack, or for the purpose of taking others' property which could be distributed amongst their sons and the non-propertied class. The unpropertied class was not called for regular service, as ( Full Answer )

What features did a Roman have to have to join the Roman Army?

One of the reasons why the Roman army was so successful was because they only chose the best men. The type of men that the Roman army selected had to be fit. They had to have long fingers and a letter of recommendation. This helped the Roman army as most of the men were the best of the best.. had t ( Full Answer )

Did a Roman army conquer a Spartan army?

Yes, the Spartans were defeated by the Romans. Sparta had been in aslow decline for centuries before the Romans arrived. Romancommander Flamininus invaded Laconia and laid siege to Spartaaround 195 BC. By the 2nd century BC it was nothing more than aprovince of Rome.

Is the roman army the largest army ever?

You cannot compare ancient armies to modern ones because food technology and transportation improvements have allowed for larger fielded and standing armies.. The Roman army of the past would be very small compared to the industrial global armies of today or even the professional standing armies of ( Full Answer )

What did you do in the Roman army?

Well, personally, I was never in the Roman army. If you mean what a man did in the army, I can tell you that he trained, marched, fought, dug (a lot), built bridges and roads, obeyed orders, cooked his own food, complained about his pay, cleaned his equipment, stood guard duty and hoped for a promot ( Full Answer )

Why was the Roman army important to the Romans?

The Roman Legions were supremely important to the Romans as they were the reasons (or part) of why the Romans rose and fell. RISE OF ROME ★ Thanks to the Roman Legions, who conquered so much land, the Roman Empire stretched so widely. The Roman army was neatly organized, loyal, and smart an ( Full Answer )

How many troops where in the roman army?

Firstly, "where in the roman army" - well italy? I dont quite get the question. Could you mean were possibly? I hope you dont have a GCSE in english.

What duties did you have to perfom in the roman army?

In the Roman army, a man had to first learn to obey orders. Then it was training in both marching and weapons. This training was kept up even in times of peace. There was the usual guard duty, equipment cleaning and maintenance, doing your laundry and cooking your meals. (Only large, permanent forts ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of being in the roman army?

The main disadvantage of being in the Roman army was, for some, the loss of the rights of Roman citizenship. A wayward soldier could be flogged and even crucified in extreme cases. The personal freedom, such as civilians enjoyed, was denied him as he had to obey orders. There were also long enlistme ( Full Answer )

When was the roman army formed?

When James Springthorpe-Wier (who lives on Tenter Road, 58 - we don't know for sure but it's the one with the 2 Toyota Celica's parked outside) says so.

How was the roman army orginized?

the Romans were orginised in lines In the Roman army the legion was divided into centuries which were meant to have 100 men, but their size could vary. From the 6th to the late 4th century they were lined up in phalanxes following the Greek model of warfare. This was a large and deep (8 files or ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to drive from Las Vegas NV to clovis nm?

The driving distance between Las Vegas, NV and Clovis, NM is approximately 790 miles. The driving time would be approximately 13 hours 15 minutes if you were to travel non-stop in good driving conditions. (The driving time does not take into consideration conditions which may extend trip time such ( Full Answer )

Who can be in the Roman army?

To be in the Roman army you had to be a male and a Roman citizen and in reasonably good health, both mental and physical. However, as the empire expanded there were not enough Roman citizens so they used auxiliaries who were generally recruited by allied kingdoms. Upon discharge, the auxiliaries wer ( Full Answer )

What punishments did the roman army used?

The Roman army had a variety of disciplinary actions and most of them severe. If a man was guilty of a major offense, like disobeying orders in battle or falling asleep on guard duty, he could be beaten to death by fellow soldiers whose lives he had endangered. If a complete unit disregarded orders ( Full Answer )

What were the roman army techniques?

You will have to be more specific in your question. Techniques for what? The Roman army had many duties, from building roads and bridges to policing an area to actual fighting. There methods varied depending on what they were doing and where they were doing it.

What were the members of the Roman army?

The members of the Roman army had to all be freeborn men. A Miles Gregarius was a common soldier. A Signifer was the standard bearer for a legion, or cohort. Aquilifer was the eagle bearer of the legion. Tessararius was a sergant. Optio was the second in command of a century and of a cavalry squadro ( Full Answer )

How was the roman army supported by the empire?

The main way the Roman army was supported by the peoples in the empire was in troop recruitment. The provincials were willing to enlist because or the steady pay and Roman citizenship upon discharge. Provincials made up the Roman auxiliary cavalry and the auxiliary light infantry. Also specialty for ( Full Answer )

How To get into the Roman Army?

To get into the Roman army you needed to be fairly rich and have large expnases of land as well as being able to supply your own armour and weapons.

What can the Roman army do?

The Roman army trained, by doing drills, thy raided, they ate grapes, and drank beer(like me). basically fought, raided, and ate. hope this helps!:)

Why was the Roman army important to the Roman decline?

Well, first of all, the Roman Army was very effective and efficient. Soldiers were disciplined and trained and were on a professional basis. This meant that you held no other occupation if you were a Roman soldier, unless you were discharged or disbanded. Now, the Roman army did contribute to the de ( Full Answer )

How was the Roman Republic's army different from the Roman Empire's Army?

In the early republic,the roman army was on the Tullian system of 5classes. The first class of soldiers were hoplites.Class 2 werespearmen.Class 3 were light spearmen.Class 4 were skirmishers.Class5 was capite censi.Then after the battle of allia in 390BC androme's sacking in 390BC, rome swiched to ( Full Answer )

What did Roman armies do?

The Roman army was a multi-tasking organization. Their first job, being a army, was to win battles and conquer. However they were also the group that built the roads, the aqueducts and layed out the plans for new towns or colonies. They sometimes were responsible for policing an area and in the prov ( Full Answer )

What did the Roman aquilifer do in the Roman army?

The "aquilifer" was the standard bearer of the legion's eagle, the symbol of the spirit of the legion. He carried it in battle, in parades and was responsible for it on the march. He set up the shrine for the eagle in the marching camps. He, like all the other standard bearers, held a rank above the ( Full Answer )

What did you have to be to get in the Roman army?

To get in the Roman army you had to be a Roman citizen and in good health. If you were a non-citizen and wanted to join as an axillary, you had to have a special skill, such as bowman, slinger, horseman, etc. To get in the Roman army you had to be a Roman citizen and in good health. If you were a n ( Full Answer )

What was the Roman washing like in the Roman army?

If you mean personal washing and personal cleanliness, the standards were high, just as in civilian life Remains of baths have been found at Roman forts. If you mean washing in the sense of laundry, the officers had slaves to tend to their clothing while the enlisted men did their own.

Who was in roman army?

Roman (male) citizens of military age (between 17 and 46) who were physically and mentally fit could join the army. Slaves could not join the army, but freedmen could because once they became free men they were given Roman citizenship. There were also auxiliaries who were recruited from the province ( Full Answer )

Is the Roman legion the same as the Roman army?

No, not quite. A Roman legion is a part of a Roman army. However at certain times and under certain conditions a "legion" could be considered the actual army. For example, if there was a need for a river crossing, a legion would be sent in to build a bridge and it would be said that the "army" built ( Full Answer )

What awards did the roman army get when they left the army?

The Marian reform of 107 BC created a standing professional army was created. The career in the legions lasted at first 16 years. It was then increased to 20 years. Soldiers could also be recalled to serve 5 years as reservists. Many soldiers served for 30 to 40 years. On discharge soldiers were giv ( Full Answer )

Was Clovis the only Roman Catholic King in Gaul?

It's just Catholic, not Roman Catholic. Roman is an epithet first commonly used in England after the protestant revolt to describe the Catholic Church. It is never used by the official Catholic Church. . The baptism of Clovis was the birth of the nation we now call France, and indeed he was the firs ( Full Answer )

How do you get into the Roman army?

Up to 107 BC there was a levy which included only peasant/proprietors who a property value above an certain threshold. After the Marian reforms of the army in 107 BC any Roman citizen of military age (17 to 46) could volunteer to join the army.

What did Clovis do to the Western Roman Empire after its fall?

The Franks had already been allowed to settle in Holland south of the river Rhine and Belgium by the Romans. They expanded into northern Gaul during the invasions by other Germanic peoples. Clovis did not do anything the the Western Roman Empire. When he conquered the Domain of Soissons, a Gallo-Ro ( Full Answer )

What did the Romans get for being in the roman army?

In the early days of Rome, until 107 BC, the Roman army was a citizen militia of peasant-proprietors. They were drafted during the military campaigning season (March to October). At the end of a campaign they went back to their farms. The propertyless was exempt from the draft. This is because soldi ( Full Answer )

How is the roman army?

You need to articulate your answer better because "how is the Roman army" does not clarify what you want to know.

How did king Clovis react to roman customs in his kingdom?

The Franks had been allowed to settle in the Toxandria (northernBelgium and Holland south of the River Rhine) area of the RomanEmpire in 358, 141 years before the beginning of the reign ofClovis. They had been allies of the Romans until the demise of thewestern part of the Roman Empire. They had had ( Full Answer )

How did Diocletian Constantine and Clovis contribute to the fall of the Roman Empire?

Diocletian and Constantine did not contribute the the fall of thewestern part of the Roman Empire. They were around 180-150 yearsbefore this. If anything, they postponed it because the former putan end to the military anarchy of the Crisis of the Third centuryand restored central authority and the l ( Full Answer )