Where did Cole Sprouse kiss Ashley Tisdale?

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It wasn't cole sprouse it was me, and we had lots of fun that night
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Who is Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse is an actor who plays Cody Martin in The Suite Life ofZack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck on Disney Channel. FullName: Cole Mitchell Sprouse Date of Birth: August 4th, 1992 (age17) Place of Birth: Arezzo Tuscany, Italy Height: 5'7½ (1.71 m)Star Sign: Leo Chinese Horoscope Sign: ( Full Answer )

When did Zac Efron kiss Ashley Tisdale?

On an episode of "The Suite Life of Zach & Cody" on the Disney channel. Efron was a guest star, and Tisdale has a role on the show as the candy counter girl and Zach's far-fetched older love interest. They both kissed each other by the end of the episode.

Who is older Cole Sprouse or Dylan Sprouse?

The Sprouses were born in Arezzo, Italy, to American parents Matthew Sprouse and Melanie Wright, who at the time were teaching at an English language school in Tuscany. Dylan, named after poet Dylan Thomas, is 15 minutes older than Cole.

Where is Ashley Tisdale from?

Ashley Tisdale Is From West Deal New Jersey. . ashley tisdale is from west deal, new jersey

Did Ashley Tisdale kiss Vanessa Hudgens?

No don't think so!!! They would never do that they are like best friends. Ashley Tisdale wouldn't kiss a girl I know she wouldn't she wouldn't kiss her B.F.F!!! That is discusting. I hope Miley Cyrus didn't really kiss Ashley Tisdale!!! Miley is a good girl!!! Miley would do that if she was a bad gi ( Full Answer )

Who does Cole Sprouse?

he is an actor who acs with his twin bro Dylan they sta in suite life on deck and suite life of Zack &Cody

Did Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale kissed each other in the lips?

Did Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale kissed each other in the lips?. Yes they did and it's in real life. Check out www.youtube.com and search for the youtube account of 8931035 then go on the very bottom and click play all. And you will see the videos & pictures of them together!!!

Did Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale kiss?

Yes. Venessa hudgens did kiss ashley tisdale they kissed because a bunch of Ashley's and venessa's friend where playing truth or dare and venessa's dared venessa to kiss ashley on the lips Haha!NO!

Did Miley Cyrus kiss Ashley Tisdale?

Yes Miley Cyrus has kissed Ashley tisdale on the lips ....... Go on Google and look at images! yes she kissed ashely tisdale she's les I doubt it. Just a publicity thing like Madonna and Britney. NO.

Who is Ashley cole?

Ashley cole is a footballer who plays for Chelsea and plays left back Ashley Cole is the greatst left back to ever play the game of football. He scores more than almost any other defender. He is simply the best.

Are Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse bisexual?

yeah cole is a sexy beast They may or may not be. It is not very common to be bisexual, and the odds of BOTH of them being bisexual are even smaller. i dought it and y are you even asking this ???

Who is Ashley Tisdale?

Ashley Tisdale is a pop icon all over the world. This use to be the High School Musical bad girl, Sharpay. She had released her debut album, Headstrong with her most popluar song, Be Good To Me. Ashley Tisdale had been dating High School Musical and V-Factory singer Jared Murillo but the two have br ( Full Answer )

Is Dylan Sprouse hotter then Cole Sprouse?

Well its just a matter of taste um... Cole is so much hotter! Marry me Cole but obviously Dylan is cute as well as Cole COME ON they are twins. Pricetag101101 .

Who is younger Dylan Sprouse or Cole Sprouse?

Cole is younger than Dylan by 15 mins. Actuall, 14 minutes and 30 seconds.:) i am a big fan of Dylan and cole, (Dylan is hot) but everytime i search there age differences its usually different. i know for definite that Dylan is older than cole.after searching, i think it is 15 mins. hoped i helped ( Full Answer )

What is a Cole Sprouse?

Cole Sprouse is an eighteen year old male actor. He is best known for his part in 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'.

How old is Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Tisdale?

As of June 2016, Ashley is 30 and Jennifer is 34. As of June 2016, Ashley is 30 and Jennifer is 34. As of June 2016, Ashley is 30 and Jennifer is 34. As of June 2016, Jennifer is 34 years old and Ashley is 30 yearsold.

What is Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse weight?

Cole's weight was around 100, and Dylan's around 150. But, now that they are older - and Dylan is no longer overweight - I assume that their weight is about the same, and more than Cole's used to be.Ehhh Dylan Was NEVER Overweight ! >:( who ever wrote dis is a cheeky idiot how dare u call dem it ai ( Full Answer )

Has Mitchel Musso kissed Ashley Tisdale?

i don't know bu who cares? he probably hasn't coz he's 17 and she 23. what i wanna know is did he kiss miley? no i do no think he has but i will find out for you yes he did kiss her Miley Cyrus that is

Where are Cole Sprouse?

He's in American shooting for the suite life on deck. I spoke to his brother on email yesterday o really who ever said s/he spoke 2 his brother is a lier

Do Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse have girlfriends?

Dylan is not dating Jessica anymore! He is dating this girl withdark brown hair who is super pretty and her name is Katie. Dylanwas seen with her at a scary movie kissing! Cole is dating a pretty girl named Jenny. They were seen gettingItalian food. They were doing that spaghetti thing that is on th ( Full Answer )

Has debbie Ryan ever kissed Cole Sprouse?

Yes, In the episode "Flowers and Chocolate" in the spin off The Suite life on Deck at the end Bailey (Debby Ryan) kisses Cody (Cole Sprouse) on the cheeks.. yeah in a few eps. I wonder if he had fun doing that. huh.

Who did Cole Sprouse kissed?

cole sprouse has kissed: Brenda Song, Ashley Tisdale and a stranger who caught him off guard at an autograph booth. You go man!!!!!!!!!!!

Has Ashley Tisdale kissed someone yet?

yez, i was standing there at the beach .i wanted to get her autograph and i stood there in shock she kissed.........................................................................ok she kissed Zach efron right on the lips i saw it with my own eyes. but anyway i wont spoil the rest. but i ended gett ( Full Answer )

Is Ashley Cole and?

Ashley Cole is a English footballer born on the 20th of December 1980 he is 29-30 years old and is a male, he was discovered a national superstar because of his talents.

Was the kiss with Cole Sprouse and Debby Ryan real?

No most likely not. Cole and Debby are good friends and good actors, they have to make it look like the kiss was real. They aren't dating, but I think they're a cute couple.

Does Cole Sprouse hate Dylan Sprouse?

no i don't think so they have some problems on the episodes then they solve their problem! but then, all siblings fight! i reckon they have fallen out before, but i don't think 'hate' is involved! :)